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Wastewater treatment plant monitors Greenhouse Gas emissions

by Gasmet Technologies Oy  (Apr. 16, 2014)

Globally, little attention is paid to gaseous emissions from wastewater treatment processes. This contrasts greatly with the regulatory monitoring that is applied to the quality of water emissions from such facilities. However, in Helsinki, Finland, a large municipal wastewater treatment facility continuously monitors its emissions of greenhouse ...

Update on Federal Air and GHG Regulations Affecting Landfills

by Waste Advantage Magazine  (Mar. 31, 2014)

EPA’s recent regulatory changes are expected to alter the way landfills are regulated for the foreseeable future with a potential to add additional compliance costs for the industry.  The air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) regulatory framework at the federal level is currently in a state of flux with respect to landfills. The ...

Methodological issues related to non-carbon benefits of REDD+ activities

by Wetlands International  (Mar. 26, 2014)

It is widely accepted that the UNFCCC mechanism to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) will need to provide a wide range of social, environmental and governance benefits to achieve permanent greenhouse gas emission reductions at scale. The provision of such non-carbon benefits (NCBs) is crucial for several reasons. ...

Biogas Market Snapshot 2014

by XPRT Media  (Mar. 25, 2014)

1. Biogas Market Scope - Introduction and Definition Biogas is a widely available renewable energy source that can produce uninterrupted baseload power. Biogas can be produced from a wide variety of available organic materials and wastes, including sewage sludge, animal manure, municipal/industrial organic waste, stillage from ethanol production, ...

Big climate report: Warming is big risk for people

by Associated Press  (Mar. 24, 2014)

If you think of climate change as a hazard for some far-off polar bears years from now, you're mistaken. That's the message from top climate scientists gathering in Japan this week to assess the impact of global warming. In fact, they will say, the dangers of a warming Earth are immediate and very human. "The polar bear is us," says Patricia ...

Europe’s objective: recycle more waste and send less to landfills

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Mar. 24, 2014)

Is waste a problem or a resource? Waste is both, depending on what we do with it. It is a problem because it can affect people’s health and the environment. For example, landfills are an important source of methane emissions, which is a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Run off from landfills can contaminate ground ...

9 Things Your Respiratory Protection Program Must Include

by Atlantic Environmental, Inc.  (Mar. 21, 2014)

Many think that getting a respirator fit test is all that is needed.  Unfortunately, it’s much more than that. The OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134 has many requirements in addition to respirator fit testing. If respirators are worn by any employees, companies must have a written Respiratory Protection Program. The ...

Oil and gas incumbents: the upside of cleantech collaboration

by GLOBE Foundation  (Mar. 20, 2014)

The global transition to a low-carbon economy is now inevitable. Yes, there will be winners and losers. To remain dominant, energy incumbents (like Enbridge and Royal Dutch Shell) must find scalable, low-carbon energy assets to develop. Cleantech collaborations—partnerships between traditional energy companies and emerging cleantech ...

Honolulu’s LED Lamps: Cutting on Carbon and Trimming Tax

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Mar. 19, 2014)

Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital’s energy costs rank tenth on the pollution lists. In an attempt to reduce this figure, the city mayor wants to install solar street lamps which will help cut tax and Greenhouse Gas emissions. Hawaii stands third in least energy consumption per capita, but the increasingly high population density mounts up its ...

Carbon Tax to Reduce Pollution

by Stanford Magnets  (Mar. 18, 2014)

Countries around the world are planning to take action against environmental population and other related issues that take place as a result of fossil fuel emissions. In fact, several countries have gone as far as to implement different measures in order to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution. Carbon tax is one such initiative taken by the UK ...

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