Amphitech AB is a civil engineering consulting company. For more than thirty years we have specialised in inspecting, analysing and planning projects in underwater environments. We sell technical equipment designed for underwater operations and also provide consulting services. We not only provide our customers with underwater robots but also technical expertise related to using the robots and in the quality control of drinking water reservoirs and tanks.



We have also developed a ventilation facilitie specially adapted for use in drinking water reservoirs/tanks. This system eliminates the problem with a surface film, of polluted air, pollen, dust, insects and other animals, forming on the water surface as air is sucked in when the water level sinks.


Drinking water reservoirs and tanks

To inspect the water reservoirs we use an inspection system based on a ROV Inspector 150. This robot operates with sonar and a video camera. The robot can inspect a water reservoir in detail and report damage like corrosion, cracks, sediments, organic pollution etc. The inspection determines the need for cleaning and repairing. After inspection by the robot, the results are analysed and the customer receives an inspection report together with detailed ...


After analysis of the inspection results, we use our Cleaning robot, also based on a ROV Amphicleaner to pump sediments, sand, mud etc. It is equipped with a sonar system for enhanced safety. These robots help the customers get high-quality service for water reservoirs and tanks while eliminating the need to empty them or use chlorine

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Monitoring and Testing

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Nationally (across the country)

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