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Drilling Products

Water & Mineral Exploration

Wyo-Ben was the first to offer bentonite chips for sealing and abandoning holes as well as provided the first 30% solids bentonite grouts for casing seals.Wyo-Ben offers the best in high performance products for drilling and sealing bore holes. We have a complete line of polymers, drilling foams and efficient bentonite-based drilling products that are available through distributors across North America and throughout the world.

Construction Products

Cast-In-Place Foundation

Bentonite and polymer products are used to stabilize trenches or 'panels' during excavation for foundations. Where space limitations do not allow for full excavation and forming, specialized contractors using unique equipment cut soil and use the trench walls as forms. Hydro-mills or clam shells are used to excavate to depth. Slurries consisting of water and Hydrogel and/or Kwik-Vis 'D' pumped into the trench during the operation are used to support...

Environmental Sealants

Liners & Caps

Envirogel products, from Wyo-Ben, include powdered and granular bentonite based materials which prevent fluid flow from landfills, hazardous waste sites, and reservoirs. Mixing Envirogel with local soils creates a positive seal against fluid movement. For decades, Envirogel has been used to provide liners and caps for landfills. Hundreds of projects have been constructed and our staff of knowledgeable sales people and technical staff can assist in...

3 Products found
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