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WPL at the Royal Cornwall Show, Wadebridge 4th ,5th ,6th June 2015
calendar 06/05/2015 · 0 Comments

WPL will be exhibiting the Diamond and HiPAF range and associated products for sewage treatment (off mains drainage) at the Royal Cornwall Show on the 4th, 5th and 6th June. This is a top agricultural show in its 22nd year raising awareness for local agriculture and tourism. Visit us on our standConsidering a septic tank replacement, new installation or an upgrade to an existing product, we have ...

Recovinyl grows PVC Recycling Rates across Europe
calendar 05/05/2015 · 0 Comments

The UK was again a star Recovinyl performer, contributing just over 20% - or 95,525 tonnes – to the total recycled through the PVC industry’s recycling scheme in 2014. A total of 474,411 tonnes of waste PVC was recycled through Recovinyl last year across its 16 European member countries. The Recovinyl network currently comprises 160 companies. Recovinyl is an operational arm of ...

California Regulators approve Unprecedented Water Cutbacks
calendar 06/05/2015 · 0 Comments

California water regulators adopted sweeping, unprecedented restrictions Tuesday on how people, governments and businesses can use water amid the state's ongoing drought, hoping to push reluctant residents to deeper conservation. The State Water Resources Control Board approved rules that force cities to limit watering on public property, encourage homeowners to let their lawns die and ...

MITEI releases Report on the Future of Solar Energy
calendar 06/05/2015 · 0 Comments

Original story at MIT News Solar energy holds the best potential for meeting humanity’s future long-term energy needs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions — but to realize this potential will require increased emphasis on developing lower-cost technologies and more effective deployment policy, says a comprehensive new study, titled “The Future of Solar Energy,” released ...

Report Explains How Bioenergy Supports Global Sustainability Goals
calendar 05/05/2015 · 0 Comments

According to an international report on bioenergy and land use, informed management of bioenergy yield can actually alleviate factors contributing to food insecurity, as well as provide practical avenues to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable energy production, and preserve biodiversity. The Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE), an ...

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  • EPCRA Planning & Reporting Manager May 2015
    May 05
    Study current Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) applicability and reporting requirements, including multiple chemical lists, applicability thresholds, required reporting, deadlines, available reporting tools, and mandatory documentation.
  • The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp New York
    May 05
    The course delivers proven value to both those new to the environmental field and experienced professionals who want to take a fresh look at the full range of environmental compliance requirements.
  • 4th HORIBA CONCEPT Europe 2015
    May 06

    The 4th HORIBA Concept Conference, a cooperative effort with the Technical University of Dresden, will provide an overview of the impact of new technology and vehicle requirements on the design and validation process. In addition, it will provide discussion opportunities on topics including the required development methods in testing and simulation.

  • Clean Air Compliance Manager May 2015
    May 13
    This is a 3-day course providing a comprehensive look at the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), its history and drivers, each of the Titles of the 1990 CAA Amendments, and the permitting process.
  • Complimentary Seminar: Utah Regulatory Update
    May 19

    Join Trinity Consultants for an informative lunch session covering recent regulatory updates that may affect facilities in Utah. We will discuss federal, state, and local environmental regulatory hot topics that may affect your operations. Discussions will include the following: SO2 NAAQS Area Designations, Utah 2015 Legislature, BART, TRI, and more.

  • Resonance Raman and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy and Imaging of 2D Nanocrystals
    May 19

    Two-Dimensional (2D) crystals are constituted by monolayer and few-layered structures. These materials have attracted significant interest because of their special electronic, optical, and optoelectronic properties in the monolayer and few-layer forms that are different from those in the bulk. This webinar will cover the application of resonance Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy and imaging to 2D nano

  • The Sustainable Performance Forum-SPF Houston
    May 20
    The Sustainable Performance Forum (SPF) is a global conference series for forward-thinking EH&S, Sustainability, Risk and IT professionals with a focus on people, processes and technology. The overarching theme of SPF Houston 2015 is Leveraging Technology to Increase the Efficiency of EHS Management Processes and Generate Cost Savings. In today’s business environment, EHS managers are under tremendous pressure to
  • Strategic Environmental Considerations for Capital Projects
    May 20

    Are you a stakeholder in a major industrial capital project? Is your company proposing to construct a Greenfield facility in the United States? Do you still need to evaluate the strategic environmental considerations for a proposed project? If you answered "yes" to anyone of these questions, then you need to participate in Trinity Consultants` webinar on Wednesday, May 20th 2015.

  • Evaluating SSM Emissions to Meet Changing Regulatory Requirements
    May 21

    In September 2014, EPA expanded its proposal on SSM emissions to eliminate all Affirmative Defense from SIPs for any CAA violation including malfunctions. If approved as proposed, impacted states must revise their SIPs to eliminate automatic and discretionary exemptions. State agencies may elect instead to design SIPs with narrowly tailored special emission limits, control measures, or control techniques to minimi

  • NEPA Navigator
    Jun 02
    This unique course combines formal training modules, numerous hands-on and practical exercises, and open discussion of relevant compliance challenges to solidify the foundation students need to effectively participate in the NEPA process.
  • AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE 2015)
    Jun 07

    AWWA will host the Annual Conference (ACE) in Anaheim, California from June 7-10, 2015 to address and present solutions to water utility challenges. The four-day professional program will cover key topic categories and will include new categories on emerging issues in biological treatments, water reuse, stormwater, and wastewater.

  • The Sustainable Performance Forum-SPF Calgary
    Jun 16
    The Sustainable Performance Forum (SPF) is a global conference series for forward-thinking EH&S, Sustainability, Risk and IT professionals with a focus on people, processes and technology. The series includes SPF Houston, Sydney, Paris, Chicago and now Calgary! The topic of SPF Calgary 2015 is How to Boost EHS Management Efficiency and Improve Profitability with Technology. In today’s business environment, EHS manage
  • 10th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse
    Jul 05

    Water resources crisis is one of the top obstacles restricting the world’s sustainable development. Water reclamation and reuse has been considered as a promising way to mitigate the global water resources risks. Known as ‘world factory’, China has been dealing with problems like water resource shortage and water pollution control for over decades. Holding the IWA Water Reuse Specialist Group con

  • 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
    Oct 13
    Join us as AWWA hosts the 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition focused on solutions to utility asset and infrastructure challenges. This conference, including two days of exhibits will address essential water infrastructure planning and reinvestment strategies. Critical infrastructure protection through emergency preparedness planning and enhanced security measures, including cyber-security, will also be
  • REGATEC 2015
    REGATEC 2015
    May 07

    2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2015, has a technical and industrial focus and high profile researchers and experts will present the latest advances in thermochemical and biological conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane, CHP and Power-to-gas. In addition results and experiences from unique industrial scale plants will be presented. REGATEC includes plenary and paral

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