ESP International Group was founded in as a provider of specialized services to the oil and gas industry; primarily focused on the Asian region. ESPI continues to provide its services to a large and growing customer base and we are committed to further grow our specialist capabilities to meet our client demands for high quality and cost effective service support. we are accredited to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, our inspection group is accredited to most class survey organizations.


Thermal Treatment

ESP International can provide a number of thermal solutions to suit a variety of remediation requirements, including: Indirect thermal desorption, Rotary heating separation, Steam separation systems. The use of a particular technology will depend on volume, type and contamination of the material to be treated. For smaller volumes, ESP has developed its own range of thermal equipment, based on rotary drying or steam separation; for larger more specialist ...

Hot Work Services

ESPI provides a hot work safety solution using specifically designed hot work habitats which enclose hot work activities in pressurized, fire retardant habitats allowing hot work to be carried out in a production environment without the need for shutdown. The habitats are totally flexible as regards space and size and can be provided with gas detection and shutdown systems for additional protection. The habitats are provided as a service with trained ...

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Business Type:
Service provider

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Oil, Gas & Refineries

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Internationally (various countries)

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