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Honeycomb ceramic

by YF Ceramic Co. Ltd

Honeycomb ceramic has big specific surface area, big thermal capacity, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, and excellent heat endurance, it widely applied in industries of chemical, metallurgy, gas and environment protection. Generally, it's applied as Mass transfer packing, Catalyst carrier, Thermal storage agent, ...

Honeycomb Ceramic

by Jiangxi Kelley Chemical Packing Co., Ltd

Ceramic Honeycomb materials are mainly as the support of catalyst, heat exchange media and filtrate substrate. The cordierite honeycomb ceramic, which has a low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, low back pressure, is widely used as catalytic carrier, especially for auto exhaust purifier. It becomes ...

Pocket Air Filters

by Junker-Filter GmbH

Pocket air filter applications for air-conditioning and ventilation units: Innovative design applications for all profiles required, The greatest efficency achieved by using the progressively, built up high performance micro fibres, Ultrasonically welded filter mats instaed of the traditional, sewn seam design, 100% tightness ensures safe ...

Electrostatic Bag Filter - Hybrid

by Lodge Cottrell Ltd

Electrostatic Bag Filters (EBFs) are hybrids between ESPs and fabric filters.Typically they are selected when a plant operator has an existing ESP that can no longer meet the emission levels required, yet they cannot extend the site housing their air pollution control system. Lodge Cottrell understand the unique challenges required when an ESP is ...

Compressed Air Filters

by Contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen

Small compressed air filters made of aluminum or plastic, connections 1/8' to 1/2'. Large compressed air filters made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel, connections 1/2' to 3'. Applications for normal and high pressure. Optionally with and without differential pressure gauges. Condensation discharges and traps. Special designs for OEM ...

Twin - Pre-Filters For Air Filters

by LOSMA S.p.A.

TWIN is a pre-filters for air filters.To be combined with our NEWTON air filters, in a centralised system set-up, in order to further reduce the pollutants circulating in the tubes. This pre-filter is ideal also to reduce the quantities of fluid pollutants and small quantities of small sized solids present in the air, and to separate mists and ...

Electrostatic Filter Cleaner

by ACI Manufacturing Inc.

Multi-purpose cleaner/de-greaser specially formulated to clean the “ULTRA” Electrostatic air filters and Metal Mesh Air Filters.

Model BPU-T SERIES - Gas Phase Filtration

by Bry-Air Asia

Air Borne Contamination is an undesirable by-product of the changing lifestyles of mankind. Greater demand for more efficient products and services has led to rapid industrialization, which in turn has put excessive pressure on the environment into accepting higher than safe levels of pollutants that it can safely eliminate.

Swagelok - Model FC series - Coalescing - Particle

by Swagelok Company

FC series gas filters are available for coalescing or particle filtration service to remove liquid or particulate contaminants.

WeldCat - Robotic Welding Filtration System

by RoboVent Products Group Inc

Individual filtration units provide an important benefit in plants with multiple weld cells operating at the same time. By dedicating one unit to each cell, the WeldCat Robotic Welding Filtration System distributes the job of cleaning plant air and thereby eliminates the possibility of a total plant shutdown in the event of a disruption or planned ...

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