PE are the leading sustainability performance management company, a trusted partner and supplier to over 40% of the fortune 500 companies. We help companies to create business value by enabling them to architect their business to succeed sustainably – Increase sales through product innovation, brand enhancement through improved reputation, reduced cost through operational efficiency, reduced risk through regularity management. The leader in integrated Product Sustainability & Corporate Sustainability management with proven software solutions, sustainability databases and unparalleled consulting expertise PE International can help you succeed sustainably With over 20 years of experience offices around the globe and working with more than 2,500 clients including companies such as Bayer, Interface, Dell, IBM, HP, Kraft Foods, Siemens, Unilever, Volkswagen, Avaya to name but a few, Find out more :

Experts in Sustainability

Sustainability, from consulting to software.

Sustainability awareness is the road to long-term corporate operation and a vibrant environment. PE INTERNATIONAL has been steadily guiding companies all over the world along this road since 1991. Today, PE INTERNATIONAL is the international market leader in strategic consultancy, software solutions and extensive services in the field of sustainability.

Serving market leaders around the world, PE has offices in Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Manchester, London, Tokyo, Taipei, Perth, Bhilai, Boston, Wellington, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur.

PE INTERNATIONAL provides conscientious companies with cutting-edge tools, in-depth knowledge and an unparalleled spectrum of experience in making both corporate operations and products more sustainable. Applied methods include implementing management systems, developing sustainability indicators, life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, design for environment (DfE) and environmental product declarations (EPD), technology benchmarking, or eco-efficiency analysis, emissions management, clean development mechanism projects and strategic CSR consulting.

Moreover, PE INTERNATIONAL offers two leading software solutions, with the GaBi software for product sustainability and the SoFi software for corporate sustainability. Over 1500 companies and institutes worldwide put their trust in PE INTERNATIONAL’s consultancy and software, including market and branch leaders such as Alcan, Allianz, Bayer, Daimler, Deutsche Post DHL, Rockwool, Siemens, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen.

Why choose PE?

PE Advantage

Sustainability Performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies. Increased profitability reduced operating costs and enhanced brand reputation together with growing consumer demand for sustainable products and government legislation are driving the adoption of sustainable business practices in every industry.

9 out of 10 top Green Brands use PE INTERNATIONAL to gain the Advantage

With over 20 years of expertise, PE INTERNATIONAL is the undisputed global leader in sustainability performance solutions. PE offers a blend of corporate and product sustainability software and consulting solutions for large and mid-market enterprises across all industries. As the only player with an end-to-end value proposition that addresses sustainability challenges across the board our expertise, data and experience are second to none:

  • 9 out of 10 of the top Green Brands use PE sustainability solutions
  • PE has several hundred multinational and over 2,500 customer accounts globally
  • PE has the largest, proprietary sustainability-related content database on the market today
  • Unparalleled expertise: More than half of our experts have over 10 years of sustainability experience
  • Industry solutions and experts that specifically address the needs of over 20 vertical markets
  • PE is globally reputed for thought leadership

Our Mission

We are assisting our clients in ...

  • Understanding the Impact of Sustainability on their Business
  • Developing and Defining Strategies that address their Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities
  • Designing and Implementing Product and Corporate Sustainability Solutions Improving their Corprorate and Product Sustainability Performance

…  with a unique set of tools, services, expertise and people!

Our Philosophy

We use our broad range of expertise to jointly find solutions with our clients to meet their varied needs in the areas of Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability. We run workshops, provide training, manage full projects and offer standard and customised software solutions complete with data bases. By ensuring a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, we can focus our services on what matters. We take pride in our efficiency and effectiveness and as the client – you will reap the benefit of a cost effective investment in your sustainability needs.

Competence and quality

Our methodology, tools and expertise are ‘state of the art’ in the Sustainability field. Our personnel are among the best in their field and bring dedication and determination to providing our clients with the best service possible.

Success and growth

We are successful when our service provides solutions for your Sustainability challenges.  Our success comes from your success!  We focus not on our competition, but rather on the sustained success of our clients.  We seek to establish long term partnerships and growth that does not compromise the quality of our work.


We pride ourselves in our impartiality but are sensitive to our clients needs.  We guarantee sensitive handling of data and ensure strict client confidentiality where requested.


In 1991, few were thinking about sustainability. PE INTERNATIONAL was one of them. Awareness, expertise, methods, and software have since grown into mature sustainability solutions.

Sustainability is an attitude that we live every day. For instance, PE INTERNATIONAL  has been carbon-neutral since 2006. Family-friendly policies and social responsibility towards employees and business partners are central pillars of our corporate strategy.

Our engagement

PE INTERNATIONAL sees itself as a think tank, a link connecting industry and research. The insights we gain flow into our consulting and software and are eyeopener. Besides our business activities we are engaged in various projects and activities and support people all over the world.

Turning garbage into gold

During this Christmas season, PE INTERNATIONAL is supporting the aid organisation Brot für die Welt (BfdW or Bread for the World, the development and relief agency of Germany’s Protestant churches) by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. This reduces costs and conserves resources. The money that we save is donated to people who urgently need our help.

This year the money will go to a BfdW project in Brazil, where the organization supports people who make a living by recycling materials they find in the waste containers of Brazil’s major cities. For hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, this is the only way they can survive.

Poor working conditions and quality of life

BfdW, together with „Lutherische Stiftung Diakonie”, supports Brazil's National Movement of Recyclers (MCNR)“, which has set up co-operatives around the country and seeks to enlist as many of the garbage collectors as possible as members, with the aim of helping them to escape poverty and improve their working conditions and quality of life. The organisation has had great success: today MNCR is one of the largest social movements in the country.

For the litter pickers, the rewards are meagre, the work is gruelling and the risks are high, but joining a co-operative can provide enormous benefits. As members of a co-operative, the waste pickers not only have the opportunity to increase the amount they earn, they also get access to health insurance, retirement arrangements and health care. However, many litter pickers are often initially very sceptical about the co-operatives and can take a lot  of persuading to join.  

The benefits of the co-operative are demonstrated by COOMCAT, the Co-operative of Collectors and Recyclers of Santa Cruz do Sul, in the south of Brazil, which has been running for two years. Its 50 members have to take several courses in which they get knowledge about accounting, management and legal issues. They must also commit to the co-operative’s code of conduct: strictly determined working hours, no cheating other litter pickers and no drugs – but COOMCAT’s members have seen their working conditions and quality of life improve dramatically.

Typhoon Haiyan

During this Christmas season, PE INTERNATIONAL supports the emergency aid organisation “Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe” by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs and conserves resources. The money saved is donated to people who urgently need our help.

Since typhoon Haiyan raged in the Philippines, the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is working together with hundreds of volunteers to help those affected. 310,000 people could be supported so far. First actions start now to rebuild what was lost in order for people to be able to support themselves as soon as possible.

15 million people are affected by the typhoon

15 million people are affected in the island nation by the typhoon . Many of them have lost everything: their homes, their harvest , their belongings. 'We all stick together, we help each other and share what little we have,' says Rosmaria Haballia while receiving an emergency relief package in the small fishing village Tinang-Ann on Leyte . All 400 families in Tinang-Ann receive food such as palm oil , sardines, dried fish and rice as well as hygiene items , sleeping mats and blankets from the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. Also on the islands Negros, Siargao, Bicol, Masbate, Cebu, Palawan and Mindoro were distribution campaigns. Reconstruction begins slowly

Many of those affected have left the shelters and moved back to their homes. But the houses of four million people are in ruins, their fields devastated. In order to have roofs over their heads again quickly, the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe support them in rebuilding. On Leyte and Samar, for example, the parties will receive building materials and tools. Technical consultants support them, so that their houses are built in a way to better withstand strong winds and even earthquakes. In order to use the wood of the palm trees, that got uprooted by the typhoon, every village also gets a chainsaw.

Help for self- care

Through the storm and the floods many fishermen have lost their boats and nets in the typhoon. The Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and its partners gave a hundred fishing nets to the affected fishermen already. In addition, so far 6,000 families were provided with seeds for vegetables and rice cultivation and agricultural equipment, to be quickly self-sufficient again. Psychosocial offers help the relevant people to process losses such as the death of loved ones during the catastrophe.

Let the water flow!

For years they fought in vain against the drought in the southern part of the country. But with the help of Bread for the World and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY, also called Mekane Yesus Church), the people of Konso are now free from their plight and harness thousands of hectares of land from the dry bush. From a mile-long network of irrigation canals, about 100,000 people will soon have enough to eat, from a reliable source.

During this Christmas season, PE INTERNATIONAL supports the aid organisation “Bread for the World” by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs and conserves resources. The money saved is donated to people who urgently need our help.

A canal of enormous dimensions

The symphony of the shovel work can be heard long before one can actually see it. The metal meets the sand a hundred times, ensuring the uprising and abating crunch, accompanied by a cheering singing. The source of this composition is hidden behind the golden sea of corn plants with splendid ripening corncobs.

500 men and women of the people of Konso here in southern Ethiopia dig a canal of enormous dimensions: 1.2 kilometers long, three meters deep and three meters wide. Halgete Orano, a chairman of the Jarso Farmers' Union, wipes the dust from his sweaty face with his t-shirt, 'In the past we would have had troubles finding the workers who can work as hard and fast as we can work today. The people were as thin as a beanpole. '

Everybody was starving

The villages of Konso hang like swallow’s nests on the mountain tops, with their fields lying underneath. The terraced fields use the scanty rainwater efficiently and prevent the erosion of the thin humus layer. But in recent decades, corn and sorghum grew worse and worse. Drought was the reason for the frequent crop failures and the soil was exhausted. 'Everybody was starving,' recalls Halgete Orano. 'Instead of three times a day we ate only once. And some days we didn’t eat at all.'
But the people of Konso didn’t give up. 'We have tried to grow corn on the lowland of our traditional ownership. However it was too dry there, so we could only graze cows and goats. The rivers were flowing only after two short rainy seasons, and the water floated unused into the plane. With the self-made dam made of branches and brushwood we managed not to let the river to divert from its course.”

Expert support

The farmers contacted their former elementary school teacher who had been working for the development program of the Mekane Yesus Church. With the help of “Bread for the World” and guidance from the engineers, they developed an impressive soil irrigation project. Thanks to almost 50 kilometers of canals, which they dug with their own hands, the farmers can now grow corn on 4,000 hectares of land. The nourishment of 100,000 people is soon to be ensured; not only because of the corn cultivation, but also due to the sales of chili, sesame and tomato, which could not be grown before due to the water shortage.

Learn under the open sky

All day long, Bandana Dalai has been looking forward to the next two hours. She sits on the ground, ramrodstraight and with wide, attentive eyes. The 13-year-old has spread out a discarded rice sack as a mat, and wears a red cardigan to keep the cold at bay – it’s winter in West Bengal.

At the front, instructor Punam Hembran is writing a long string of figures on the board. Twenty pairs of eyes watch her hand intently as it plies the squeaking chalk across the blackboard. Lit only by a solitary light bulb, the open-air classroom is under the veranda of the small house where the young instructor lives with her parents.

Despite the minimal facilities, Bandana Dalai and her classmates attend the course for school dropouts every evening. “I desperately want to go to school again.” So far, Bandana Dalai has only been to primary school. After the fourth grade her father wouldn’t allow her to go on to secondary school. It would have cost the equivalent of ten euros for books, plus the expenses of buying school uniform and paying school fees.

Many children drop out of school to soon

“The children are highly motivated, but in most families they are needed as manpower,” says Manisankar Mahato of Lutheran World Service India (LWSI). “Quite apart from the expense of books, fees and school uniform.” That is why so many children drop out of school too soon. The LWSI is working with school dropouts in the Indian states of Orissa and West Bengal. The German aid agency „Brot für die Welt“ assists that programme.

Supporting the programme

At Christmas, PE INTERNATIONAL supports the aid organisation 'Bread for the World' by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs, saves resources and the money saved in this way is donated to people who urgently need our help.

For two years, the Christian organisation has been working with school dropouts in Sukna and in other villages in West Bengal and in the neighbouring state of Orissa. Part of the support it receives comes from the German aid agency, Bread for the World. As a result of courses to encourage dropouts back into school, backed up with guidance for their families, the number of dropouts in Sukna has fallen by a third, for example. The organisation has only achieved this by helping the families to improve their economic situation at the same time, by laying on courses in vegetable production for instance or helping to establish cooperative rice banks.

From illiterate to financially adept

A person who can read and write can understand the instructions for use of seed and fertilisers, avoid signing misleading contracts with money-lenders, and open an account. “Together with the other women in Sukna, I applied for grants and microcredit loans from the government so that we could buy a few goats and cows and upgrade our houses.” Sandhya Orang stoops forward, and swishes her sickle through the rice stalks. “We had to organise ourselves, fill in application forms and submit accounts. If we had still been illiterate, how could we ever have done it?”

Learning to read and write, calculate costs and manage budget

Sandhya Orang is another girl who was taken out of school during the fourth grade. “My parents thought I’d already been there too long: they never went to school at all.” Everything she had learnt was soon forgotten. But now she has reactivated her skills, and is glad she can help her daughter with her school work. For about a year, she and a group of women from her village have been meeting regularly in the evenings after work. With an instructor’s help, they are learning to read and write and being trained to calculate costs and manage their association’s budget. On the other side of the village, Bandana Dalai sits on her sacking mat in the class for dropouts, copying the columns of figures from the board. If she keeps this up, she too will be in a position to help her own children with their school work one day – and probably a great deal more besides.

Circus of hope

Circus of HopeLife is a balancing act and not everybody achieves that balance. In South Africa, even the youngest children are aware of this. Many children and teenagers living in the townships are traumatised.

They have experienced violence and abuse, are neglected by their parents and are avoided because they have Aids. Many young people in South Africa experience extreme vulnerability.

At Christmas, PE INTERNATIONAL supports the aid organisation “Bread for the World” by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs, saves resources and the money saved in this way is donated to people who urgently need our help.

The project

The aid organisation Sinani, founded in 1994, offers new perspectives to children and teenagers living in the townships through a special programme. In Mshayazafe, 25 kilometres northeast of Durban, boys and girls learn to be part of a circus by using their talents. In the circus ring they learn to do acrobatics, juggling and tricks. Social worker Jesus Hlatshwayo explains how this works: “We show the children their talents, strengthen their self-confidence and endurance”. His motto is: “There is always hope, one has just to search for it”.

'Sinani' is a Nguni word which means “we are with you“. Establishing a sense of community is also one of the main goals of the circus. “Here the children immediately experience a sense of community and become reintegrated”, says Jesus Hlatshwayo. “This helps them get a better understanding of others and offers a form of recreation that enables them to think about their problems and possible solutions.” The social worker explains that, through this programme, the aid organisation shows young people how both small and big life crises can be overcome.

Sinani offers help with skills for everyday living, provides psychological treatment and gives advice on housework and personal hygiene. “Sinani’s work is also about a ‘social’ circus”, Jesus Hlatshwayo concludes.

Operating near Durban, the aid organisation works on giving people hope for the future. The organisation strives to stop the spread of Aids through a comprehensive treatment programme. It wants to lessen the incidence of violence within the community and programmes for economic development help show ways out of poverty. “There is almost no better place to reach out to Aids- infected children than in the circus ring”. Jesus Hlatshwayo manages to unify all these areas of work.

An Answer to Climate Change

In southern Bangladesh the effects of global warming are already markedly noticeable. Flooding and whirlwinds are striking more frequently and saltwater continues to encroach further into the regions interior.

This Christmas season, PE INTERNATIONAL is supporting the aid organization Bread for the World, in order to help those most affected adjust to their changing climate. In lieu of our annual printed Christmas letter, we are choosing to send you our greetings by email. This email reduces costs and preserves resources enabling us to donate all saved expenses to people who desperately need our help. 

The Project

Kalabogi is a town in the southernmost part of Bangladesh just inland from the Bay of Bengal. There, water is an element of the people as sustenance and for livelihood. “In the last 15 years our situation has enormously deteriorated,” explains Shahagahan Ali Sarder.  The number and severity of storms within the region have intensified.  Rising sea levels have also allowed saltwater to penetrate into the freshwater rivers, many of which directly connect to irrigation systems of rice fields.

This, in conjunction with a drought recently depleting the amount of freshwater in rivers, catalysed the encroachment of ocean saltwater deep into the lands interior. Adding to the problem, their powerful neighbour India has constructed a large dam upstream on the Ganges blocking the inflow of freshwater. When sluice gates are eventually reopened, the dam will release record breaking amounts of water – due to increasing amounts of snow and ice thaw in the Himalayas - onto the land surrounding Kalabogi. “We are not responsible for all of these changes, yet we have the most to suffer from them,” states Shahagahan Ali Sarder.

Inhabitants are well informed

Astonishingly, the majority of Kalabogis citizens attend only a few years of school if any and many are illiterate. There are no newspapers and televisions are sparse. Despite these setbacks, the inhabitants are remarkably well informed. Starting a few months ago, they have been regularly visited by members of PRODIPAN, a partner organisation of “Brot für die Welt,” (Bread for the World).  The organisation workers helps town members understand why their living environment has altered so dramatically and how to cope with the change. For instance, it’s dangerous to continue chopping down Mangrove forests because these they protect the town from whirlwinds. “By now many people stick to the government laws regulating environmental impacts,” clarifies Nilufea Akhter, a staff member of PRODIPAN.

Small loans help to establish income sources

Moreover, PRODIPAN has offered community members small loans.  With these advances the citizens of Kalabogi have been able to establish alternative income sources to harvesting wood, growing rice or fishing. With the help of his small loan of about eighty euro (£72, $120 US), Shahagahan Ali Sarder started a small cultivation farm for freshwater shrimp. His success at breeding shrimp has been so profitable that he has repaid his loan and purchased three cows and four goats in the meantime. From the look of it, his enterprise will also be able to offer future financial prospects for his five children.

Creation of a network

In cooperation with other aid organisations, PRODIPAN has created a network of lobbyists fighting for the interests of those threatend by climate change.  The hope is to bring their plight into larger public concern and thereby encourage the Bangladeshi government and other international organisations to finally support these hard hit people.

Child Sponsorship

Established in 1978, ChildFund Deutschland assists 80.000 children and their families in more than thirty countries through community-based sponsorship programs and other types of program interventions.

The funding is coming from 60.000 sponsors and donors, various foundations and some grants from the German Federal Government and the European Union.

Meet basic needs

As an independently operating member of the ChildFund Alliance, ChildFund Deutschland assists children and families in need regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity or religion. The organization strives to meet basic needs in an efficient and sustainable way and guide project communities toward permanent economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Strengthen families and communities

ChildFund Deutschland promotes the well-being of children by supporting locally led initiatives that strengthen families and communities, helping them overcome poverty and protect children’s rights. Programs, holistic in approach, incorporate Health and Sanitation, Nutrition, Early Childhood Development, Micro-enterprise, Development, Education and Child-Centered Emergency Relief.

The organization publishes an annual report including comprehensive financial statements. Since 1995 ChildFund Deutschland receives annually the “Spendensiegel”, the donation seal from the Deutsches Zentralinstitut fuer Soziale Fragen (German Central Institute for Social Issues/DZI), which is the leading charity watchdog organization in Germany. The organizations carrying this seal are acknowledged for their transparency and accountability.

A Letter Carrying Aid

The task of collating, folding, enveloping, and labelling of our mailings in the current format has been allocated to the good hands of the Stuttgart Centre for the Physically Disabled (bhz).  In their workplace are over 300 members with various disabilities.

The work there is particularly meaningful for the disabled. Diversification and forging bonds, recognition and happiness, challenges and personal development are intertwined at the centre.

Discover talents and develope abilities

The bhz provides a social service and helps persons with disabilities to discover their natural talents and develop their individual abilities. They are supported in finding his or her place within our society, maximising their autonomy and confidence to develop skills. The Stuttgart Centre for the Disabled has committed themselves to promoting the well being of the disabled: the centre is a partner for the disabled rather than a supervisor in it’s providing of advancement and mentoring.
live “as normal as possible,”

The centre’s employees and disabled members unite in the common goal of being able to live “as normal as possible,” in the city, their municipalities and communities. Participants should be able to bring their own prospects and engage in the working process and community life.


Sustainable solutions for transportation & logistics industry

The amount of material flow is increasing rapidly worldwide and therefore, the volume of traffic as well. Currently, the traffic is one of the factors which cause the most greenhouse gas emissions. In Europe, it is the only sector whose greenhouse gas emissions are significantly increasing instead of decreasing. The big challenge of the industry is to handle the increasing amount of material flow and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of resources at the same time.  Additionally, there...

Sustainable solutions for healthcare & life sciences industry

Healthcare and life sciences are very dynamic sectors with growing markets and increasing competition. In this sector, efficient and sustainable performance means to look beyond the production and life cycle of products. Furthermore, the long lead time within research and development of new innovative products is of greater public interest than in other sectors.


Product Carbon Footprint

Gas emissions that contribute to the global warming effect, are measured as the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). During a product’s life cycle, energy is required to extract, transport and refine raw materials, to manufacture and distribute the final product, and treat the waste at the end of its useful life.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organizational performance towards the goal of sustainable development. Your sustainability goals and achievements are worth being communicated. We help you engage stakeholders with credible and meaningful sustainability information, so you create trust and goodwill for your company.


SoFi - Version PSM - Building Portfolio Sustainability Management

PE’s SoFi PSM is a professional reporting solution that enables property and asset managers to quickly analyze and benchmark the sustainability performance of their real estate portfolios. You get rapid data capture and validation coupled with a proven benchmarking methodology based on industry standards such as Energy Star, DGNB, PRI, GRI and others. SoFi PSM boosts your sustainability reporting to investors and helps you comply with ...

GaBi - Ecoinvent Database

PE INTERNATIONAL is a reseller of the Swiss based ecoinvent Life Cycle Inventory LCI database. Experts at PE INTERNATIONAL have integrated the ecoinvent database into the GaBi Professional databases by mapping the flow nomenclature and relevant impact information. The ecoinvent database provides access to unit processes as well as to cradle to gate inventories covering different industrial areas. ecoinvent contains international industrial life cycle ...


Expert Service Packages

Expert Service Packages. Expert Service Packages are a great way to get expert modelling and project support when you need it most – while you are working on a project. You will be assigned a qualified PE expert who directly assists you throughout the stages of your study.

GaBi - Advanced Training

The GaBi Advanced Training session builds on the basic training and includes expert modelling techniques such as the use of parameters. Advanced training sessions can be tailored to include modelling techniques specific to your projects and needs.



Symposium 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the Breakthrough Decade

Think 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the breakthrough decade. Best Practices in Corporate & Product Sustainability. PE INTERNATIONAL is hosting its 6th annual Best Practices Symposium under the title “Think 2015 - Managing Sustainability for the breakthrough decade” – a high-profile knowledge-sharing 3-day event that brings together thought leaders, sustainability managers and business professionals to share how ...


21st SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, 4th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, GreenBuild 2010, Life Cycle Assessment IX Joint North American Life Cycle Conference, Pollutec Horizons 2011, Siemens PLM Connection Americas User Conference 2011, World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2013


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