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APEX - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

The APEX personal sampling pump can be used in a range of applications from personal dust and solvent monitoring to indoor air quality monitoring.

TUFF - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF offers reliability and longevity in the field.

Micro-Vac Carpet/Dust Sampling Cassettes

by EMLab P&K     based in San Bruno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Micro-Vac cassettes are designed for the collection of fibers and particulate from carpets and other dusty areas. These specially designed cassettes have an inlet port angled at 45 degrees and come preloaded with .45µ MCE filters.

Escort ELF Sampling Pumps

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Escort ELF Sampling Pump is ideal for personal and area sampling. The state-of-the-art electronic laminar flow sensor, consisting of a laminar flow element and pressure sensor, provides constant flow (volume) control, with +/-2.5% regulation of flow rate (from 1 to 3 L/min.) and automatic compensation for changes in battery voltage, ...

Escort LC Sampling Pump

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Designed to work with a variety of personal and area sampling devices, the Escort LC Sampling Pump can be used to collect airborne contaminants like asbestos fibers, toxic gases, vapors, particulates, fumes and mists, and also to sample silica dust, coal dust and organic vapors. Compact, lightweight and quiet in operation. Ideal for use in hostile ...

Accessories & Replacement Parts For The Escort ELF & Escort LC Sampling Pumps

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Keep your Escort ELF and Escort LC Sampling Pumps operating at their optimum levels with these accessories and replacement parts.

MSA General-Purpose Air Sampling Cassette

by Apollo Safety Inc.     based in Fall River, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

MSA’s General-Purpose Cassette is a 5µ pore size PVC sample cassette that can be used for silica sampling or for all airborne particulate collection (not limited to quartz or silica).

Model SP2000 - Regulated Heated / Non-Heated Gas Sample Probes

by M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH     based in Ratingen, GERMANY

Gas sample probe type SP2000, with external ceramic filter type S-2K150, filter porosity: 2µm, filter element seal and lid seal out of Viton. mounting flange: DN65PN6B with thread G3/4'i.ion material: SS316, Viton, ceramic.  Regulated Heated / Non-Heated Gas Sample Probes  with ceramic filter element outside, optional: other filter ...

AIR-Intelligence - High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

by Kidde-Fenwal Inc.     based in Ashland, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

AIR-Intelligence products provide superior early warning smoke detection that adapts to virtually any environment and its fluctuations. These highly sophisticated HSSD products have been designed to ensure that installation and commissioning is as simple as possible, while optimizing performance. AIR-Intelligence detectors continuously adapt their ...

MCZ - Model MicroPNS - Automated Gas Collector System

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH     based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

Control system for the automated collection of gases and particles on adsorption tubes, wash-bottles, or filters. Application areas include emission/immission measurements, TLV value monitoring, landfill gas sampling. The control program has a modular structure and, with an optional sampling switching, can log up to 8 sequential samples ...

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