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Aspida - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Portable Alarm

by Analox Sensor Technology

Aspida derives from the Greek word meaning shield, and like a shield this robust analyser is dedicated to protecting you and your staff from the dangers of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

by Clarke Energy

Although the utilisation of gas is one of the cleanest types of fuel during combustion there are some trace contaminants in the raw exhaust which would make it unsuitable for the above applications. Typically selective catalysts can be utilised in order to remove different contaminants from the raw exhaust gas.

Model AL5001 Series - Fast Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor


The AL5001 from Aero-Laser is a fast carbon monoxide (CO) monitor with an unique sensitivity below 1ppb (parts per billion). The detection of CO is based on a VUV-fluorimetry, employing the excitation of CO at 150nm. This method combines a high sensitivity with high selectivity and is linear from 1ppb to 100 ppm. The AL5001 is widely used in ...

Testo Carbon Monoxide Meter

by EMLab P&K

This CO meter provides quick and accurate Carbon Monoxide measurements. Perfect for IAQ Professionals, building engineers, industrial hygienists, and HVAC contractors.

Model CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

by MeterMall USA

Check CO level in all environments up to 1000 ppm. Compact, rugged design with large LCD. Ergonomic pocket-sized housing. Display CO levels from 0-1000 ppm (parts per million) with 1 ppm resolution. Back-lit display for low-light conditions. Audible beep starts at 35 ppm with increasing frequency to constant at 200 ppm. Max Hold and Data Hold . ...

Model CO2Skrub - Biogas CarobonDioxide (CO2) Removal System

by Innovative Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IETL)

Our product namely CO2Skrub™ is a Carbon Dioxide Scrubber. This is a pressurized water scrubbing technology offered by IETL for carbon dioxide (CO2) removal and scrubbing of varied gas streams such as biogas, landfill gas, sour natural gas, unconventional gas streams such as Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas as well as vent gas/tail gas ...

TAPI - Model T801 - NDIR CO2 Analyzer

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)

The Model T801 CO2 analyzer measures Carbon Dioxide using state of the art NDIR sensing technology. This design produces an excellent, rugged product designed for extractive CEM or RATA applications.

Extech - Model I-671-CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

by Hoskin Scientific Limited

Faster response measurements to 1000ppm. Easy to read 1999 count backlit displays CO levels from 0 to 1000ppm. 1ppm resolution with ±5% or ±10ppm basic accuracy (whichever is greater). Utilizes a stabilized electrochemical gas specific (CO) fast response sensor. Audible alarm starts at 35ppm. Backlight for low light conditions.

Industrial Cylinder Gases

by Weldstar Inc

Whether you are in the construction, fabrication or manufacturing industry, you can count on Weldstar to help you find the correct gas for your industrial application. As one of the top industrial gas suppliers in our region, Weldstar has the knowledge and experience vital to your industry. Each of our facilities in the Chicago and Northern ...

Model MIR - Sensor Mini Infra-Red

by Analox Sensor Technology

The MIR sensor (mini infra-red) from Analox is a miniaturised dual channel IR sensor optimised for the measurement of carbon dioxide. Offering low power consumption and long operational life the MIR sensor is available in number of different ranges.

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