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The Role of EHS Software

by EHS Insight  (Jul. 23, 2015)

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) software plays a key role in most industries today. In short, it is the goal of putting a strong safety program in place within the company. This offers a number of benefits for the organization including minimizing risks associated with environmental regulations, reducing the company's environmental impact, ...

Why airlines keep pushing biofuels: They have no choice

by Associated Press  (Jul. 21, 2015)

The number of global fliers is expected to more than double in the next two decades. In order to carry all those extra passengers, airlines are turning to a technology very few can make work on a large scale: converting trash into fuel. They have no other choice. As people in countries such as China, India and Indonesia get wealthier they are ...

Odour Control In Sewage Treatment Plants - Case Study

by Bioconservacion SA  (Jul. 21, 2015)

Controlling the emission of unpleasant smells in sewage treatment plants is a priority objective for plant managers in ensuring the welfare of their workers and minimising the impact of such facilities on the surrounding area. Bioconservacion has the solution for dealing with the emission of ...

The Elimination of Ethylene in Domestic Refrigerators

by Bioconservacion SA  (Jul. 21, 2015)

Ethylene is a plant hormone produced naturally by fruit and other plant tissues. It is known as the ripening hormone because it regulates the series of processes associated with the ripening and senescence of fruit. Eliminating ethylene from the environment, both in storage chambers and transport containers, where it is stored in the form of gas, ...

Airbus CEO talks about emissions, innovation and more

by Associated Press  (Jul. 16, 2015)

These are heady times for the commercial-aircraft business at Airbus and Boeing, as airlines place huge orders for new planes. Each is working on more fuel-efficient aircraft to satisfy airlines that want lower fuel bills and regulators who want lower emissions from aircraft. Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders spoke last month to an aviation conference ...

Are countries legally required to protect their citizens from climate change?

by Ensia  (Jul. 15, 2015)

A Dutch court recently ruled that greenhouse gas reduction is a state obligation. Here’s what that could mean for the rest of the world. On June 24, 2015, a court in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to act faster in its duty to protect its citizens against the effects of climate change. This marks the first time the issue has been ...

Questions and answers on the proposal to revise the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS)

by Europa Press Room  (Jul. 15, 2015)

1. Why has the Commission proposed today a revision of EU ETS? The European Commission has presented a legislative proposal to revise the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) in line with the 2030 climate and energy policy framework agreed by the EU leaders in October 2014. The proposal is an integral part of the work on achieving a resilient Energy ...

`Good to Go™ tags´ manage your daily or weekly calibration and safety checks

by Camlab Limited  (Jul. 15, 2015)

Keeping up with safety regulations can be complicated and time-consuming. Having an easy to complete, simple visual guide to carry out safety or calibration checks solves this problem and helps to keep the workplace safe. One glance and you can see the equipment is “Good to ...

Protect your Cooling Cycle

by LAR Process Analysers AG  (Jul. 14, 2015)

TOC analyser QuickTOCultra meets the requirements for any cooling water challenge Thermal energy transfer is one of the most important processes within industry. Therefore, monitoring the cooling system is essential for efficient production. For this purpose, several parameters were defined and regulated such the ...

Time to address the air pollution control residue problem

by Tetronics (International) Ltd  (Jul. 13, 2015)

The incineration of municipal solid waste is gaining increasing importance in the UK, especially as the burning of waste can be used to generate energy, providing a more sustainable solution to our waste problem by diverting it from landfill sites. An issue with incineration is that some of our waste contains hazardous chemicals such as chlorine ...

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