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TOC analysis for pure water applications
calendar 22/01/2015 · 0 Comments

In industry, pure water and ultra pure water are used as raw material, auxiliary or operating material. Its quality is of great importance, since any contamination may result in a shutdown of the entire production facility or in discharge of pollutant / clean water. Downtimes and the discharge of clean water should be avoided. LAR's QuickTOCpurity is an online TOC analyser (total ...

Tetra Tech Wins $185 Million U.S. Army Environmental Remediation Contract
calendar 23/01/2015 · 0 Comments

Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK) announced today that it has been awarded a $185 million multiple award environmental remediation contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Kansas City District. Through this 5-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, Tetra Tech will support the investigation, design, and removal of hazardous, toxic, and radioactive materials at military and ...

Low Carbon City Lab
calendar 23/01/2015 · 0 Comments

Climate-KIC has accepted a new Flagship project - the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL). This project is an important catalyst for green growth opportunities and climate change mitigation in cities and urban areas around the globe. The project will provide funding, planning, capacity building, design and performance monitoring services at city level. The core project team of South Pole ...

EPA Reviews National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone, and Other Recent CAA Developments
calendar 23/01/2015 · 0 Comments

EPA Reviews National Ambient Air Quality Standards For Ozone: On December 17, 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed rule revising the air quality criteria for ozone (O3) and related photochemical oxidants and National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for O3. 79 Fed. Reg. 75234. EPA proposed to revise the primary standard to a level within the range of ...

ANDRITZ to deliver woodyard equipment to new Enviva biomass pellet plants, USA
calendar 23/01/2015 · 0 Comments

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Enviva, one of the leading producers of woody biomass pellets, to supply woodyard equipment, engineering, and field services for two biomass pellet plants, each with a capacity of 500,000 tons per year, to be built in North Carolina, USA. ANDRITZ will supply several innovative products for manufacturing high-quality mini-chips ...

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  • The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp Tampa 2015
    Jan 27
    The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp focuses on foundational skills and knowledge of EH&S professionals, current environmental laws and requirements, proven compliance strategies, and emerging management approaches:
  • EPCRA Planning and Reporting Manager January 2015
    Jan 28
    Study current Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) applicability and reporting requirements, including multiple chemical lists, applicability thresholds, required reporting, deadlines, available reporting tools, and mandatory documentation.
  • Electron Acceptor Selection for Enhanced Bioremediation of Non-chlorinated Hydrocarbons
    Jan 29

    Replenishment of electron acceptors in the subsurface is a common method to stimulate biodegradation of non-chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater. Two widely used products are calcium-based peroxides for aerobic degradation and sulfate-based salts for anaerobic degradation. What design parameters should a consultant consider in selecting from multiple electron acceptors? Join Brad Elkins, PG during this exciting

  • Fundamentals of Air Dispersion Modeling Phoenix, AZ
    Feb 03

    This intensive 2-day course is designed for entry level engineers, dispersion modelers, and meteorologists or others wanting to deepen their understanding of air dispersion modeling principles. Concise lectures supplemented by multi-media example problem sets, a short hands-on introduction to computer-based modeling software, and group discussions are used to maximize comprehension. Students learn how models incor

  • SPCC Compliance Manager Salt Lake City 2015
    Feb 17
    The SPCC Compliance Manager™ course is designed for those responsible for developing SPCC plans, managing SPCC compliance programs, or evaluating SPCC compliance.
  • The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp Salt Lake City 2015
    Feb 17
    The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp focuses on foundational skills and knowledge of EH&S professionals, current environmental laws and requirements, proven compliance strategies, and emerging management approaches:
  • AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition
    Mar 02

    Join AMTA and AWWA in Orlando to explore how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting, and membrane bioreactor applications.

  • Clean Water Compliance Manager March 2015
    Mar 10
    The course presents water discharge permitting and restrictions in an understandable, structured, and logical format
  • Symposium 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the Breakthrough Decade
    Mar 10

    Think 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the breakthrough decade. Best Practices in Corporate & Product Sustainability. PE INTERNATIONAL is hosting its 6th annual Best Practices Symposium under the title “Think 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the breakthrough decade” – a high-profile knowledge-sharing 3-day event that brings together thought leaders, sustainability managers and business pr

  • 2015 Sustainable Water Management Conference
    Mar 15

    The 2015 Sustainable Water Management Conference is a unique, holistic event that brings together water sector or-ganizations to develop relevant, current sessions that water professionals need to be efficient now. Sustainable water management encompasses a multitude of interrelated topics and requires a broad and inclusive approach. This confer-ence seeks to combine technical presentations with in-depth discussio

  • Clean Air Compliance Manager March 2015
    Mar 17
    This is a 3-day course providing a comprehensive look at the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), its history and drivers, each of the Titles of the 1990 CAA Amendments, and the permitting process.
  • AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE 2015)
    Jun 07

    AWWA will host the Annual Conference (ACE) in Anaheim, California from June 7-10, 2015 to address and present solutions to water utility challenges. The four-day professional program will cover key topic categories and will include new categories on emerging issues in biological treatments, water reuse, stormwater, and wastewater.

  • 10th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse
    Jul 05

    Water resources crisis is one of the top obstacles restricting the world’s sustainable development. Water reclamation and reuse has been considered as a promising way to mitigate the global water resources risks. Known as ‘world factory’, China has been dealing with problems like water resource shortage and water pollution control for over decades. Holding the IWA Water Reuse Specialist Group con

  • Practical Course in Reference Dosimetry
    Jan 27

    This Practical Course in Reference Dosimetry is primarily aimed at trainee radiotherapy physicists, but would also benefit anyone wishing to improve their practical dosimetry techniques.

  • NORM & Natural Radiation Management Middle East 2015
    Jan 27

    NORM detection, monitoring and controls in the oil and gas industry.Treatment of processing industry equipment and tubulars.NORM Waste and NORM contaminated produced water handling and management.Methods of NORM decontamination and disposal of NORM waste.Methods and techniques for avoiding accumulation of NORM sludge.NORM waste sampling.Laboratory analysis of NORM.Personnel protection and monitoring. NORM storage

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