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Tekran - Model 2600-NG - Mercury Analyzer For Natural Gas and Industrial Hygiene

by Tekran Instruments Corporation     based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Tekran Model 2600-NG Mercury Analyzer is designed for the analysis of gas phase sample cartridges. The system contains an atomic fluorescence detector, a dual stage thermal desorber and a data acquisition & control system. A single serial connection allows a Windows based PC to control the entire analysis process, acquire the detector ...

Purification of Pure and Ultrapure Gases

by Clariant     based in München, GERMANY

Technical gases are used in a broad range of applications – from carrier gases in analytical systems, to process gases in industrial units, to food-grade components in consumer products. These gases are tailored for their particular use so the degree of purity is a critical consideration.To obtain the quality needed, gases must be purified to ...

Boreal Laser - Model GasFinderMC - Multi-Channel Monitor

by Boreal Laser Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Boreal Laser’s GasFinderMC (US Patent No. 5,748,325) measures gas concentrations sequentially in up to eight channels or paths. GasFinder and GasFinderMC employ the same patented (US Patent 5,637,872) TDL(Tunable Diode Laser) technology. GasFinderMC uses a Central Control Unit (CCU) housed in a standard 19″ rack cabinet, 6″ ...

HOFGAS - Model IFM4c - Customised Industrial Gas Flare System

by Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG     based in Solothurn, SWITZERLAND

Customised industrial gas flare with high-temperature combustion, conceived specifically for the disposal of industrial and contaminated gases. Ideal for combustible industrial gases, such as VOC gas, pyrolysis gas, wood gas, flue gas, benzene gas and much more.

Drager - Aerotest Breathing Air Systems

by Keison International Ltd.     based in Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM

Since 1937, when we introduced our first detector tube, Draeger has been the world leader in the detection and analysis of gases and vapors in the industrial workplace. Our leading edge technology has kept us in the forefront of advancements in monitoring breathing air in the high and low pressure ranges. Draeger has expanded its line of Aerotest ...

Gas Fired Oven

by Epcon Industrial Systems, LP     based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA)

Epcon creates energy efficient ovens that are gas direct fired and can be customized to your particular specifications. Epcon Industrial Ovens are renowned for their quality. We can accommodate any order for Gas Fired Ovens, Drying Ovens, Curing Ovens, or Powder Coating Ovens.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

by The BOC Group plc     based in Worsley, UNITED KINGDOM

A colourless and odourless gas that can cause the nose to sting in high concentrations. Toxic in high concentrations. An asphyxiant (does not support life). Slightly corrosive in the presence of moisture. Heavier than air, carbon dioxide will collect in ducts, drains and low-lying areas. Highly soluble in water at moderate temperatures. At ...

Dissolved Acetylene (C2H2)

by The BOC Group plc     based in Worsley, UNITED KINGDOM

The hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gases, providing high levels of productivity, very efficient use of oxygen, lighter than air and will not accumulate at low levels, low ignition energy, low moisture content flame, non-toxic (may cause dizziness in high concentrations).

Compressed Air

by The BOC Group plc     based in Worsley, UNITED KINGDOM

Odourless, colourless and non-toxic.  Does not burn but supports combustion.

Knight - High Pressure Jetting System

by Keith Huber Inc.     based in Gulfport, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Developed in 2008, the Knight incorporates all of the features of the KingVac® with the patented filtration technology of the AirLord®. The ability to efficiently move dry product combined with the deep vacuum of our 3700 CFM liquid ring pump allows the Knight to excel at a variety of tasks such as: hydro-excavation, hazmat response, ...

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