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NIOSH Extends Comment Period on Draft CIB on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterials

by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.  (Feb. 11, 2016)

On February 10, 2016, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published a Federal Register notice extending the comment period on the draft NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletin: Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterials. As reported in our January 22, 2016, ...

Nitrogen Generators: Where are they Installed and How to Stay Safe?

by PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc  (Feb. 11, 2016)

Used in a range of industries, nitrogen generators ensure a steady supply of 99.5% pure, commercially sterile nitrogen from a compressed air storage tank. From an industrial standpoint, nitrogen generators are seen as preferable to ...

Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd  (Feb. 11, 2016)

In greenhouse applications, the accurate measurement of a number of environmental parameters such as carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, light intensity, water, humidity, pH and nutrient levels using sophisticated sensors is used to create a controlled environment for optimising plant growth rates while minimising energy usage. Carbon ...

Aircraft CO2 Standards – One Step Closer But No Take Off Yet!

by GLOBE Foundation  (Feb. 10, 2016)

The long awaited standard for aircraft CO2 emissions made further headway at a recent meeting of the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The new environmental measure was unanimously recommended by the 170 international experts on ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), paving ...

Do you Have Sludge Build Up in Your Pond?

by Keeton Industries, Inc.  (Feb. 9, 2016)

Smelly and Muddy Water Ponds and lakes naturally accumulate sludge and nutrients that lead to eutrophication and eventually pond or lake death. Natural succession is driving all lakes and ponds to become meadows and eventually forest. To slow or reverse this process and maintain a lake or pond beneficial microbes are critical. These beneficial ...

The Goldilocks of Combustion Solutions

by ABUTEC LLC  (Feb. 2, 2016)

It’s not too big, it’s not too small… It’s just right! We hear it all the time from our customers: “The ABUTEC 200 is too small for our site, but the HTF is too large. Can you create a custom unit?” The answer sometimes surprises those customers. While yes, we can certainly develop a custom unit just for your ...

From OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001: How the Coming OHS Management System Standard Will Impact Your Business

by Rivo Software Ltd.  (Jan. 29, 2016)

Sometimes it seems as if major changes in the world of environment, health and safety (EHS) management are few and far between. One change we can count on is ISO 45001, the international occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems standard expected to be issued final in October 2016. Whether your organization already has an OHS ...

Explaining vehicle emissions – why do laboratory and road measurements differ?

by European Commission  (Jan. 27, 2016)

The road transport sector is a major contributor to Europe’s emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollution. For certain pollutants, vehicles can emit substantially higher emissions on the road than official emissions tested in laboratories. A report released today by the European Environment Agency (EEA) provides a non-technical guide that ...

Case study - Spindle utilities module

by Dober  (Jan. 27, 2016)

Business Situation The existing method of tracking utility usage at these industrial laundries was highly manual, unreliable, and time consuming. Total utility consumption from bills was entered into large spreadsheets and analyzed over periods that were often 3 months or more in arrears. The report merely told managers what they already ...

The one thing we still need in order to get to a low-carbon economy

by Ensia  (Jan. 26, 2016)

Pension funds, insurance companies and other investors who manage trillions of dollars have an enormous opportunity to change the future by investing in clean energy. The global clean energy industry has plenty of reasons to feel good these days. First, there was last month’s historic COP 21 Paris climate ...

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