Design, optimisation, delivery and installation of components for thermal separation. Structured packings, high efficiency packings, several mass transfer trays. Liquid and vapour distributor systems, apparatus engineering and manufacturing in high-alloyed area according to PED and ASME. Design and delivery of complete process lines in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. Special competence in drinking and bioethanol technology.

About Us

Today’s very modern industrial enterprise with its head office in Hilden and engineering offices in Landau and Weinheim together with its agencies and licensees worldwide has grown from a small coppersmith’s shop at the beginning of the previous century.

An Innovative Company with a Long Tradition

Trend-setting research and continuous improvements to the existing range of services is what has distinguished the Julius Montz GmbH over decades as a creative and innovative enterprise. 

Today, the company is regarded as one of the leading specialists in the field of thermal fractionation technology offering a wide range of services and products.

Competent Plant Engineering Service

Apart from excellent product developments, the Julius Montz GmbH can offer complete engineering services for distillation plants, thus ensuring an exact planning and a comprehensive and professional execution.

The following provides an overview on the service portfolio and the focus of MONTZ- Engineering Services.


MONTZ - Model Type B1 - Standard Metal Sheet Packing

The high-performing sheet metal packing; MONTZ-Pak Type B1 is the result of years of experience and development in the field of thermal separation technology with structured packings for mass transfer. MONTZ-Pak Type B1 has proven its performance in many technical applications. The exceptional properties are possible through the regular geometrical arrangement of corrugated sheets and its particular MONTZ surface structure.

MONTZ - Model Type BSH - Rib Mesh Packing

High performance packing for thermal mass exchange. BSH packings combine the essential features and properties of sheet metal packings and fabric packings in one packing type.  The patented surface structure is an outstanding characteristic of the BSH packing.  It consists of rhomboidal openings with alternatively crimped edges.  This structure results in an exceptional and uniform wetting of smallest as well as large liquid ...


Revamps & Services

The capacities of existing tray and random packing columns can be considerably improved by revamping with Montz structured packings. For this purpose, Montz offers complete services.



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