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ICEsonic - AT 160 - Portable After-Cooler

by ICEsonic

The AT 160 takes air treatment to a whole new level. The AT 160 converts hot, wet and oily air that compressors produce, through a series of filters to produce cool clean air. Moisture and particulates can compromise the cleaning efficiency to your targeted surfaces, resulting in less productive work and more downtime. The all-in-one AT 160 ...

MIDAC - I Series - Industrial Gas Analyzers

by MIDAC Corporation

For years, MIDAC has provided customized solutions for demanding gas analysis applications. This accumulated experience uniquely qualifies us to provide 'total solutions' for virtually any gas analysis need - from environmental to industrial process applications. The versatility of I-Series gas analysis systems enables us to work with you to ...

Fibalon - High-Tech Filter Media

by Fibalon-US / Items US, LLC

FIBALON will change the world of filtration with its new edge technology! FIBALON is universally used where conventional sand or cartridge filters  are used. FIBALON will lower costs, save energy and produce better quality filtration in a reduced amount of time. FIBALON has been scientifically proven to be used for the filtration of air, ...

Welas - digital 1000 - Light-Scattering Spectrometer System

by Palas GmbH

The new welas digital 1000 is a powerful and economical light-scattering spectrometer system, which determines the particle concentration and the particle size extremely precisely and reliably. With welas digital 1000, particle sizes can be measured reliably from already 120 nm, as the particularly powerful Xenon high pressure lamp with very high ...

Gas Analyzers

by Westech Industrial Ltd.

Westech provides an extensive range of high quality gas analyzers for measurement of heteroatomic and homoatomic gases in a wide variety of applications.  Available technologies include non-dispersive infrared, gas filter correlation, paramagnetic/galvanic/zirconia oxygen analysis, ultraviolet, flame ionization, chemiluminescent, ...

APC1000 - Biotest Airborne Particle Counter

by EnviroRentals

The APC1000 precisely measures the quantity of airborne particles ranging in size from 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 to 5.0 μm at 0.1 cfm rate of flow. The APC-1000 records this data, as well as temperature and relative humidity readings. The instrument can be programmed to store data from 200 seconds to 66 days.

TSI - P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter

by EnviroRentals

The P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter is an effective tool for tracking down the source of particulate emissions that cause indoor air quality (IAQ) problems or complaints. The P-Trak detects and counts ultra-fine particles that may be the root cause of IAQ complaints. In addition to the Survey Mode to display real-time particle concentration ...

TSI Portacount PRO - Respiratory Fit Testing System

by EnviroRentals

The TSI Portacount Pro system removes all the guess work in respirator fit testing. The Portacount Plus instrument, combined with a personal computer and TSI Fit Plus Software, draws the operator into participation in the testing process. Results are automatically saved in the Fit Plus Database for permanent record keeping. This is a quantitative ...

Bag Filter Vessel

by IWR Technologies Ltd.

The IWR bag filter is a water filtration system. The water enters a vessel that contains a bag with very fine holes. The holes in the bag are between 5 and 10 microns. After the water enters the vessel, the fine holes trap all the unwanted particles that contaminate the water. After all the water has dropped through the bad, if flows out of ...

Sediment Handling System

by IWR Technologies Ltd.

A sediment handling system can be installed upstream of the inlet separator to reduce silt and sand loading to the separator and discharge pump.   This handling system involves the installation of a primary separation vessel before the inlet separator to introduce additional retention time into the process stream.  This ...

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