Tensar International is the first choice for soil reinforcement and ground engineering solutions with over 25 years experience in applying Tensar Technology - proven practical solutions and the know-how to get them builtBased on the unique properties of Tensar geogrids, Tensar Technology is widely adopted for ground stabilisation, soil reinforcement and asphalt reinforcement - delivering real savings in cost and time. Tensar’s experienced civil engineers are available to provide design and on-site construction support to your project from concept to completion.

About Us

Tensar International is a world-leader in the manufacture and provision of soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation solutions.Tensar's high performance range of innovative geogrid and geotextile products has been continuously developed since their introduction in the 1970s as the first products of their type. The superior performance of Tensar products has benefited thousands of roads, rail, runway, embankment and many other applications across the world. Backed by regional offices and an international network of specialist distributors, our service and products are available wherever ground reinforcement and soil stabilisation are required.National authorities leading universities and independent laboratories have rigorously tested Tensar's geogrid and geotextile products. Many Tensar products and applications hold internationally recognised certification, and all provide cost-effective, timesaving and lasting solutions to widely encountered civil engineering problems.



Solutions for Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilisation, Erosion protection and Asphalt Reinforcement

Tensar International has developed innovative solutions that apply to a wide range of construction problems. These solutions have been proven on thousands of projects around the world. Best value is delivered by the innovative combination of unique products, world-class design expertise and construction applications experience gained over more than 20 years.

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Tensar International offers more than just advanced products. Start to finish, we act as your partner, helping you to achieve your objectives, on time and within budget by offering cost-effective geosynthetic solutions. We have developed a number of innovative engineering solutions to tackle problems encountered within your industry. Please click below to find out more.



Glasstex composite is particularly suitable for situations with sustained loading such as that caused by frost heave and soil swelling tension stresses, or by temperature induced joint movements.

AR-G - Composite

Tensar AR-G composite is suitable for increasing the fatigue life of pavements with weak foundations, reducing rutting and controlling reflective cracking.


Software Design Programmes Services

In TensarPave and TensarSoil we have developed powerful, unique software to aid design engineers in producing stabilised pavement and reinforced soil retaining structure designs - and producing them quickly and easily.

Design and Technical Support

Tensar offer the services of a team of professionals who can assit in developing concepts to support your design or undertake full construction design. Tensar also provide advice and initial training on site to assist you to effectively install their products and systems in your project. Tensar's range of innovative products are combined with global experience of thousands of projects in a wide variety of climatic conditions and soil types. This means ...


TensarPave Design Software

TensarPave is a software package developed by Tensar International, incorporating TriAx design perameters for the most economical ground stabilisation and pavement design solutions. TensarPave sofware is available free of charge with specific user training from Tensar International.


TensarPave and TensarSoil Design Programs

The TensarPave design program allows the design engineer to rapidly produce pavement designs using Tensar geogrids to reinforce the unbound layers in order to maximise the costs benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

Technical Workshops and Lunchtime Seminars

Tensar run a number of free of charge full and half-day design workshops and also lunchtime seminars explaining the techniques involved when using geosynthetics in reinforced soil and pavement applications. These workshops and seminars guarantee to keep you up to date with developments in reinforced soil design and construction techniques which can also contribute towards your own personal continuing professional development (CPD).



EnviroExpo & Conference 2006, EWEA 2014 Annual Event - European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, FILTECH 2013


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