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GridBLOK - Gas-Phase Air Filtration

by Purafil, Inc.     based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The GridBLOK is the foundation for the next generation of gas-phase air filtration products. This revolutionary new medium is in the form of an extruded monolithic block consisting of a large number of small parallel cells or channels. The GridBLOK is composed of essentially 100% adsorbent materials allowing the entire composite structure to ...

Custom Build Biofilter

by Pure air solutions bv     based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS

A custom made biofilter built at your facility. This biofilter is especially suited for large airflows of 80.000 m3/h or more, where total odour solutions are required. It achieves >98% odour removal rate at sites with high intensity odours.

Bleed Air Inlet Filters

by Donaldson Company, Inc.     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Since modern jet turbines use multiple compressor stages, some newer engines for new aircraft designs have the bleed air inlet between compressor stages to reduce the temperature and reduction in the need for compressed air in more electric aircraft. Donaldson offers a full line of bleed air inlet filters.

Bea - Model Protemp PTX - Membrane Filter Element

by Bea Technologies S.p.A     based in Pero - Milano, ITALY

Protemp PTX membrane cartridges are constructed from PTFE membrane and nonwoven polypropylene media that complies with FDA, USP requirements. Typical Protemp PTX applications are as a sterilizing filter and vent filter for air and gas in pharma and biotech fermentation applications up to 105°C.

Mobiclean - Model 200 – 5000 kW - Diesel Particulate Filter

by Hug Engineering AG     based in Elsau, SWITZERLAND

The exhaust gas purification system “Mobiclean”, developed by Hug Engineering AG, is especially designed for all types of rail vehicles and can be fitted easily. Mobiclean complies with future emission standards in the rail industry. The 'mobiclean' particulate filter family performs reliably even under the most extreme conditions (such as ...

Twin - Pre-Filters For Air Filters

by LOSMA S.p.A.     based in Curno, ITALY

TWIN is a pre-filters for air filters.To be combined with our NEWTON air filters, in a centralised system set-up, in order to further reduce the pollutants circulating in the tubes. This pre-filter is ideal also to reduce the quantities of fluid pollutants and small quantities of small sized solids present in the air, and to separate mists and ...

Special Centralised Filtration Air Systems For Airborne Mists And Vapours

by LOSMA S.p.A.     based in Curno, ITALY

In industrial production processes, air contaminated with mists and vapours can be treated basically using two solutions: Single air filters assembled directly to the machine that suck in and purify air locally; Centralised filtration air systems entirely installed in dedicated areas separate from production.

Icarus - Model E - Electrostatic Air Filtration Unit For Machine Tools

by LOSMA S.p.A.     based in Curno, ITALY

Electrostatic air filtration unit for machine tools for the filtration of air from oil-mist, micro-mists, vapours and smokes. ICARUS E i san electrostatic air filtration unit for machine tools for the filtration of air from oil-mist, micro-mists, vapours and smokes. This air filtration unit is adaptable to all machine tools cabins, industrial ...

Darwin - Model T - Industrial Turbine Air Filter

by LOSMA S.p.A.     based in Curno, ITALY

DARWIN T is a industrial turbine air filter for machine tools for the filtration of oil mists. Ideal for the filtration of air containing soluble oil mists with heavy particulates. Particularly suitable for use on sharpeners, grinders and complex machining centres.

Helsa - Clean Room Air Filters

by Helsatech GmbH     based in Gefrees, GERMANY

Air filters for clean room technology cover applications especially of the micro electronic industry, but also of the pharmaceutical and food industry. Here helsa Filter Media and Elements (AMC filters, chemical air filters) provide for clean processing air which reduce the scrap rate of the sensitive manufacturing processes and with this cut ...

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