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Carbon Inventory Methods

by Springer

Carbon inventory requiring estimation of carbon dioxide emissions and removals in land-use categories for national greenhouse gas inventory and changes in stocks of carbon in projects aimed at climate change mitigation has become increasingly important in global efforts to address climate change. Hence, there is a need for a handbook that provides ...;

Spatiotemporal Patterns in Ecology and Epidemiology: Theory, Models, and Simulation

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Although the spatial dimension of ecosystem dynamics is now widely recognized, the specific mechanisms behind species patterning in space are still poorly understood and the corresponding theoretical framework is underdeveloped. Going beyond the classical Turing scenario of pattern formation, Spatiotemporal Patterns in Ecology and Epidemiology: ...;

Modeling Demographic Processes in Marked Populations

by Springer

This book brings together biologists and statisticians in an interdisciplinary synthesis to develop new methods to overcome the most significant challenges and constraints faced by quantitative biologists seeking to model demographic rates.The book is centered on the ten key areas in the field where important problems in demographic analysis are ...;

Digital Terrain Modelling

by Springer

This publication is the first book on the development and application of digital terrain modelling for regional planning and policy support. It is a compilation of research results by international research groups at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, providing scientific support to the development and implementation of EU ...;

Adaptive Atmospheric Modeling

by Springer

This book gives an overview and guidance in the development of adaptive techniques for atmospheric modeling. Written in an educational style and featuring an exhaustive list of references, it is a starting point for everyone who is interested in adaptive modeling, not restricted to atmospheric sciences. It covers paradigms of adaptive techniques, ...;

Managing Environmental Risk: Real Estate and Business Transactions (Environmental Law Series)

by Thomson Reuters (West)

This resource offers a broad perspective, well beyond that of random articles about business and property transactions. It fully explains environmental liability risks to specialists and nonspecialists alike. The text discusses statutory and common law sources of liability and considers the concerns of the varied parties involved. It provides ...;

Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation

by Springer

This book collates the written contributions of the Second Conference on Air Pollution Modelling and Simulation (APMS 2001). A wide range of current topics is covered, focusing on three challenging issues: (1) the modelling issue of complex, multiphase, atmospheric chemistry; (2) the numerical issue associated with comprehensive three-dimensional ...;

Indoor Air Pollution

by Springer

Indoor Air Pollution has become a major topic in environmental research and health. Most people spend more than 80% of their time in buildings and are exposed to a broad range of pollutants from indoor sources such as building materials, furniture, carpets and textiles, heating and cooking, household and consumer products, etc. The volume provides ...;

Acostix (TM)

by Najah Engineering Consultants LLC

NEC Acostix is fully protected Excel based design software. The basic version design acoustic enclosure walls, design rectangular attenuators, design acoustic louvers and also size and select exhaust silencers to meet specified noise criteria. Optional modules include: engine noise and air flow estimator, pressure drop calculator, verify others ...;

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling

by Cambridge University Press

New edition of a successful and comprehensive textbook on the atmospheric processes, numerical methods, and computational techniques required for advanced students and scientists to successfully study air pollution and meteorology. From reviews: ' I highly recommend the Jacobson book for graduate students and professionals engaged in atmospheric ...;

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