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Terrestrial Fluids, Earthquakes and Volcanoes: the Hiroshi Wakita Volume II

by Springer

Terrestrial fluids, earthquakes and volcanoes: The Hiroshi Wakita Volume II is a special publication to honor Professor Hiroshi Wakita for his scientific contribution to science and commemorate his 10th anniversary as Emeritus Professor at The University of Tokyo. This second special issue of Pure and Applied Geophysics consists of 10 original ...;

Carbon Dioxide Removal from Coal-Fired Power Plants

by Springer

To diminish the threat of a rapidly changing climate, emissions of CO2 should be reduced. One way to reduce these emissions is CO2 removal -- the recovery of carbon dioxide from energy conversion processes and storage outside the atmosphere. This book, authored by one of the pioneers in this field, gives an extensive description of three ...;

Sustainable Development in the Baltic and Beyond

by Peter Lang AG - European Academic Publishers

This book documents and promotes the experiences from the 2nd Conference on Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability (SHARING), held in Jurmala, Latvia, on May 11th to 24th, 2005. Attended by over 200 delegates from across the Baltic Sea region and beyond, the event provided an important contribution towards strengthening the integration of ...;

Transport and Mixing in Geophysical Flows

by Springer

This volume collects a number of theoretical and experimental lectures on various aspects of transport and mixing of active and passive particles in geophysical flows. Transports in fluids can be approached from two complementary perspectives: in the Eulerian view of mixing, the focus is on the concentration field - advection stetches and folds ...;

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories

by Springer

International concern for the continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions, and the potentially damaging consequences of resultant global climate change, led to the signing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by 155 nations at the Earth Summit in June 1992. The Convention came into force on 21 March 1994, three months ...;

Basement Tectonics 10

by Springer

This volume presents contributions resulting from the Tenth International Basement Tectonics Conference, held in Duluth, Minnesota, USA in August 1992. The first three parts -- the Rift Systems, Basement Control on Younger Structures, and Shear Zones -- not only treat the geology of North America, but also the geology of other regions. ...;

Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Subsidence: Causes, Consequences, and Strategies

by Springer

Greenhouse-induced climate warming increasingly appears to be a reality, and the warming climate will be accompanied by an accelerated sea level rise - as much as 60-100 cm over the next century. What is commonly absent in the discussion of rising sea level, however, is the role played by the subsidence of low-lying coastal areas, which can ...;

Climate Action 2009/2010

by Earthprint Ltd

This third annual edition of Climate Action focuses on some of the major issues for resolution in Copenhagen and the actors who can help to implement the solutions. Progress will require commitment and cooperation. Partnerships will be central, both in Copenhagen and beyond.Climate Action is produced to encourage and assist governments and ...;

Changing Climate, Changing Economy

by Earthprint Ltd

How did climate change become an economic issue ? Why is economic discourse so influential on the public policy of climate change ? How can it best contribute to the scientific and public debates ? Nine eminent scholars explain in this book both how economics has changed environmental understanding and how the study of climate change has modified ...;

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