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Thomas - 1010 Series - Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

by Gardner Denver Thomas

Possible Applications; Gas Detection, Leak Detection, Patient Monitoring, Anesthesia Gas Control, Personal Air Sampling, Flue Gas Analyzing.

Thermal Combustor System

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)

The Thermal Combustor System is a market driven answer to a unique set of vapor combustion air pollution control questions. Highly concentrated vent gas emissions are common within the natural gas processing and production, petro-chemical, and chemical processing, industries. These emissions are commonly low in volume but very high in ...

Rotor Concentrator

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Reducing the air volume being sent to an oxidizer can save companies a significant amount of money in operating and capital equipment costs. Anguil's Rotor Concentrator is designed to concentrate large volume, low concentration process exhaust into a much smaller, highly concentrated air stream. The pollutant laden air is then sent to a thermal or ...

Ventsorb - 55-gallon - Canisters Contain

by Calgon Carbon Corporation

VENTSORB canisters, each containing 180 pounds of activated carbon, are ideal for low-flow air purification applications at industrial and municipal facilities. These economical adsorption systems control small volume organic contaminants and/or odorous gas emissions from: Storage tank vents, Reactor vents, API separator vents, Sludge thickener ...

Air Pollution Control Equipment

by Nacah Tech LLC

By using efficient components and thoughtful designs, Nacah Tech provides the right equipment for air pollution controlapplications especially difficult pollutants.

Air Pollution Control System

by Nacah Tech LLC

Turnkey delivery of entire system. Flexibility to include all needed components from various suppliers. System evaluation for optimal designs to include heat exchanger, waste heat boiler, oil or water heater, bag house, ESP, scrubber, stack, etc. Engineered systems optimize location and temperature of each component. Design selection includes ...

Custom Designed Thermal Oxidizers

by Nacah Tech LLC

If one or more of the following parameters apply, a custom thermal oxidizer is likely the best solution for air pollution control/ treatment: Flow changes. Particulate concern. N-bearing compounds. S or Halogen presence. High DRE required. Fluctuating flow rates. Fluctuating VOC or heat content of waste/off gas. Plant requires post-combustion APC. ...

ModuPower - State of the art Switch Mode Power Supply

by Schenck Process Norge AS

Based on more than 10 years of experience in design and operation of high frequency switched high voltage power supplies and thousands of hours of operational experience, APP has developed ModuPowerTM; a modular range of power supplies for use in general ESP applications and other demanding industrial applications. This new product range ...

Odour Abatement System

by Schenck Process Norge AS

Odour and Particulate Abatement System (OAS 50-600) is based on the use of non-thermal plasma technology treating the entire emission in an intensive plasma field abating odours of industrial emissions efficiently. The system has the following main properties:

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