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IONICON - Gas Calibration Unit (GCU) Advanced Dynamic Gas Dilution System

by Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

For most trace gas analyzers, calibration is the standard practice to ensure accurate quantification of target substances. The IONICON GCU has been developed to produce precisely controlled concentrations at trace levels with the possibility to adjust the gas matrix humidity and CO2 content for calibration at sample gas conditions. GCU has been ...

MicroPNS - Gas Collector Control Module

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH

Collection on filter plates for the subsequent laboratory analysis (heavy metals) in samples. Control module MicroPNS as 19' rack model with switch for 8 filters. Collection system is mounted in a measuring station.

Motory Aspirated Radiation Shields

by Climatronics Corporation

Climatronics Motor-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield, Motor TS-10 (P/N 100325), utilizes a triple-shield design and fan to provide the constant mass flow rate past the sensor(s) necessary to yield accurate temperature values. This shield is superior to a naturally aspirated shield, which relies on the wind conditions for sensor ventilation. ...

PARTAC Particulate Profiler/Counter Sensor

by Climatronics Corporation

Climatronics' PARTAC Tactical Particulate Profiler (P/N 102686) is a robust size-selective particulate sampler used as an NBC agent alarm trigger, an ambient monitor for public and work places, and as a ground-truth reference for the verification of standoff particulate detectors. The PARTAC simultaneously monitors airborne particle counts in up ...

QUANTOS - Dosing Systems

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Weighing with a spatula was yesterday… Today we have QUANTOS – the quantum leap in the laboratory – which automates the dosing of small quantities of free-flowing substances. The highly compact dosing instrument offers a measuring performance of 220 g capacity, with a readability of 0.005 mg readout accuracy. This provides a ...

High Volume Em-Lite II Pump

by EMLab P&K

Highly efficient, the Em-Lite pump, weighs only 8lbs, and is easy to use. This pump is quiet in operation, has very few moving parts, and consumes very little power.

Rotary Vane Pump Filter Cone

by EMLab P&K

This Filter is used on the exhaust of both the Rotary Vane and Em-Lite High Volume Pumps.

Rotary Vane Pump Handle

by EMLab P&K

This handle is for the Rotary Vane High Volume Pump.

Rotary Vane Pump Feet

by EMLab P&K

These are replacement feet that are used on a Rotary Vane High Volume Pump.

Zefon Bio-Pump Replacement Flow Indicator

by EMLab P&K

This Zefon Bio-Pump Replacement Flow Indicator is used with the Zefon Bio-Pump and Bio-Pump Plus. It is a convenient, easy to use flow indicator to calibrate the pump.

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