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Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), Plasti-Fab Flumes provide optimum corrosion resistance. Available in a wide range of functional designs and custom sizes, there's a Plasti-Fab flume for your specific need. For extremely severe effluents, they're also available in Vinyl Ester, stainless steel, or other special materials as required. Our representatives and engineering staff can assist you in identifying the perfect flume for your need.

Fiberglass Palmer-Bowlus Flumes

The Palmer-Bowlus flume is well know in the sanitary field, and has been used in the Los Angeles area for over 60 years. It’s primary application is in pipelines, in round bottom channels or in manholes where it is often preferred because of cost and ease of installation that can minimize construction expense.

RBC and Step Flumes

The RBC and Step Flume or Broad Crested Weir comprise a group of long throated flumes that are increasingly being used for agricultural research, water shed management, runoff studies and water resource allocation. This family of flumes can be mathematically configured through the approach, throat and tailwater sections to provide accurate open channel flow monitoring for a wide range of shapes and sizes of natural and concrete flow channels.

Large Trapezoidal Flumes

Trapezoidal flumes fall into two principal groups, 60º V-notch flumes and larger trapezoidal flumes. The 60º V flumes have a sharp V-throat section similar to a V-notch weir and produce superior resolution for accurate flow measurement down to 1 gpm. The larger trapezoidal flumes, up to the 2 foot SRCRC flume, have flat floors and sloping sidewalls and can handle flows up to 32 MGD.

Cutthroat Flumes

This flume is similar to the Parshall Flume except that the parallel throat section is removed and the bottom is at the same elevation as the channel invert through the length of the flume. Being a 'zero' throat flume the range of accuracy or useable depth for the Cutthroat Flumes is directly related to length of the flume. The Cutthroat Flume is commonly used for flow splitting, but is not recommended for flow measurement.


Plasti-Fab Head Gages will not fade, chip, or warp. Used in flumes, weirs, reservoirs, basins, lagoons, waterways and other applications. They are easily installed and require little or no maintenance aside from occasional cleaning. Read our case study on our recent ballistics test of our composite gages. Installations such as these are often times the victim of vandalism, see how our solutions hold up to bullet impacts. You can also visit our ballistics page for further information.

Plasti-fab Fiberglass and Composite Head Gages

Plasti-Fab has made FIBERGLASS HEAD GAGES for use in open channel flumes for over 20 years. Due to market demand, we now offer this same durable construction in all sizes of custom level fiberglass gages.


High strength, quality fiberglass gates and guides made to close tolerances and to stringent design specifications. Many major industrial companies regularly come to Plasti-Fab for design and construction of specialty fiberglass gates. If your project requires penstock, consider the many advantages of fiberglass gates and utilize the experience of Plasti-Fab in application and design of FRP gates and guides.

Gray Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Slide Gates

Industrial Slide gates are commonly used in open channel and moderate head applications to isolate equipment, divert flow, close off a wall opening, or cover a pipe that is flush with the wall. Plasti-Fab slide gates are manufactured of gray fiberglass reinforced plastic containing ultraviolet inhibitors. Plasti-Fab penstock is reinforced to withstand the specified maximum operating head. Where required neoprene j-seals can be included to meet low...

Wedging Titeseal Gate

The Wedging Titeseal Slide Gate is commonly used as an emergency shutoff gate. Developed and patented by John Vitas at Plasti-Fab, it is the tightest sealing slide gate available on the market today. The Wedging Titeseal® design is capable of reaching extremely low leakage rates: less than 100 cc/min/foot of wetted perimeter. This is 4 to 5 times lower leakage than permitted by AWWA C-501, and applies to both seating and unseating heads. In actual...

Stop Gate and Stop Plate

Stop Gate and Stop Plate are interchangeable terms used to identify manually lifted gates that are installed in open channels. Stop gates are normally either in or out and do not include a stem or lifting mechanism. Smaller gates or gates with a balance (equalized) head can usually be raised by hand. Larger gates and gates with unbalanced head often require a mechanical lifting device such as a hoist or davit crane.

The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate

The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate is a non-metallic, corrosion resistant gate that provides the engineer with a superior alternative to stainless steel and cast iron slide gates, often called sluice gates. It is designed to handle high head applications of 10 feet or more in seating or unseating service. The guide includes a top closure bar that allows the gate to seal around all four sides. A wedging bar and adjustable wedging bolts allow the...

Downward Opening Weir Gate

The function of a down-opening weir gate is to control the upstream water level, and/or pace the amount of discharge from a water system. At times there will be a level control sensor in the system which is directly connected - controlling a modulating electric operator to automatically pace the amount of flow discharged and/or maintain a constant upstream water depth.

Neoprene Flap Gates

The Plasti-Fab flexible Neoprene Flap Gate is the answer for applications requiring corrosion resistant equipment suitable for sea water and most low pH water. Simple construction and light weight make installation and maintenance easy. The Flap Gate's molded body of reinforced copolymer has a 125 lb. pattern flange and a molded neoprene flap which also acts as a hinge. The flexible flap with molded-in weight reduces the possibility of pounding which is...


Plasti-fab composite manholes are built to be corrosion resistant and durable. The Packaged Metering Manhole first introduced by Plasti-Fab over 20 years ago provided complete flow monitoring in one clean package that is easy to install and correctly set-up for accurate flow monitoring. Plasti-Fab flow specialists are available to review and advise on application and flow conditions.

Plasti-Fab Durable Fiberglass Mag Metering Manholes

The Plasti-Fab composite Mag Meter Manhole was durably designed for frequent and convenient use. The one-piece, monolithic construction prevents leaky joints and a full opening hinged lid and bright white gel coating offers better interior light conditions. These features create a cleaner, safer environment for servicing. Not only are fiberglass Mag Meter Manholes appropriate for large sized flumes, but they are an advantage when installing small flumes...

Storm Manholes

These corrosion resistant, packaged STORM manholes are the result of feedback from the owners of Plasti-Fab’s highly successful Packaged Metering Manholes that have been in production for 25 years. Our customers asked for a design that would retain sediment, trash and oil from stormwater. STORM is the answer. Plasti-Fab has the expertise to build your STORM manhole to almost any depth you require, and in diameters of 5 or 6 feet. STORM construction is...

Plasti-Fab Fiberglass Packaged Metering Manholes

The Plasti-Fab Packaged Metering Manhole was an industry first and remains the most complete and easy-to-install flow measurement package on the market. The full range of flumes may be integrally molded into the composite manhole, along with inlet and outlet adapters, pipe stubs, and monitoring accessories for a complete package. The composite manhole interior is a premium grade marine white gel coat that provides a smooth non-porous surface to resist...


Introducing pre-wired Value-Added Equipment Fiberglass Shelters / Fiberglass Buildings from Plasti-Fab, the proven leader in corrosion resistant housing for instruments, pumps, blowers, generators, chemical feeders and communications equipment. Standard or custom built, and now available with optional factory-installed electrical packages to save you money and meet your specifications.FRP

Sampler Shelters

Available in fully insulated or general purpose models to provide complete security and weatherization for expensive instrument and sampler systems.

Large Ribbed Shelters

Standard Sizes: 6' x 6' up to 12 ' x 20' long are factory assembled and can be shipped directly to the job-site. Larger custom fiberglass Shelters are fabricated to ship in sections for on-site assembly. Units are available in sizes ranging up to 20' x 40'. Standard Available eave heights are 7ft., 8 ft and 12 ft. Custom, made-to-order shelters are a specialty. Plasti-Fab's reputable quality design and construction allows you to configure a virtually...

Insulated Standard Small Shelters

Also referred to as walk-in enclosures, Plasti-Fab offers standard sizes of corrosion resistant, fully-insulated shelters for instrumentation, controls, chlorination, sampling and communications. Having the same general benefits of our larger shelters, they feature low maintenance, electrical nonconductivity, and are not susceptible to rust or decay.

Instrumentation and Storm Covers

Low cost protection for valuable instruments. Lift-off and drop-front FRP covers provide shelter from the elements and offer security. Can be mounted on a pedestal, wall, floatwell or bolted to a concrete pad. Used in a variety of applications.


For rectangular clarifiers and oil skimming. Easily installed, low maintenance, simple, and effective design. FRP Rotating Scum Skimmers provide exceptional corrosion resistance under some of the worst operating conditions typically found in plant headworks and industrial process clarifiers.

Corrosion-Resistant Rotating Scum Skimmers

The FRP Rotating Scum Skimmer is designed for rectangular basins. Typical sizes range from 6 ft. to 20 ft. in length, and 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter. Most are manually operated with a lever arm. A handwheel or electric operator are available options. Normal maintenance consists of routine plant washdown. Typical applications include: grease and scum in primary basins; surface oil in oil/water separators; foam and process debris in industrial...

Stop Logs

Our Heavy Duty Stop Logs have been used successfully by engineers in a wide range of applications for over 18 years. Stop logs are in service throughout the United States and overseas in wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, sludge drying beds, and composting facilities and for lagoon control, flood control, and diversion. Plasti-Fab Heavy Duty Stop Logs feature a unique seamless construction that fully surrounds an internal structural skeleton.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Stop Logs

Our Heavy Duty Fiberglass Stop Logs have been used successfully by engineers in a wide range of applications for over 18 years. Stop logs are in service throughout the United States and overseas in wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, sludge drying beds, and composting facilities and for lagoon control, flood control, and diversion. Plasti-Fab Heavy Duty Stop Logs feature a unique seamless construction that fully...

20 Products found
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