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YESair Multi-Channel Air Quality Monitor

by EMLab P&K     Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

YESair is a sophisticated, multi-sensor air quality monitoring and info recording instrument that simultaneously measures and records temperature, RH, and CO2. It can also measure and record the levels of 4 more gases with specific plug-and-play sensors.

SDEC - Model Hague 7000 - C14 Sampler

by Schlumberger Water Services     Office in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA)

An entirely new concept, this C14 sampling equipment brings original solutions in the exploitation of sampling systems for Carbon gas and Carbon water. This sampler is mainly used for the detection of chimney rejects and Carbon wastes degassing. The unit was designed to provide optimum sampling efficiency with ergonomics adapted to all utilisation ...

GENie - Model EC - Calibration Gas Instrument

by Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc. (ACD)     based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA)

This instrument has been specifically tailored to fit the high PPM range of hydrogen detectors. The GENie EC output can be adjusted down in order to accommodate the calibration of the low level leak checking instrumentation currently on the market.

GENie - Model QC-1 - Ammonia Calibration Gas Instrument

by Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc. (ACD)     based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA)

The GENie QC-1 is our newest gas instrument for ammonia calibration gas. By utilizing a sealed glass ampule that is broken for use, the GENie QC-1 is the perfect tool for anyone calibrating fixed or portable ammonia sensors. With user adjustable outputs, the GENie QC-1 can be set to a wide range of outputs allowing for calibration of nearly any ...

SDEC - Model Marc 7000 - Tritium Sampler Device

by Schlumberger Water Services     Office in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA)

The Marc 7000 has been designed for an efficient capture of Tritium combined with an ergonomic system adapted to all conditions of operation. This sampling device is mainly used for low levels of detection in air emitted from stacks, ventilation systems, hoods, rooms (or open air) or in the environment. The Marc 7000 is well recognised and ...

Microtrak/Omnitrak - Flow Meter Calibrators

by FTI Flow Technology Inc. (FTI)     based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA)

Flow Technology's Microtrak and Omnitrak positive displacement computer–assisted liquid flowmeter calibration systems provide performance, reliability and economical benefits of ownership. Exceptional accuracy and stability are achieved from a precisely honed, chrome–plated stainless steel cylinder used to displace the fluid used for ...

NO2 Analyzer (Nitrogen Dioxide)

by Los Gatos Research     Distributor in ARIZONA (USA)

LGR's new NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) Analyzer measures nitrogen dioxide directly in ambient air continuously and in real time. This new Nitrogen Dioxide Analyzer is ideal for air quality monitoring and a wide variety of other applications where extreme precision and fast response of NO2 measurements are required. The NO2 Analyzer’s ease-of-use ...

RainWise - Model T/WD - Wet/Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor

by RainWise Inc.     Distributor in ARIZONA (USA)

The RainWise Wet Bulb/Dry Bulb Thermometer consists of two calibrated temperature sensors in a fan aspirated housing. Both of the sensors are exposed to the aspirated air. One of them is encased in a fabric wick. This wick is wetted from a small sump. This sump is filled from a reservoir prior to each reading by a remotely located pump.

EOLOS - IND - Static Weather Sensor

by RainWise Inc.     Distributor in ARIZONA (USA)

The EOLOS is the perfect weather sensor for a wide range of applications, especially under harsh environmental conditions. The integrated sensors measure wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, humidity, dew point and barometric pressure with exceptionally high precision. The compact construction of the static measuring system and the space ...

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