MRW is a group of combustion professionals who have pioneered the combustion industry since the 1960s. MRW supplies flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and waste gas burner systems.

About Us

MRW specializes in custom applications, fast delivery, and consultative support!

Founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1992, MRW's flare, oxidizer, and burner designs are based on over 30 years combustion and pollution control equipment experience by each of our principals. MRW is a specialist in custom solutions and consultative support. Our unique focus allows us to be highly responsive to your needs.

Unlike most combustion companies, MRW is not interested in being the market share leader. As a result, our company is built to provide consultative customer support for unique applications and to customers who have limited experience with flares or oxidizers.

Who We Are…

Other than the industries we service, MRW has little in common with any other combustion company! From the structure of our company and the way our employees are paid to the way we design our products - we do things different. We believe in communication and relationships and no one in the combustion business does it better than MRW!

  • The principals of MRW we have designed over 1,000 combustion systems. Our designs are proven with successful systems in operation worldwide.
  • MRW was established in 1992 in Tulsa, Oklahoma - the hub of advanced combustion technology. MRW is based on over 30 years combustion experience by each of our principals.
  • The principals of MRW pioneered the combustion industry, designing some of the world's first tail gas incinerators, loading terminal flares, and thermal oxidizers going back to the 1960's. MRW's experience and knowledge is unrivaled in the industry.
  • MRW is a privately owned company and is operated by some of the original pioneers of the flare, thermal oxidizer, and combustion industry.
  • We hold numerous patents for combustion systems and processes that have led to innovative and effective designs.
  • We design our own proprietary MRW burners, combustors, and pilots based on more than 30 years experience by each of our principals.
  • MRW utilizes proprietary waste gas injection nozzles and nozzle configuration design that allows for superior mixing of waste gas, air, and fuel gas to obtain unusually low NOx combustion.
  • MRW delivers the absolute best solutions available for VOC and CO destruction and Low NOx combustion technologies applied to thermal oxidation and flare systems.
  • MRW designed the lowest producing NOx enclosed flare/thermal oxidizer operating in California at the time of installation while achieving the required VOC destruction efficiency.
  • We can meet the world's most stringent regulations.


Thermal Oxidizers and Oxidation Systems

Types of Systems: Direct-fired thermal oxidizers (no heat recovery boiler or heat exchanger), Horizontal, Vertical up-fired or down-fired thermal oxidizers, Fume Incinerators, Heat exchanger options - waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, or secondary heat recovery, Tail gas incinerators.

Control H2S Odor, BTEX, VOC and Low BTU Waste Streams

The ME³ is an acronym for 'MRW Elevated Enclosed Efficient'. The ME³ was developed by MRW specifically for the oil and gas patch industry and wastewater treatment plants to control biogas emissions, digester emissions, control H2S odor, BTEX, and low BTU waste gas. After several requests to build thermal oxidizers or flares for glycol dehydration units and wastewater treatment plants, MRW designed the ME³ to encompass the benefits of ...

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Air and Climate

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Globally (various continents)

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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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