Carries a wide variety of onsite wastewater septic tank filters, septic system components and accessories including filters. World leader in onsite wastewater filtration. We carry a wide variety of septic system components and accessories including septic tank effluent filters, decentralized community systems, advanced treatment systems, STEP systems, septic tank risers and lids, basin systems, pressure distribution, gravity distribution, filtered pump vaults, pumps, alarm systems.


Model 3008-LPFB-8 - Low Profile External Basin with 1/8Inch Best Filter

Polylok’s new low profile external filter basin is ideal for those situations where space limitations are a factor. The filter/ basin combination uses the Best Technology GF-10 filter with a 2,500 GPD capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. The GF-10 filter uses a proven conical plate design that allows unwanted material accumulations on the plates to fall back into the tank. The one-piece housing is made of ...

Model 2Inch - Poly-Air Activated Carbon Vent Filter

Poly-Air is an activated carbon vent filter that can remove offensive odors, such as Hydrogen Sulfide, as they come out of the roof vent. Use our filter to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

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