TxChem HE-1000 is a family of non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, water-soluble chemicals and selected nutrients, which can be specially blended for various applications. The base product, widely used for soil remediation, is capable of breaking down hydrocarbon masses into microscopic spheres or droplets upon contact by spraying or mixing. These droplets become tightly suspended in solution and remain stable in the rinse and treated media. Upon application, an immediate change in color of oily soils or pit sludge, as well as the elimination of hydrocarbon odors, can be observed. TxChem HE-1000 functions in both fresh and salt-water environments.

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A single application of the TxChem HE-1000 can achieve results in a fraction of the time and expense normally required for soil excavation, relocation, disposal, incineration, or traditional bioremediation methods. The long-term benefit from using TxChem HE-1000 is that it facilitates biodegradation by natural means.


Model HE-1000 EC - In-Situ Bio-Enhancement Product

Creates food source for indigenous microbes in hydrocarbon-contaminated environments. Environmentally safe based on:EPA 8260 B – volatile compounds, EPA 8270 C – semi-volatile compounds,Texas 1005 TPH – total petroleum hydrocarbons, EPA LC-50 – based on use around sensitive ecosystems, TxChem HE-1000 EC will accelerate the microbial degradation of hydrocarbon waste. TxChem HE-1000 EC will break down hydrocarbons (heavy greases, ...

Model ACL - Biodegradable Solvent

Environmentally safe replacement for chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Solvent for dissolving hardened petroleum products. Sludge generated in washing leaves a favorable environment for microorganisms to bio treat affluent. EnviroChem ACL is an all natural, non-toxic, low cost alternative to petroleum solvents. EnviroChem ACL is made from organic materials and is a superior solvent to Varsol.

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Soil and Groundwater

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