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Crowcon - Model F-Gas - Infrared Fixed-Point Detector

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd     based in Milton Park, UNITED KINGDOM

A high quality infrared fixed-point detector that delivers dependable detection of freon gases. Available for detecting a range of different refrigerant gases and also sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), the Crowcon F-Gas Detector can be connected to any control system that accepts an analogue signal. Housed within an IP54 rugged enclosure, the F-Gas ...

Varec - Model 180 Series - Double Port Pressure Regulators

by Varec Biogas     based in Cypress, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Varec family of 180 Series Double Port Pressure Regulators have been designed for use on vapor recovery systems where sensitive control at low pressures is required. Models include the 180, 181, 186 and 187 regulators for upstream and down-stream control. Flow curves are provided to assist you in selecting the proper size for your vapor ...

Model CP-60 1, 2 or 3 - Channel Wall Mount Controller

by ENMET Corporation     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

The CP-60 controller is designed for monitoring remote 4-20 mA gas sensor/transmitters or similar devices. The instrument provides 24 VDC power, audio/visual alarms, alarm relays and other features.

Detcon - Model 10 & 12 - Single Sensor Control Card Systems

by Detcon, Oldham Americas, & Industrial Safety Technologies (IST)     based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA)

Detcon Model Series 10 and 12 gas detection and alarm systems consist of single sensor control cards that can be integrated into one system design to create multi-function monitoring and control of a wide range of field devices. Field devices include gas detection sensors, flame and fire detection devices and process sensors. Each control card is ...

MX-Series Enguard Controllers

by ENMET Corporation     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

These instrument control modules can be used to power and monitor a variety of 24 Vdc, 4-20 mA, sensor/transmitters. They can be connected to any combination of up to four(MX-42A) oxygen, toxic or combustible gas sensor/transmitters.

QEL - Model QAS-200 Series - Dual Channel Controllers

by Quatrosense Environmental Ltd. (QEL)     based in Richmond, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The QAS-200 Series Dual Channel Controller is a microprocessor based unit that monitors input signals and provides relay outputs for alarm and control. The units are switch selectable for either 4-20 mA DC input (standard) or broad spectrum solid state sensor inputs for hazardous gas detection.

Breakout Junction Boxes - Landfill Safety Equipment

by EPG Companies Inc.     based in Maple Grove, MINNESOTA (USA)

Control failure and expensive repairs, caused by methane gas and moisture are real and potentially dangerous possibilities. To simplify maintenance and repair and increase the safety and accuracy of your system, simply install an EPG Breakout Junction Box between your pump and control panel.

EPG - Electrical Control Panels

by EPG Companies Inc.     based in Maple Grove, MINNESOTA (USA)

When many are trying to answer these questions, EPG is succeeding with dependable accuracy. The integration of leachate and gas condensate equipment, sensors, monitors and process controllers requires the knowledge of an EPG professional with the experience and expertise to understand the overall operational requirements of even the most complex ...

Detcon - Model X40 - Integrated Alarm & Control Systems

by Detcon, Oldham Americas, & Industrial Safety Technologies (IST)     based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA)

Detcon Model X40 is a low power alarm and control system designed to monitor multiple gas detection sensors and/or a wide range of other field devices. The versatile control system is designed to receive and supervise inputs using either 4-20mA DC or Serial RS-485 Modbus™ and is available in two packages: Model X40-8 and Model X40-32. ...

SmartTrak - Model 140 - Ultra-Low Mass Flow Controllers

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

When you need precision gas mass flow control of expensive process gases, where minimal pressure drop is a key consideration for cost savings and efficiency, the SmartTrak® 140

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