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DIF500RTU-RA - NO2 and SO2 Passive Sampler

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

This combined sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide air monitor is designed for passive sampling gaseous molecules of inorganic pollution, for example due to traffic emission. Diffusion sampling of ambient air pollution involves low cost air quality instruments. Identification of gaseous pollutants may be an important aspect of emissions modeling ...

Mena Water - Wet Scrubber for Odor Control

by Mena Water GmbH

Gas scrubbing systems absorb gaseous pollutants in liquids as water, sometimes with added chemicals. Wet scrubbers can be manufactured as single or multistage unit, round, angular, upright or horizontal for indoor or outdoor construction. Therefore material must be capable to endure permanent contact with high and low pH gases and scrubbing ...

DX4000 - Gasmet Multicomponent FTIR Gas Analyzer

by Gasmet Technologies Oy

The Gasmet DX4000 is a portable FTIR gas analyzer which is typically used in stack emissions monitoring, comparison measurements, catalytic process control and other applications where multiple gas compounds need to be accurately monitored in hot & humid sample gas. The Gasmet corrosion resistant sample cell is heated to 180 Deg C, which ...

DIF200RTU-RA - Hydrogen Sulfide Passive Sampler

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

Hydrogen sulfide in ambient air is a hazardous air pollutant, emitted from swamps, waste disposal, manufacturing and natural gas, for example. This diffusion tube can be used for hydrogen sulfide measurement over periods of 2-4 weeks. Hydrogen sulfide analysis is carried out in accordance with ISO 17025.

DIF900RTU-RA - Acid Gases Passive Monitor

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

Acid gases may exist in the atmosphere as hazardous air pollutants, emitted from refrigerants, power stations, waste incineration and fuel burning, therefore affecting ambient air quality. This diffusion tube can be used for acid gas measurement over periods of 2-4 weeks to monitor hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, bromide, phosphate and ...

DIF300RTU-RA - Ozone Passive Sampler

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

This ozone detector is designed for passive sampling gaseous molecules of Ozone in ambient air. Fluorinated ethylene polymer sampler fitted with black and white thermoplastic rubber caps. Passive sampling of ambient air pollution involves low cost air quality instruments. Ozone gas detection, for example from traffic emission, may be an important ...

Dry Scrubbing Systems

by Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas Inc. - Air Pollution Control Product Division

Clyde Bergemann EEC’s Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) and Dry Injection (DI) technologies remove gaseous pollutants and heavy metals from exhaust gas streams through the introduction of calcium, sodium and carbon based reagents to transform gaseous pollutants into particulate matter which can be collected downstream in a particulate collection device ...

Flue Gas Treatment Systems

by Lodge Cottrell Ltd

Typically flue gas treatment systems are required when particulates and other gaseous pollutants are required to be removed from exhausts.Such pollutants include acid gases (such as SO2, HCl, etc.), heavy metals (such as mercury) and dioxins. Typically such pollutants are created by the conversion of waste or biomass into energy.


by CDTi - Cleantech Emissions Control

Purifilter from Engine Control Systems is an integrated diesel particulate filter and silencer, which efficiently removes particulate (PM) and gaseous pollutants, CO and HC. When the exhaust passes through the micro-porous filter walls the soot particles are separated and collected. At the same time the catalytic coating oxidizes the gaseous ...

Venturi Scrubbers

by Amplast Corporation

Venturi scrubbers are mainly used for particle collection and are capable of achieving higher particle collection efficiencies than packed wet scrubbing systems. As the inlet stream enters the venturi, its velocity increases greatly, atomizing and mixing with the scrubbing liquid. The atomized liquid provides a large number of tiny droplets for ...

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