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Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment

by IWA Publishing

The main focus of Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment is to explore the untold stories of groundwater arsenic in view of its poisonous nature for human health, social implications, exposure and risk assessment, worldwide concentrations with space-time dimension, micro level GIS application in spatial arsenic concentration, policy ...;

Milestones in Water Reuse - The Best Success Stories

by IWA Publishing

Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories illustrates the benefits of water reuse in integrated water resources management and its role for water cycle management, climate change adaptation and water in the cities of the future. Selected case studies are used to illustrate the different types of water reuse, i.e. agricultural irrigation, ...;

Handbook of Environmental Odour Management

by IWA Publishing

Complaints due to odour annoyance have become a major issue for wastewater treatment plant, waste management, landfill, intensive livestock and other industrial operators as the repeated release of unpleasant odorous emissions can constitute a nuisance to a local population. Traditionally, odour management has been maintained by the use of buffer ...;

Activated Carbon: Solutions for Improving Water Quality

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Activated carbon is simple to operate as an adsorption medium for water, serves as a proactive barrier for contamination, and does not produce by-products from its use. Used in treatment worldwide, activated carbon produces very high-quality water. Its implementation helps utilities gain regulatory compliance and position themselves to meet future ...;

AWWA C714-13 Cold-Water Meters for Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

This first-edition standard provides the minimum requirements for coldwater meters for residential fire sprinkler applications that meet the requirements of NFPA 13D in single- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes, in sizes 3/4 in. (20 mm) through 2 in. (50 mm), including materials and design.This standard can be referenced in ...;

Animal Waste, Water Quality and Human Health

by IWA Publishing

Domestic animals contaminate recreational waters and drinking-water sources with excreta and pathogens; but this threat to public health is inadequately understood and is insufficiently addressed in regulations. More than 85% of the world’s faecal wastes is from domestic animals such as poultry, cattle, sheep and pigs. These animals harbor ...;

Uncertainty in Wastewater Treatment Design and Operation - Addressing Current Practices and Future Directions

by IWA Publishing

Uncertainty in Wastewater Treatment Design and Operation aims to facilitate the transition of the wastewater profession to the probabilistic use of simulators with the associated benefits of being better able to take advantage of opportunities and manage risk.;

Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems

by IWA Publishing

Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems provides a state-of-the-art overview of existing methodologies and relevant results related to the assessment of the climate change impacts on urban rainfall extremes as well as on urban hydrology and hydraulics. This overview focuses mainly on several difficulties and ...;

Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro and Nano-Technology

by IWA Publishing

Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro and Nano-Technology aims to promote the uptake of innovative micro and nano-technological approaches towards the development of an integrated, cost-effective nano-biological sensor useful for security and environmental assays.;

Renewable Energy Applications for Freshwater Production

by IWA Publishing

Worldwide, many regions have a great potential to cover part of their pressing water needs by renewable energy powered water treatment processes using either thermal or membrane based technologies. Not only arid and semiarid regions are increasingly exposed to water shortage but also many other regions face a limitation of freshwater resources ...;

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