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Model RD002 - Catalyst support for vehicles

by Jiangxi Runda Petrochemical Technology Service Co.,Ltd     based in Pingxiang City,, CHINA

. OutlineCatalyst support has special characteristics such as high geometric surface area,low pressure drop,chemical durablility,high thermal shock resistance,This catalyst support is used for catalyst substrate for vehicle.. ApplicationSupport for gasonline and LPG vehlicles. DOC and SCR catalyst . Characteristics. High geometric surface area. ...

DURANIT - Inert-Balls / Catalyst Bed Support Media

by Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG     based in Ransbach-Baumbach, GERMANY

With decades of experience and continuous further development of DURANIT products, VFF have achieved a quality that not only complies with all relevant safety standards, but that significantly exceeds them. To keep ahead of the rest, VFF places a lot of emphasis on the fact that its products are “100% Made in Germany”.

DuraTop - Special Reformed Packings

by Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG     based in Ransbach-Baumbach, GERMANY

DuraTop special reformed packings are used among other things for covering catalyst beds. DuraTop special reformed packings can be added onto the top ball layer or even replace the top ball layer.

Orifice riser type,Ladder type ,Catalyst bed support ,header lateral ,distributor

by Haixing Wedge Wire Co,. Ltd     based in hengshui, CHINA

Collector / Distributor systems are important Collector / Distributor systems are important components of ion exchange units, media filters, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, carbon towers, clay filters, and in many water and wastewater treatment applications. Hub lateral systems (shown above) may have multiple tiers of wedgewire screen ...

Hydrotreating Catalysts

by UOP LLC - a Honeywell Company     based in Des Plaines, ILLINOIS (USA)

Hydrotreating catalysts: an alliance to offer you more. UOP and Albemarle formed the Hydroprocessing Alliance in 2006 to support the production of clean transportation fuels worldwide. UOP is a leading developer of hydrocracking catalysts, and hydrotreating and hydrocracking process technology. Albemarle is a leading developer and supplier of ...

CPI - Ceramic Formulations

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)     based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA)

Besides our line of all-metal-catalyst products, CPI is a leading supplier of ceramic supported catalyst products. These products, including bead and monolith formulations, are used in a variety catalytic oxidizer and reactor systems. Choose from the following formulations for VOC, CO, NOx, or other air toxics reductions.

Aromatics Catalysts

by UOP LLC - a Honeywell Company     based in Des Plaines, ILLINOIS (USA)

With strong worldwide petrochemical growth, UOP aromatic and aromatic derivative catalysts offer the higher activity, higher stability and longer life that help you keep pace with demand while improving your economics. Our advanced solutions can support your new, large-scale integrated projects or provide improved efficiency and production rates ...

Olefins Catalysts

by UOP LLC - a Honeywell Company     based in Des Plaines, ILLINOIS (USA)

If you need control over propylene feedstock costs, you may want a dedicated source of high-quality polymer-grade propylene. The UOP Oleflex process combined with our platinum catalysts to promote dehydrogenation reactions offers you the ideal approach. Our DeH family of olefin production catalysts supports dehydrogenation in the Oleflex process. ...

Chemical Catalysts

by W. R. Grace & Co.     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

With over 70 years of joint development experience, Grace's materials science capabilities supported by our catalytic science expertise and flexible manufacturing facilities make us the ideal partner to help you develop and commercialize new catalysts. In addition, the RANEY® catalyst family is a world leader in the supply of skeletal ...

The Next Generation of Carbon Supported Catalysts

by Applied Catalysts     based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Using catalytic monolith technology in place of particulate catalyst technology is new to most of the chemical process industry, but there is precedent. In the 1970s, catalyst suppliers to the automotive industry were providing particulate (bead) catalysts as the catalytic converter of choice. During those years, the race for competing ...

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