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Model GA 5000 - Dual Chamber Gas Analysis for Formaldehyde Analysis

by GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG     based in Alfeld-Hannover, GERMANY

The gas analysis method according to DIN EN 717-2 is a quick measuring method in which the formaldehyde emissions of wood based panels are measured for four hours at 60 °C. The formaldehyde emission is indicated in mg/m²h and refers to the unsealed total surface of the test samples (400 mm x 50 mm). The edges of the samples are sealed ...

Model CMS-NOBLE GAS - Noble Gas Monitor

by Lab Impex Systems     based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM

The LIS Noble Gas Monitor is an integrated solution for the measurement of the airborne concentration of radioactive (beta emitting) noble gases. The monitor is suitable for process, stack and health physics applications, and comprises detector, shielding, pump, flow sensor and CMS processor. The heart of the system is the BG-10 scintillation ...

CO2 Measuring Instrument

by STEP Systems GmbH     based in Nürnberg, GERMANY

CO2 measuring instrument with securely attached probe, batteries and calibration protocol. testo 535, the efficient CO2 measuring instrument for measuring indoor air quality. The well-known and experienced infrared measuring technology ensures precise measurements even of high concentrations, e.g. in greenhouses after CO2-fertilisation. The T 535 ...

LaserGas - Model R2P - Monitor for Combine Extractive Measurement

by Neo Monitors AS     based in Skedsmokorset, NORWAY

The LaserGas R2P Monitor employs a measurement cell concept to combine extractive measurement with a compact analyser design. The measurement path length will enhance the detection limit. Heated and non-heated cells path lengths are available. The R2P monitor is a turn-key instrument. During installation no other operations are required other than ...

HOFGAS - Assay Gas Analysis

by Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG     based in Solothurn, SWITZERLAND

The HOFGAS-Assay is a ready-to-operate gas analysis system, with high safety standard for the accurate measurement of gas composition.

sensor-e - Gas Measuring Instruments

by Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc.     based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA)

The sensor-e® series of gas analyzers use proven analytical techniques, coupled with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to provide accurate and dependable gas measurements.  The multi tasking software gives real time indication of a large number of operational parameters and provides automatic alarms if diagnostic limits are ...

Model 8175 Series - Multiple Channel Mass Flowmeter Monitoring System

by Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc.     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The monitoring system box may be used with as many as four separate mass flowmeters to independently monitor up to four separate gas streams. The user of the flowmeters can order these separately and match the appropriate channel display to the individual application. This unit allows the continuous monitoring of up to four mass flowmeters. The ...

Natural Gas Remote Controllers

by ABB Measurement Products     based in Zurich, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Combining unmatched measurement technologies with next-generation remote-control technologies, XSeries Remote Controllers are designed to optimize your facilities and help you better manage your time. Compatible with our innovative PCCU, TF.NET, WinCCU, and WebCCU software systems, XSeries Remote Controllers greatly simplify the measurement, ...

FLOWSIC - Model 100 - Gas Flow Measuring Devices

by KELMA NV     based in Niel, BELGIUM

Emissions monitoring: Continuous, non-contact, and direct – the FLOWSIC100 Emission devices supply accurate and reliable measurements of the volume flow and gas velocity in flue-gas, exhaust-gas ducts or chimneys. They fulfill the requirements of the German Clean Air Regulations and the Federal German Pollution Control Act (13th, 17th and ...

Model 8274 Series - Multiple Channel Mass Flow Controller System

by Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc.     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

This unit allows the independent monitoring and control of up to four mass flow controllers in use. The system continuously and simultaneously adjusts to maintain the preset point for each gas flow rate. The individual setpoint and flow rates can be indicated on the digital readout by positioning the selector switch to the desired controller. The ...

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