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Cyclones ProPulse - Industrial Air and Dust Filters

by Schenck Process Norge AS     based in Sandnes, NORWAY

The primary function of a cyclone is to separate product from a gas stream. After separation, the product discharges out the bottom of the cyclone and air discharges through the top exhaust. Each cyclone system is designed and manufactured to meet the unique efficiency needs of your application. Up to 99.99% efficiency. High temperature operation. ...

Ulpatek - Dust Filter Bag

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

General Features; Wide range of application area. Low pressure drop. High quality filtration. Long service life. Standard pocket filter frames. Small transport volume. Simple and light weight.  Easy installation. Synthetic bags.

Ulpatek - V-Compact Dust Filter

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

General Features; Header depth is 25 mm. Both sides can be used for any air flow directions. %100 recycled plastic frame. Large surface area; low pressure drop. Less maintenance and energy consumption. Self-supporting and rigid. Fully incinerable without pollutant emisson.

Ulpatek - Rigid Dust Filter

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

Low pressure drop; less energy consumption. Header depths are 20 and 25 mm. Anodized aluminium and plastic frame. Easy installation. Airflow and installation in any direction possible.

Model A•dust - Dust Filters

by Absolent AB     based in Lidköping, SWEDEN

The objective of a dust filter is to get rid of unhealthy particles. In some models, we use a HEPA-filter as the final filter step for the best possible result. With that, the air usually becomes so clean that it can be returned to the premises. We use pleated filter cartridges with superior filtration properties that clean more air/m² than ...

Ulpatek - Dust Panel Filter

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

General Features; Small transport volume. Easy installation, long service life. Airflow and installation in any direction possible. Plastic and Galvanized Frame. Self- supporting and rijid. High quality glass fibre media. Simple and light weight. Large surface area, low pressure drop.

Dust Filters

by Kopar Oy     based in Parkano, FINLAND

Long operational life, low maintenance need, efficient cleanability and high filtration ratio are typical characteristics of our filtration equipment.  We have filters available for individual silos as well as centralized dust removal systems.

Model Filter Classes G2 - G4 - Coarse Dust Filter Mat Rolls

by SF Filter Group     based in Bachenbülach, SWITZERLAND

SF coarse dust filter mats are used as preliminary filters where heavy dust loads are encountered in air-conditioning systems and in the intake air of painting and drying systems. The filter medium has a progressive depth structure that increases towards the clean-air side. SF coarse dust filter mats are made of break-resistant synthetic fibres ...

ECOGRACE - Dust filter bags dust collector filter bags


Polyester needle felt is most cost-effective and most widely used filter media for dust collection. It has strong, abrasion resistant capability, and can work up to 150 C. Polyester filter bags has good resistance to common acids, solvents and oxidizing agent. Applications: Cement, Tobacco, Ceramics, Quarrying, Fertilisers, Metal processing, ...

dust filter element

by Bazhou FeiYuan Filtration Equipment Factory     based in Bahzou, CHILE

We are a Chinese specialized manufacturer of industrial air filters. We started our business since 1991. Our factory manufactures each kind of type the Dust Filters cartridges.Our products include: Filter Cartridge For Dust Collector, Filter Cartridge For Fume Collector.

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