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Idaho aquifer decline could hinder radioactive monitoring
calendar 29/06/2015 · 0 Comments

A continued drop in underground water levels could make it more difficult to monitor the movement of radioactive contamination in an aquifer below an eastern Idaho nuclear facility, scientists say. Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey in a 36-page report released Monday said the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer level has dropped below two wells and about a dozen others are in ...

The `Labster` seating system by Bimos
calendar 29/06/2015 · 0 Comments

There are high demands placed on a good laboratory chair – they need to be specially hygienic, comfortable and flexible for use in all areas of work. It needs to take up a minimum amount of space and yet still offer the maximum ergonomics and comfort. Bimos have answered these calls in the form of the Labster chair. No nooks or crannies for microorganisms to collect in, the seamless design ...

Renewable energy redoubles its global reach
calendar 29/06/2015 · 0 Comments

A significant threshold has been crossed by renewable energy as analysts report that the sectorʼs size last year reached double the level it was at just 10 years earlier. This expansion happened in a year when the global economy and energy use both grew, but without a matching rise in emissions of carbon dioxide − the main greenhouse gas targeted in efforts to restrain global warming. ...

LimnoTech Places Environmental Data Buoys near Cleveland
calendar 29/06/2015 · 0 Comments

LimnoTech staff were busy recently placing new environmental data buoys in Lake Erie near Cleveland. The buoys are part of a NOAA GLERL and GLOS-funded project to monitor bottom water hypoxia in the central basin of Lake Erie. Grants from NOAA (through EPA GLRI), Cleveland Water, and The Lake Energy Development Corporation made placement and future operation and maintenance of the buoys possible. ...

Verderflex is proud to launch its latest innovation in peristaltic pump technology, Steptronic.
calendar 29/06/2015 · 0 Comments

The new Steptronic range is designed to operate as either a panel mounted or "stand alone" OEM cased unit. The Steptronic features an accurate, high resolution, integrated stepper drive which is suitable for continuous duty and critical "multi-cycle" OEM applications. The units are highly adaptable, offering a wide range of flow rates (0.1 to 1310 ml/min) with a class leading 4096:1 turn down ...

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  • FluoroFest - 2015 - Munich, Germany
    Jun 29

    FluoroFest: The premier global workshops specifically dedicated to fluorescence techniques! FluoroFest is a global series of workshops designed to give both fluorescence researchers and the burgeoning number of users of fluorescence based techniques a forum to hear internationally renowned experts in the field share their deep insight on topics of current interest; present and exchange ideas on your own work and d

  • 10th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse
    Jul 05

    Water resources crisis is one of the top obstacles restricting the world’s sustainable development. Water reclamation and reuse has been considered as a promising way to mitigate the global water resources risks. Known as ‘world factory’, China has been dealing with problems like water resource shortage and water pollution control for over decades. Holding the IWA Water Reuse Specialist Group con

  • The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp Jul 14-17 2015
    Jul 14

    The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp delivers proven value to both those new to the environmental field and experienced professionals who want to take a fresh look at the full range of environmental compliance requirements. This course is very broad and is supported by a variety of other, topic-specific courses offered by the Institute.

  • SPF Americas 2015
    Sep 21
    With 500+ attendees, over sixty sessions and countless networking opportunities, the Sustainable Performance Form (SPF) Americas 2015 is the premier conference for forward-thinking EH&S, Sustainability, Risk and IT professionals. The 7th annual conference will take place at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago on September 21-23. This year’s value-packed program will cover the hottest topics in EH&S, Sustainabil
  • 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
    Oct 13
    Join us as AWWA hosts the 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition focused on solutions to utility asset and infrastructure challenges. This conference, including two days of exhibits will address essential water infrastructure planning and reinvestment strategies. Critical infrastructure protection through emergency preparedness planning and enhanced security measures, including cyber-security, will also be
  • Hydro 2015
    Oct 26

    The international hydropower community will return to France next year, for HYDRO 2015. With world hydro capacity now standing at around 1060 GW, almost 200 GW under construction, and at least a further 400 GW likely to go ahead within 5-10 years, the multiple benefits of this renewable resource are clearly more widely appreciated. Topics for HYDRO 2015 will include: progress and challenges for large regional sche

  • 2015 Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposition (WQTC)
    Nov 15

    WQTC is AWWA`s second-largest conference, attracting approximately 1,500 attendees each year. This well-established and highly regarded conference is the meeting place for water quality professionals of all types.

  • Financial Management: Cost of Service Rate-Making Seminar
    Nov 18
    This three-day course uses time-honored strategies to teach attendees how to set cost-based and defendable rates. Utilities are faced with escalating costs of operational and infrastructure improvements, expanding regulatory and environmental forces from government and public interest groups and public demand for clean and affordable water.
  • International Symposiums on Potable Reuse and Biological Treatment
    Jan 25
    Potable Reuse Covering the latest innovations in treatment and monitoring technology, the AWWA International Symposium on Potable Reuse will attract water industry professionals from around the world, creating an environment that will integrate, shape, and advance the global discourse on direct and indirect potable reuse. Biological Treatment The AWWA Biological Treatment Symposium will explore the lates
  • AMTA/AWWA 2016 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition
    Feb 01

    Join AMTA and AWWA in San Antonio in 2016 to explore how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting and membrane bioreactor applications.

  • 2016 Sustainable Water Management Conference
    Mar 07

    The 2015 Sustainable Water Management Conference is a unique, holistic event that brings together water sector or-ganizations to develop relevant, current sessions that water professionals need to be efficient now. Sustainable water management encompasses a multitude of interrelated topics and requires a broad and inclusive approach. This confer-ence seeks to combine technical presentations with in-depth discussio

  • 4th International Conference on Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development a
    Jul 01
    The basic premise of the Meeting is the need to determine solutions before a point of no return is reached. Topics The Re-Encounter Political, Economic and Social Sciences Planning and Development Health Risks Energy Water Resources Air Safety and Security Soil Ecological issues Learning from nature New technologies
  • Global Refining & Petrochemicals Congress 2015
    Jul 01

    Major restructure forces including the combination of declining crude quality, shifts in product specifications/demand and fierce international competition are reshaping the hydrocarbon processing industry with industry players having to make the right investment decisions throughout the value chain & their managers/engineers actively seeking information and solutions to make their companies more efficient and

  • Leak Detection 3 days Training Course July 2015
    Jul 01

    3 Days of extensive training of the latest knowledge for leak detection. Training is devided in a) Theoretical part b) Practical part The practical part includes training with all technologies which are applied for leak detection.

  • 5th International Conference Offshore Foundations 2015
    Jul 01

    Project experience with design, construction and commercialisation of offshore wind foundations. Offshore Foundations is a technical event for experts in the wind industry. The goal is to push forward technical development for future foundation concepts. Whether through learning from practical experience or exploring research and prototypes, we hope to increase cost-efficiency and bring these ideas closer to comme

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