SEA introduced the first prototype of opto-electronic sorting machine for rice on Italian market. The immediate success led SEA to approach new markets in Europe and to develop sorting machines for other applications, such as nuts, pulses and other dry food and non-food products.SEA company has become part of CIMBRIA A/S Danish industrial group of companies, having their headquarters in Thisted, Denmark. With that acquisition, the optical sorting ranges and other electronic solutions will integrate Cimbria mechanical sorting machinery, so completing the working diagram for different products. Thanks to that acquisition, SEA can count on an enhanced and deep-rooted sales net in the international markets, allowing SEA to have a considerable growth both in terms of profits and of new markets penetration.


1968 was the year SEA launched on the Italian market the first prototype of optical electronic colour sorting machine for rice.

The success immediately obtained on the Italian market impelled SEA to search for new markets in Europe and to create sorting machines also for other products, ranging from dried fruits to legumes and other foodstuff. The newly developed technologies allowed to approach in 1989 the recycling industry with the realisation of sorting machines specifically designed for plastic materials and glass cullet. In 2004 the separator by resonance has collected more and more the favour of the markets explored.


Model Pixel NEXT - Electronic Colour Sorter

SEA is proud to introduce on market Pixel NEXT, the new electronic colour sorter combining state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience on the field. Pixel NEXT is the right evolution of PIXEL colour sorter: current traditional advantages have been improved with a new CCD cameras control system of the most advanced technology, whilst maintaining simplicity of use. Up to twenty-eight 2048 pixel CCD cameras can be foreseen on different ...

SEA NEXT - Sorting Machine

SEA NEXTrepresents the evolution of PIXEL series: the already considerable performances have been improved by a control system composed of hi-techCCD 20848 pixel cameras, able to handlefour thresholds of sensitivity simultaneously, and even thedimensional control of the defects;SEA NEXTcan be configured with 2, 3 or 4 cameras per  chute. The 7-chutes model can have up totwenty-eight camerasto ensure at the same time, the highest optical ...


Spare Parts Services

The wearing parts such as fuses, neon lights, etc. can be locally found in almost every Country. Our overseas technical service and spare parts centres are available in many Countries. Moreover our Use and Maintenance Handbook specifies spare parts codes to require to SEA. SEA also offers a programmed maintenance service to ensure periodic controls of customer sorting installations.

Remote Assistance Services

SEA sorters are all equipped with the most modem system for on-line remote control of the stored sorting programs. The remote assistance is the guarantee of immediate interventions and higher security in case of breakdowns resulting from the stored programs. Regardless of the Country where the sorting machine is situated, the Customer can require a free-of-charge service to SEA engineers, who will be able to adjust and set all sorting parameters ...


Commissioning & Personnel Training

SEA experienced engineers perform sorting machine start-up and personnel training at the customers' premises. Our purpose is to provide complete explanations about the correct and most effective operations of the sorter. The staff in charge of sorting machine will be thoroughly trained during the commissioning of the machine.




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