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Testo Carbon Monoxide Meter

by EMLab P&K     based in San Bruno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

This CO meter provides quick and accurate Carbon Monoxide measurements. Perfect for IAQ Professionals, building engineers, industrial hygienists, and HVAC contractors.

Model CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

by MeterMall USA     based in Marysville, OHIO (USA)

Check CO level in all environments up to 1000 ppm. Compact, rugged design with large LCD. Ergonomic pocket-sized housing. Display CO levels from 0-1000 ppm (parts per million) with 1 ppm resolution. Back-lit display for low-light conditions. Audible beep starts at 35 ppm with increasing frequency to constant at 200 ppm. Max Hold and Data Hold . ...

Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Technology

by EnPro AS     based in Drammen, NORWAY

The compelling need to reduce CO2 emissions has lead to many creative schemes to accomplish CO2 emission reduction. For economic or social reasons, most are simply not feasible. However, EnPro's CO2 emission reduction technology is a monumental breakthrough, elegant in its simplicity, effective in practice. Unlike any other solution proposed thus ...

Automatic extraction systems SOXTHERM

by C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co.     based in Königswinter, GERMANY

SOXTHERM rapid extraction systems can be used in nearly every analytical area. The fully automated extraction process is patented and especially useful for residue analisis and the determination of fat in food and feed samples (solid-liquid extractions according to Soxhlet and Twisselmann). The SOXTHERM principle simplifies and accelerates the ...

Extech - Model I-671-CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

by Hoskin Scientific Limited     based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Faster response measurements to 1000ppm. Easy to read 1999 count backlit displays CO levels from 0 to 1000ppm. 1ppm resolution with ±5% or ±10ppm basic accuracy (whichever is greater). Utilizes a stabilized electrochemical gas specific (CO) fast response sensor. Audible alarm starts at 35ppm. Backlight for low light conditions.

LGR - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Trace Gas Analysers

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

The Los Gatos Research (LGR) Carbon Dioxide Analyser (CDA) provides measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) simultaneously with unsurpassed precision, accuracy and dynamic range. The instrument reports CO2 on a dry basis (accurately corrects for dilution and absorption line broadening effects) by analyzing high resolution ...

Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer (CO2,δ13C,δ17O,δ18O)

by Los Gatos Research     based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Stable isotopes act as tracers for studying flows and fluxes of material through ecosystems and the atmosphere. In practice, scientists measure the stable carbon isotope content of air, plants and soil to quantify many phenomena including the recycling of carbon dioxide within forests, water use efficiency, partitioning ecosystem carbon exchange ...

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer (CO2, H2O)

by Los Gatos Research     based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Insensitive to other atmospheric gases, the Carbon Dioxide Analyzer measures carbon dioxide and water vapor in ambient air with unsurpassed accuracy and precision. All without the need for frequent external calibration. The instrument can store data practically indefinitely on its internal hard disk drive and can send real-time data to a data ...

Senscient ELDS - Model OPGD Series 1000 - Carbon Dioxide

by Senscient Inc     based in League City, TEXAS (USA)

Reliable, open path detection of carbon dioxide at levels low enough to provide early warning for leakage of this highly toxic gas. Detection Limits for carbon dioxide leak detection are orders of magnitude lower than any other OPGD product. Specific detection of Carbon Dioxide without any cross interference from any other gases virtually ...

Industrial Cylinder Gases

by Weldstar Inc     based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA)

Whether you are in the construction, fabrication or manufacturing industry, you can count on Weldstar to help you find the correct gas for your industrial application. As one of the top industrial gas suppliers in our region, Weldstar has the knowledge and experience vital to your industry. Each of our facilities in the Chicago and Northern ...

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