The company philosophy is to execute all projects as full service supplier, thereby avoiding difficulties in coordinating works with other companies. K & W GmbH is the only company in Europe successful offering solutions by only one supplier, i.e. development, production, preparation of substrate and application.


WIKACOR Rubber Lining Systems

The WIKACOR product family embraces hard and soft rubber lining systems as well as two component repair systems. The rubber lining systems are used for job site linings with depressurised vulcanisation or for shop linings with autoclave vulcanisation.

WIKAFLON Plastic Fluoride Lining System

High performance products based on plastic fluoride for heavy duty corrosion protection. WIKAFLON is applied as sheet with a system called 'loose lining'. Alternatively, this system can be used in combination with vinylester active resin or rubber lining systems.


K&W Vakuum Technique

As specialist for service works in energy plants and other industries K&W has the equipment to efficiently transport various media like dusts, liquids, granulates, sludge, etc. For the execution of these works moveable vacuum vehicles with suitable equipment are available to receive various media and pump them into provided containers or to treat them as bulk freight.

K&W Concrete Repair & Preservation of Structures

Due to the normal ageing process of buildings several restoration and renovation tasks appear during the years. K&W’s repair systems are answers to these tasks. As member of the „Quality assurance association to maintain buildings' K&W is actively involved in the restoration of buildings and concrete surfaces. K&W uses own repair and protection systems which are applied through K&W’s qualified personnel and with own equipment.



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