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Model GM901 - Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

by SICK AG     based in Waldkirch, GERMANY

In addition to its modular concept – the Evaluation Unit can be deployed up to 1000 m from the measuring point – the GM901 CO-Analyzer is available as a cross-duct or probe version. As a result, the GM901 is ideally suited to a broad range of application, even for difficult measuring tasks (e.g. high dust concentrations, overpressure, ...

Model CCIA-36D - Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer

by Los Gatos Research     based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Stable isotopes act as tracers for studying flows and fluxes of material through ecosystems and the atmosphere. In practice, scientists measure the stable carbon isotope content of air, plants and soil to quantify many phenomena including the recycling of carbon dioxide within forests, water use efficiency, partitioning ecosystem carbon exchange ...

Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Technology

by EnPro AS     based in Drammen, NORWAY

The compelling need to reduce CO2 emissions has lead to many creative schemes to accomplish CO2 emission reduction. For economic or social reasons, most are simply not feasible. However, EnPro's CO2 emission reduction technology is a monumental breakthrough, elegant in its simplicity, effective in practice. Unlike any other solution proposed thus ...

Molecular Gate - Carbon Dioxide Removal Systems, C02 Removal Systems

by Guild Associates, Inc.     based in Dublin, OHIO (USA)

Since contaminated wells can rarely operate for extended periods without meeting pipeline specifications a standard plant design is offered to treat a nominal 0.5 MM SCFD for N2 purification or over 1 MM SCFD for CO2 removal. This 'SPEC PLANT' can be purchased or rented and can allow for the determination of decline curves and production rates ...

Vulcain - Model 901T - For Continuous Monitoring of Carbon Monoxide

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

The 901T transmits informational points, control parameters, PI (Proportional, Integral) parameters and fault information to the APOGEE Automation System. It also offers control over certain digital and analog parameters.

Testo Carbon Monoxide Meter

by EMLab P&K     based in San Bruno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

This CO meter provides quick and accurate Carbon Monoxide measurements. Perfect for IAQ Professionals, building engineers, industrial hygienists, and HVAC contractors.

Model C100 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor

by European Tech Serv. NV     based in Kieldrecht, BELGIUM

Description: The C100 is a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor for the 0-2% measurement range. The data is valid for the prototype sensor. We are making further improvements to improve various parameters.

Redkoh - Model DT3008 - Close Coupled Extractive Combustibles Analyzer

by Redkoh Datatest - Industries Inc.     based in Hillsborough, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Model DT 3008 measures total combustibles or carbon monoxide by using an eduction pump to draw a sample from a process stack or duct to present it to a sensing cell. The cell is a platinum catalytic bead sensor. The sensor chosen depends upon the accuracy and the measurement levels required, and whether total combustibles or carbon monoxide is ...

A.YITE - Model GE-375 - Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Sensor

by A.YITE Technology     based in Shanghai, CHINA

GE-375W and GE-375D series carbon dioxide transmitters/controllers are designed for monitoring and controlling environment of industry and commercial buildings. They can be used in working house, clean room, laboratory,machine room, office, airport, parking lot, station and museum, etc. where air quality control is necessary. GE-375Wseries is ...

QEL - Model CTS-M20 Series - Carbon Dioxide Transmitter/Sensors

by Quatrosense Environmental Ltd. (QEL)     based in Richmond, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The CTS-M20 transmitter/sensor is an industry leader providing a Carbon Dioxide concentration measurement for Indoor Air Quality and ventilation control in commercial office buildings, arenas, gymnasiums, conference centers, greenhouses and other facilities with variable occupancy.

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