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Kimre Aerosep - Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation Systems

by Kimre, Inc.

Aerosols are suspended liquid or solid particles ranging in diameter from the submicron range to the 10 to 20µm size. Kimre offers the AEROSEP Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation System to collect submicron particulates which are hygroscopic using the principles of condensation scrubbing. Aerosols as small as 0.2 microns in diameter pass through ...

Palas - Series PLG - Aerosol Generators For Nebulization of Liquids

by Palas GmbH

Droplet aerosols are needed for many applications in research, development and quality assurance. In particular for quality assurance and calibration of particle measurement devices, Palas aerosol generators ensure clear results due to their reliable characterisation. In order to be able to perform practical analyses and comparisons, droplet ...

PALAS - EN 779 / ASHRAE 52.2 - Compressed Air Filters

by Palas GmbH

For more than 25 years, Palas has been building complete filter test systems for filters and filter media and upgrades existing test rigs by components for the particle generation (aerosol generators for droplets, salts and solid particles) and for the particle measurement (aerosol spectrometers). The Palas aerosol generators are characterized by ...

PALAS - HMT 1000 - Heatable Modular Testing System For Oil Nebulizers

by Palas GmbH

The single components of the test rig like the high-resoluting heatable light-scattering spectrometer welas digital 1000 H, the heatable dilution systems KHG 10 D and the heatable aerosol generator PLG 2100 can be simply removed from the HMT 1000 and used for other applications, e. g. measurements directly on the engine. Palas HMT 1000 filter test ...

Palas - Series VKL / KHG - Ejector Dilution Systems

by Palas GmbH

With Palas dilution systems of series VKL highly concentrated aerosols, also test aerosols, with a concentration of up to 106 P/cm3 are reliably lowered and made measurable for optical particle counters with a max. concentration limit of only 35 P/cm3. The Palas dilution systems are successfully used in vertical operation for the particle size ...

T120-2 type - Droplet Eliminators

by VSS-Umwelttechnik GmbH

VSS-Umwelttechnik offers plastic droplet eliminators which remove entrained liquid particles from air flows.Our chevron type droplet separators (see illustration T120-2) show elimination rates of up to 99.9%.The elimination rate depends on the size and density of the droplets to be separated and on the viscosity of the carrier gas. An even better ...

Aerosol Precipitators

by Trema Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Cost-effective aerosol separation (<1µm), Odour elimination, Alternative to electrostatic precipitators, Minimum maintenance, Suitable for product recovery applications.

Filter Scanning System - AFS 150 - Filter Test Rig for High Efficiency Filters acc. to EN 1822

by Topas GmbH

The Automated Filter Scanner test system AFS 150 is designed to meet the requirements of testing air filters according to EN1822-4 (leackage test, filterscan) and EN 1822-5 (integral separation efficiency test) with a high grade of automation. Main components of the test rig are: - Air flow system with flow rate measurement and inlet filter Filter ...

GEA Process Engineering - Emission Control Technology

by GEA Process Engineering

GEA Process Engineering is globally active in the field of environmental protection. We design and build gas cleaning plants for producers or through general contractors mainly in the Non-ferrous Metallurgy, Chemistry and FCC in refineries, Iron and Steel, Cement and Glass industry. Our systems are also running at coal-fired power generating ...

Palas - MFP Nano plus - Filter Test Systems with U-SMPS

by Palas GmbH

Palas MFP filter test rigs are well-proven all over the world because of their practical use in the fields of development and quality control. The MFP Nano plus is especially designed for the determination of the separation efficiency of HEPA and ULPA filter media according to DIN EN 1822-3 and ISO 29463-3. The U-SMPS is a modern and powerful ...

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