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Q-TRAK Plus - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by TSI Incorporated

TSI offers two hand-held Q-TRAK Plus IAQ Monitors. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8552 monitor simultaneously measures CO2, temperature and humidity, all within a single probe. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8554 adds CO. These easy-to-use, air quality instruments provide real-time measurements and can log data unattended over an extended period of time. Advanced ...

Model 800045 - Indoor Air Quality Controller

by Sper Scientific

Poor air quality may cause tiredness, inability to concentrate, and even illness (i.e., Sick Building Syndrome). This instrument is ideal for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality in crowded public spaces with potentially high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) such as offices, factories, classrooms, hospitals and hotels. When CO2 levels ...

Graywolf AdvancedSense - Indoor Air Quality Logger

by EnviroRentals - a division of Gasonic Instruments Inc.

The Graywolf AdvancedSense consists of a sensor probe and a mobile computer. The unit measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. The recorded readings can be downloaded to a computer for analysis and generating graphs and printing.

Q-TRAK Plus - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Spectra Scientific, Inc.

This instrument is ideal for indoor air assessment of offices, residential or industrial spaces. It measures the concentrations of CO and CO2, temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, percent outside air, and calculates the dew point. It can either show continuous readings or take a 10-second average of all parameters and store them in memory. ...

Indoor Air Treatment

by Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH

Applied inside of buildings NEUTRALOX Ionization Units purify room air and improve the indoor working conditions. Based on air-recirculation, the process reduces the demand for fresh air and consequently minimizes heating (or cooling) costs significantly. Air ionisation is a natural process which sterilizes and deodorizes the atmosphere since the ...

Salon - Model 5000 - Air Purification For Beauty Salons & Spas

by Allerair Industries

Engineered specifically for nail salons, the Salon 5000 is a source capture air-purifying unit designed to capture chemicals, odors and particles associated with manicures and pedicures, before they become airborne. The Salon 5000 is equipped with 18 pounds of carbon to provide nail salon patrons and employees alike with clean, safe indoor air. ...

Salon - Model 6000 - Air Purification For Beauty Salons & Spas

by Allerair Industries

The Salon 6000 features six more pounds of carbon than our Salon 5000 model to provide superior filtration capacity for the chemicals, odors, gases and particles associated with nail salon products. The Salon 6000 is a source capture unit that provides clean air, in an otherwise toxic environment that can be dangerous for both nail salon patrons ...

Allerair - Model 5000 Pro Exec - Superior General Air Filtration

by Allerair Industries

A favorite among restorers, our PRO series provides the flexibility of a compact unit, with the power and unique features of a professional air cleaner. An ideal unit for contractors looking for a rugged, yet portable unit which addresses chemicals, particles and odor. This unit (without UV) is ARB certified for California.

Allerair - Model Project 007 - Arsenal of Advanced Air Cleaners

by Allerair Industries

Using a hybrid design and an arsenal of advanced technology, the 007 seeks out and eliminates the dangerous enemy pollutants lurking in your indoor air. It cleans better, faster and more efficiently than similar leading air cleaners by combining AllerAir’s superior deep-bed carbon + HEPA filtration system with 360 ° air intake and ...

Model 600 - Clean Air Plant (CAP) System

by Bio-Cascade Solutions Inc

The Clean Air Plant (CAP) system is a  biological air cleaning system which can be designed as stand alone or customized 'in line' for any type of indoor or outdoor air quaility problem. The system works more efficiently than any technology on the market today.

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