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Reliable silica monitoring supports power station efficiency

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation  (Jun. 26, 2015)

West Burton B CCGT is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station near Nottingham in the UK. It has three open-cycle gas turbines capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes. In common with all combustion based power stations, the CCGT has a requirement to monitor silica levels in the Plant’s water and ...

Early Ethylene Glycol Leak Detection in Power Plant Steam Condensate Is Essential

by GE Analytical Instruments  (Jun. 25, 2015)

Fossil fuel and nuclear power plants use heat exchangers to condense process steam back into liquid form. A heat exchanger works by transferring heat from one medium (steam) to another medium (air, water, or ethylene glycol). Many newer, closed cooling water system, power plants use ethylene glycol use ethylene glycol (C2 H6 O2 ) as a heat ...

Well-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Canadian Oil Sands

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jun. 25, 2015)

Are greenhouse gas emissions from Canada’s oil sands higher than those from conventional oil? Apparently yes, according to a new study funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy. It says oil from Canada’s oil sands produce greenhouse-gas emissions that average 20% more than from oil from conventional U.S. crude. The study ...

Collecting Data from the Field? Follow this Formula for Success!

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Jun. 25, 2015)

A drill operator at an oil rig is looking tired and “out of it.” He’s yawning, his movements are slow, and he doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to detail. Immediately, the supervisor relieves the drill operator of his duties and reassigns the task. He quickly enters the work observation in his iPad. His device has ...

How to Avoid Undersizing a Dust Collection System

by  (Jun. 22, 2015)

Baghouse manufacturers often recommend undersized systems to undercut others for your business. How can you avoid buying a undersized baghouse that won't work?  Dust collector OEMs constantly try to come in with bids lower than competitors. In an attempt to do so, some baghouse manufacturers offer undersized systems. One recent experince ...

Beyond the Tesla Powerwall: How energy storage is shaping up in Ontario - How energy storage changes everything

by Green Energy Futures  (Jun. 20, 2015)

There are not many entrepreneurs who can command a room like Elon Musk. When he stepped onto a stage in May to unveil the Powerwall the audience oohed and ahhed and dutifully pre-ordered more than 38,000 of Tesla’s new home battery systems. And while Tesla gets the headlines other energy storage ...

Air pollution and odour control treatment plant of contaminated air during industrial drums and package remediation process

by F.G.M. engineering srl  (Jun. 18, 2015)

Customer EuroVeneta Fusti srl is an italian market leader in industrial drums and package recovery, remediation and reuse. Sited in Triveneto, in Mira next to Venice, EuroVeneta Fusti operates old drums collection, processing, regeneration and new ratification of industrial packages (such as ...

Experimental evaluation of Aerosol concentrators

by MSP Corporation  (Jun. 16, 2015)

Introduction An aerosol concentrator is a vital component of any front-end sampling module used to introduce aerosol particles to a chemical or biological identification sensor (Hart et al, 2000). Because these sensors need to have a minimum amount of sample to make a positive identification, particle concentration is often necessary, making it ...

Energy and Climate Change – pillars for success at COP21

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jun. 15, 2015)

A peak in global energy-related emissions could be achieved as early as 2020 and at no net economic cost, the International Energy Agency says in its new World Energy OutlookSpecial Report on Energy and Climate Change. ‘The ...

NEC Directive Status Report 2014

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Jun. 11, 2015)

Reporting by Member States under Directive 2001/81/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2001 on national emission ceilings for certain atmospheric pollutants This report describes the most recent emission inventory information provided by the Member States of the European Union (EU) at the end of 2014, under Directive ...

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