XCG Consultants is all about people and our ability and expertise to help clients make better environmental decisions about their site or resource. Established in 1990, XCG Consultants is a wholly employee-owned, full-service environmental consulting firm capable of delivering a range of specialized services. Currently, the organization is comprised of over 70 employees located in five offices, across Ontario, Alberta and Ohio. We also have affiliations with local, regional and national engineering and speciality firms, to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible.

About Us

In 1990, XCG was founded with a staff of three operating from a single office. Today, the company employs over 90 professionals in 5 offices across Canada and the United States. This growth in numbers reflects expansion in the range and scope of the services offered. Originally focused on environmental services and water and wastewater treatment, XCG continues to build expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

XCG’s current emphasis is sustainability as not only a service to clients but as a guide for our in-house practices. The company’s commitment to core values: proactive client service; professional integrity; and senior staff involvement; is further enhanced as XCG strengthens its commitment to sustainability.

Moving forward, XCG is committed to providing the expert people that our clients’ have come to know and expect. At XCG, we will listen, provide advice and assist you in arriving at the optimum solution for your project.

XCG's Mission Statement

XCG will deliver excellence in environmental consulting services.

Our Guiding Principles

Client Service
We will be proactive in meeting our clients' needs.

We will, in all of our relationships, comply with the Professional Engineers' Code of Ethics.

Senior Staff Involvement
Our partners and associates will be involved in evey project and proposal.

Professional and Community Involvement
We will contribute actively to professional and community organizations.

Staff Opportunity
We will foster an entrepreneurial atmosphere which supports and encourages employee initiatives.

Staff Growth
We will provide our employees opportunities for professional development and growth.

Employee Ownership
We will provide opportunity for employees to participate as shareholders in the company's growth.

We will endeavor to maintain profitability.

Work Environment
We will provide an enjoyable work environment, founded on the principle of equal opportunity.

Health, Safety, and Environment
We will comply with applicable Health & Safety and Environmental regulations.

Sustainability Strategy

As a professional environmental services provider, XCG recognizes our unique and important position in fostering sustainability. In this regard, we have established XCG’s Corporate Sustainability Strategy, which represents our commitment to focus our business practices to protect and enhance the environmental, social and economic fabric of our world. We recognize this as integral to how we operate and deliver solutions for our clients. As we work to assist our clients achieve their goals, we will also integrate sustainability into our own culture and everyday operations.

Strategy Component One:

Integration of Sustainability into XCG Client Solution - This directly benefits our clients as we bring the experience of 20 years of service and a commitment to increasingly deliver services through the ‘Window of Sustainability’. Our purpose is to assist our clients in harnessing opportunities, minimizing risk and maximizing the potential of their business. We increasingly work in an integrated, team-oriented fashion, tapping into our expertise across various disciplines. We consider the latest best-practices, relevant new guidelines and standards, innovative approaches and triple-bottom line perspective to deliver sustainable solutions that achieve client-specific goals.

Strategy Component Two:

Greening of XCG’s Internal Operations - XCG’s commitment to internal greening serves to reduce our environmental footprint in support of our business and clients’ expectations. Internal Green Teams serve to drive our efforts toward becoming carbon neutral. XCG has established a corporate commitment to 100 percent GHG Emissions reduction by 2019. We are a Sustainable Waterloo Regional Carbon Initiative Gold Pledging Partner, which is helping to provide transparency and to drive our efforts in establishing and meeting company-wide targets for carbon footprint reduction and other performance indicators.

Leading Edge Sustainable Solutions through Our Traditional Service Lines

XCG has a well-respected reputation for environmental consulting services, with a broad-range of expertise and experience in Environmental Services and Water Services (click here to services page).
When viewed from the perspective of sustainability, we are able to address the implications of climate change (e.g. climate change impact analysis in watershed management), the benefits of water and energy conservation (e.g. energy reduction strategies in water and wastewater management), resource management and re-use (e.g. innovative remedial approaches for brownfield sites), other environmental, social and economic factors and industry best practices in our service delivery.

New Sustainable Solutions Services Expand Our Ability To Serve Our Clients

XCG is committed to expand our range of expertise and service offerings in response to our clients’ needs and the demands of a global economy. We now offer services in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories and GHG Emissions Reduction Strategies to assist clients in meeting carbon reduction targets. As well, XCG has expertise in Sustainability Performance Reporting, focused on KPI reporting to stakeholders. XCG regards service to client needs as a key goal, and we foster entrepreneurship throughout the organization. We will strive to continue to advance our range of sustainable services to meet the needs of our clients.


Water Resources

The Water Resources team at XCG specializes in surface water, storm water and groundwater investigations. Members of our team have participated in a broad range of water resources projects throughout North America either as standalone studies or in support of larger team endeavors. The expertise of our leading scientists and engineers covers all aspects of ecosystem management from a water perspective. From assessing the impacts of climate change on ...

Wastewater Treatment

Recently, the combination of population growth and increasingly stringent effluent quality standards has prompted the need for increased wastewater treatment capacity via upgrades and/or expansion, as well as addressing effluent quality issues for existing wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, municipalities, private industry and consulting engineering firms are among those seeking innovative practices to “green” their operations ...


Training and Operations

At XCG Training and Operations, we are committed to providing superior Director approved training so that our clients can fulfill their regulatory obligations efficiently and effectively. We are flexible and will work closely with your facility to accommodate your requests. XCG Training and Operations can assist with special requests including modifying existing course material to reflect the skills and knowledge the operators need for your ...

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