Linko Technology, Inc. provides regulatory compliance tracking software for WWTPs, Sanitation Districts and other organizations tasked with wastewater source control compliance. Linko`s products help with compliance tracking and compliance reporting. Agencies use the software to meet EPA and State regulatory compliance. Since 1996, Linko has been used by leading municipalities and special districts across the USA to manage their Industrial Pretreatment, FOG and Source Control compliance programs. Linko was acquired by WaterTrax, Inc. in February 2015 and renamed to Linko Technology Inc.

About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to solve data management problems for wastewater source control programs. We provide high-quality software and implementation services that ensure each project is a success. Our industry leading support plan provides long term value. We realize that software alone is not a solution. Understanding the unique goals and business processes of our clients allows us to deliver a complete solution that helps our clients reach their goals.

Since 1996, Linko has helped nearly 400 organizations fix their wastewater compliance tracking and reporting problems. Please contact us so we can help you learn if Linko is the right solution for your organization.

Linko Software users include:

  • Industrial Pretreatment Programs.
  • FOG Programs.
  • Sanitation Districts.
  • Municipal Collection Systems.
  • Wastewater Source Control Programs.
  • Stormwater Programs.
  • Environmental Compliance Programs.
  • Compliance Contractors/Consultants.
  • POTWs (Publically Owned Treatment Works).
  • WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants).
  • FOG Disposal Sites.


Software Implementation Services

Linko Software has the highest success rate in the industry. Implementation is the reason why. Linko delivers data migration, configuration and system integration services to ensure a smooth transition from existing systems. Training and support follow for complete system adoption and project success.

Club Linko - Support Policy Service

Club Linko (Software Support) is designed to save you time, boost your productivity and ensure you make the most of your Linko Software investment. By packaging new product upgrades and comprehensive support services into on plan, Club Linko makes economic sense while providing maximum benefits and peace-of-mind. With constantly changing computers, operating systems, and Microsoft Office software, Club Linko provides tremendous value.


LinkoFOG - Free Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Software

LinkoFOG™ streamlines and organizes all aspects of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Programs. Linko's FOG Software will save you and your staff time and money, eliminate management headaches, and ensure you cover all the required steps in your FOG program. Because not all FOG programs are alike, Linko offers a variety of product configurations certain to meet your unique responsibilities.

LinkoCTS - Pretreatment Software

LinkoCTS™ - Compliance Tracking Software is designed specifically for Industrial Pretreatment compliance tracking. LinkoCTS™ is a mature and highly functional database software application. In accordance with EPA 40 CFR - 403 and the new pretreatment streamlining rule, LinkoCTS is an accurate and organized way for POTW's to manage activities and evaluate industrial pretreatment compliance. Because not all pretreatment programs are alike, ...


Linko University Training

Linko University is the training school to get you where you need to be. From standardized training courses to on site training and everything in between, Linko University has the course content to help your organization learn how to make the most of Linko software.


Company details

Business Type:
Software vendor

Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Year Founded:


$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Office & Distributor locations:


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