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VANGUARD - Ammonia Abatement System

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)

VANGUARD Ammonia Abatement Systems are designed to remove ammonia from either a liquid waste stream or from a vapor exhaust. At the heart of the VANGUARD System is our unique catalytic treatment device. The VANGUARD System incorporates unique features that allow for Ammonia removal from air streams with a very small percentage of NOx formation. ...

Ammonia Stripping

by Branch Environmental Corp.

Where ammonia is present in water to be treated, you can remove it using air stripping technology.

Ammonia Stripping Systems

by Organics Group plc

Remove ammonia from leachate with a physical process, use can be made of landfill gas to heat leachate, or removal can be facilitated with pH adjustment


by Chemoprojekt, a.s.

In the year of 1969 Chemoprojekt and Stamicarbon concluded a licence and know how agreement, enabling Chemoprojekt to design and construct urea plants on the basis of the modern Stamicarbon CO2 stripping technology. Chemoprojekt has been successful from the beginning in design and start up of a number of urea plants. Already in the year of 1970 ...

Nitrate, Ammonia & Pesticide Removal

by Advanced Oxidation Limited

In addition to ammonia, this class of effluents commonly contain amines and proteins which, when broken down by oxidation, form ammonia in solution. Ammoniacal wastes are produced by a number of industries including many food processors and abattoirs. Landfill sites produce leachates that often have high levels of ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N) ...

AMFER - Removal of Ammonia from Digestate & Wastewater

by Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl

During the fermentation of manure and other organic substrates the organic nitrogen present is largely transformed into ammonia (NH4) nitrogen. The high nitrogen content constitutes a limiting factor for field application of the digestate (as a result of European manure legislation). Current digestate treatment is making use of biological pathways ...

PHOSPAQ - Phosphate Recovery

by Paques B.V.

The PHOSPAQ process is applied to recover phosphate from effluents as struvite. Phosphate is becoming scarce, thus making recovery more and more interesting. PHOSPAQ is a cost-effective technology compared to e.g. dosing of iron salts. Moreover, the produced struvite is an excellent slow release fertilizer for N, P and Mg.

Pharma ZLD for Effluent Treatment

by Canadian Clear

Bulk drugs and pharma effluents are unique and have a wide variation in chemicals, COD and BOD values. Normally fluctuation is very high and requires combination of technologies. Effluent treatment can even address cyanide removal, ammonia strippers, gas strippers, and evoparators and so on. Canadian clear offers preliminary primary ETP to ZLD ...

Manure treatment - Integral and sustainable approach in manure digestion

by Colsen International b.v.

Colsen has developed a cost effective and sustainable methodology for treatment of manure originating from intensive farming.This manure treatment consists of a combination of technologies, such as thermophilic digestion equipped with DIGESTMIX®, ammonia stripping using AMFER®, phosphate production using ANPHOS® and post-treatment of the liquid ...

Sulfur Recovery Equipment

by Principal Technology Engineering, Inc.

Principal Technology designs Pre-Engineered Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Unit equipment to provide on-demand superior performance in molten sulfur, acid gas, and tail gas services. Our products include:

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