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Service first, Quality always-Sinorock
calendar 27/11/2015 · 0 Comments

As a reliable self drilling anchor bolt supplier ,Sinorock began with a commitment to its customers of "Service first, Quality always". Very often we hear customers tell us they were looking for a “hard to find” self drilling anchor bolt and were asked “Have you tried Crouch?” In addition to our standard self drilling anchor bolts, we stock many hard to find and ...

Do you know ... DFP system?
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Test rig for testing filters and filter media under overpressure up to 7 bar With the DFP series, Palas® offers high-precision testing systems for the development and quality control of compressed air filters and filter media. From HEPA qualities with high separating efficiency to pre-filtering qualities, the test rigs in the DFP series deliver clear, fast and therefore cost-effective ...

Webinars on titration and ion chromatography available on demand
calendar 27/11/2015 · 0 Comments

Almost 1000 participants and dozens of questions asked and answered – that’s the result of our latest educational webinars on titration and ion chromatography. Anybody who did not have a chance to tune in live can now watch those webinars on demand! Here are the titles of the webinars and the links to register: Automatic Calibration in Ion Chromatography: save time, gain ...

Coal-fired power plants: EU endorses new OECD rules on export credits
calendar 27/11/2015 · 0 Comments

New rules on export credits to coal-fired power plants, developed within an OECD framework, have been endorsed by the EU. This is an important EU contribution for the COP21 negotiations on climate change, which start in Paris on 30 November 2015. It marks a further step in work ongoing since 2012 in aligning export credit policies with climate change objectives. The ...

Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) was sent to customer premises
calendar 27/11/2015 · 0 Comments

Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) is manufactured for cleaning out the metal products of lacquer coating and powder paint. The Plant, based on the unique pyrolysis technology, is capable to remove oil residues inside the pipeline. Derived synthetic gas can be used as different scheme for industrial premises heating. Thermal Cleaning Plant (TCP) does  not loss metal products integrity making the ...

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  • Habitat Site Restoration- Dec 1-2, 2015
    Dec 01
    This 2-day course provides participants first with a broad overview of Site Restoration/Mitigation, and then expands to an examination of specific steps used for innovative restoration and mitigation planning and implementation, applicable to western North America. Restoration/mitigation programs should address all aspects of a site’s ecosystem, rather than
  • Environmental Forensics Techniques-Dec 3-4, 2015
    Dec 03
    This course provides useful information for a large range of professionals dealing with environmental contamination issues, especially legal liability and complex site contamination characterization and cleanup. The goal of the course is to provide the audience with an understanding of the main environmental forensic techniques available to "fingerprint" and track a variety of contaminants (e.g., oil spills, petroleu
  • Webinar Series: Air Quality Compliance for Chemical Sector Area Sources
    Dec 04

    Air quality compliance for chemical manufacturing facilities has always been a complicated endeavor. Large chemical facilities are subject to complex federal regulations and have been a key focus area for EPA enforcement for over a decade. Smaller sources that are HAP and Title V minor sources have been subject to less scrutiny over that time. However, their complexity for compliance can be just as great, as

  • Fundamental Contaminant Chemistry in Soil and Groundwater-Dec 8-9, 2015
    Dec 08
    This two-day course includes an overview of key chemistry concepts associated with environmental contamination and provides a foundation for understanding contaminant fate and transport. The concepts discussed are essential for understanding soil and groundwater contamination along with the selection of appropriate remediation approaches. The course begins with a review of basic chemistry concepts that are built u
  • 2016 International Symposiums on Potable Reuse and Biological Treatment
    Jan 25
    The International Symposium on Potable Reuse is being held in conjunction with the International Symposium on Biological Treatment. We are offering a special discounted rate if you register for both!
  • 2016 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition
    Feb 01

    Join AMTA and AWWA in San Antonio in 2016 to explore how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting and membrane bioreactor applications.

  • International Petroleum Week 2016
    Feb 09
    IP Week is the leading annual thought-leadership event, attracting over 2,000 key influencers and senior decision-makers from the global oil and gas industry. The three-day event features conferences, seminars, a high profile luncheon, an evening reception, an exhibition, as well as the prestigious IP Week Annual Dinner - one of the largest gathering in the industry's annual calendar, with over 1,300 guests. IP Week
  • 2016 Sustainable Water Management Conference
    Mar 07
    The 2016 Sustainable Water Management Conference brings together water sector organizations to develop relevant, current sessions that water professionals need to be efficient now. Sustainable water management encompasses a multitude of interrelated topics and requires a broad and inclusive approach.
  • 2016 Water Loss Seminar
    Mar 15
    This seminar will help utilities establish accountability by giving attendees instruction on the AWWA Standard Water Audit Methodology of compilation and data validation process. Attendees will learn the methods and technologies to economically control water and revenue losses by managing leakage and pressure to save water and optimizing revenue via revenue protection programs.
  • AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition ACE16
    Jun 19
    AWWA's Annual Conference brings together experts from around the world to exchange ideas about water – the world's most important resource.

    Nowhere else can you find an experience quite like ACE, with premier speakers, professional sessions and over 500 exhibitors from all aspects of the water industry ready to present and discuss solutions for the most pressing water utility challenges.

  • 2016 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
    Oct 30
    The Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition covers essential water, wastewater, reuse, and stormwater infrastructure planning, reinvestment strategies, critical infrastructure protection through emergency preparedness planning, and the application of heightened physical security and cybersecurity measures.
  • Kuwait Sustainable Energy Conference and Exhibition 2015
    Nov 29

    The Kuwait Sustainable Energy Conference and Exhibition has been put together to support Kuwait’s 2030 energy vision to increase energy supply from renewables to 15% and reduce energy usage per capita by bringing together key regional and international industry players to help formulate strategies, discuss the latest case studies and benchmark global best practice. The conference will serv

  • Air Pollution 2015
    Air Pollution 2015
    Nov 30
    This course will: * introduce the fundamentals of air pollution with a background on historical perspective on air pollution and a commentary on current air quality policies and standards; * discuss major pollutants, their sources and their effects (environmental, economic and health); * introduce the methods to estimate air pollution emission from road transport and industrial sources; * introduce the theory
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21/CMP11
    Nov 30

    WHAT IS COP21?

    It is the 21st Conference of the Parties, i.e. the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate. It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 November to 11 December.

  • IAIA Special Symposium Sustainable Mega-Infrastructure and Impact Assessment 2015
    Dec 01

    We are in the midst of an infrastructure boom, unprecedented in human history, that is forever changing the face of our planet. Natural and social environments are facing extraordinary challenges due to population growth and the increasing human needs associated with economic growth. IAIA’s symposium will explore these challenges through the lens of mega-infrastructure projects. It will focus on “susta

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