Data Loggers A variety of Squirrel range data logger models are available to suit your requirements, including dedicated multi-channel temperature loggers and high-precision multi-channel universal data loggers. In addition there is a comprehensive temperature and profiling system designed for the paint and finishing industry. Monitor a wide range of physical parameters including: voltage, current, bridge, strain, load, pressure, level, ph, relative humidity, dew point, temperature event or state , pulse count. Scientific Equipment Our range of scientific equipment includes temperature controlled unstirred water baths, heated circulating baths, chillers, refrigerated baths and circulators, dry block heaters, shaking baths, boiling baths and ultrasonic baths which are renowned for their modern design, high-quality, robust construction. In addition we offer products aimed for life science applications: thermostatic shakers, rotators, rockers, centrifiges, vortex mixers.


About the company
Grant Instruments, based near Cambridge, England, is an independent, privately owned company, founded in 1951 by Peter Ward and Cecil Chapman.

What we do
Grant is a world leader in the manufacture and design of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets. The company has a worldwide reputation for paying the highest attention to quality, reliability, service and support.

Legal and regulatory
Grant works strictly to all legal and regulatory requirements and pays particular attention to the safety testing of products. The company operates to ISO9001:2008 quality management system, regulated by British Standards Institute.

In the last 60 years, Grant has expanded both organically and through partnership and acquisition and now co-owns Biosan and Eltek Ltd. The company is organised into two focus areas - Scientific and Data Acquisition. Grant also provides custom solutions for unique or special applications.

Quality Management


It is the policy of the Directors and Managers of Grant Instruments to continually invest in the development of quality management, process suitability, resource capability and customer service in order to enhance an existing reputation as a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of temperature controlled laboratory equipment, data logging systems and environmental monitoring solutions.

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services which continue to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our quality policy is reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness and to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and impact of the quality activities, products and services.

We are totally committed to exceeding our customer expectations. We constantly review and improve at all levels and within all functions of the company. We ensure this commitment is consistently achieved through the implementation and maintenance of our quality management system which satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and any relevant legal, corporate, customer or other obligations to which the company subscribes. This is evidenced by clear and easy to use documented procedures stored electronically on the company intranet which are maintained and reviewed by a system of internal audits, management reviews, and independent audits by recognised bodies which may include our customers themselves.

Ultimate responsibility for the Quality Management System is that of the Managing Director, but quality is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation. In recognising the importance of the Quality Management System the company has appointed a Management Representative who has responsibility and authority for all matters pertaining to the system elements.



Grant Instruments takes its responsibilities to the Environment very seriously. As a long-established privately-owned company, situated in a rural setting, it is very conscious of its impact on the wider world.

Our strategy for minimising our impact on the environment is based on four key principles:

Efficient products designed to work to high standards and with a long operating life, over which the energy used in production and transport can be amortised

Localised supply chain so that components are sourced close to our manufacturing location, where possible

Intelligent transportation so that we work with our suppliers, distributors and customers to manage the impacts of transportation of goods

Respect for resources in our manufacturing and business operations: we work to reduce the use of resources such as energy and water, and re-use and recycle materials where possible

Grant Instruments complies fully with all relevant environmental legislation. In particular we would like to draw your attention to:

RoHS: All new products supplied meet the requirements of the RoHS Regulations, which implemented EU Directive 2002/95 in the UK with effect from 1 July 2006. For further details see

WEEE: We work to recycle products at the end of their economic lives in compliance with the WEEE directive, introduced with effect from 2 January 2007 and amended from 1 January 2008. We have partnered with a specialist electronic recycling company to achieve this. You will find the WEEE recycling symbol on the serial number label of our products. Further details are available from


Model PCH Series - Personal Benchtop Cooler / Heater

The Grant bio PCH-1/PCH-2 personal benchtop cooler/heaters are ideal for laboratory applications requiring cooling and heating in microtubes within the temperature setting range of - 10°C to +100°C. The PCH cooler/heaters enable a stable temperature to be maintained during room temperature fluctuations.

Model PS-M3D - Variable Speed / Angle, Multi-Function 3D Rotator

Ideally sized for personal use, the Grant bio PS-M3D multifunction rotator provides all that is required for thorough mixing in flasks, dishes, petri dishes and boxes: 3D rotation - creating long wave motion, best for mixing large particles. reciprocal 3D rotation - creating long and medium wave motion, best for mixing medium and large particles. vibration - short wave motion, best for mixing small particles


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Science World - The Fisher Scientific Laboratory Experience - 2008

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Monitoring and Testing

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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