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MCZ - K15 - Catalytic Gas Purifier

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH

The catalytic gas purifier also removes hydrocarbons and CO from the treated zero gas. This gas free of HC and CO is suitable as process and carrier gas for gas chromatographs and to produce calibration gas for CO/HC analyzers.

Sabio - 1000M - Methane Catalytic Oxidizer

by Sabio Instruments, LLC

The Model 1000M Methane Catalytic Oxidizer is a reliable method for the removal of methane or carbon monoxide. Ideal for use with any of Sabio’s air sources, this oxidizer is efficient in furthering the reduction of air pollutants before the zero air.

Corning Celcor - Standard Wall Substrates

by Corning Environmental Technologies

Corning Celcor substrates are used in a variety of catalytic converter applications to help vehicle manufacturers meet emission regulations.Corning cellular ceramic substrates have been used at the core of catalytic converter systems for almost three decades.Today, Corning Celcor standard-wall substrates, with wall thicknesses of 6 mils or ...

Catalytic Converters


The use of active surfaces such as platinum, carbon or palladium opens up manifold possibilities. In many chemical processes the implementation is only possible by means of an activation state.

Catalytic Converters

by Katcon

Proven durable canning techniques. Over 30 million converters sold worldwide with excellent quality and warranty records. Implemented advanced canning techniques. Internally insulated designs. Thin and Ultra Thin Wall substrate canning processes developed.

U-CAT - Catalytic Converters

by EAS, Inc.

Rich + lean burn application. Dual exhaust designs up to 3200 BHP. Easy hand insertion self-seating design. Multiple element designs upon request. No mechanical mechanisms that can fail. Durable high temperature resistant stainless steel construction. Destruction efficiencies up to 99% DRE. Exceeds all US EPA requirements. Quality discounts on ...

Catalytic Converters

by Hypercat ACP

Catalytic converters are devices installed as part of the exhaust gas piping assembly associated with an internal combustion engine to reduce the concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) generated by the fuel combustion process. Originally developed from catalytic science used in the oil refining ...

NKCHEM - Catalytic Converters

by Pingxiang Naike Chemical Packing Co.,Ltd

Universal Catalytic Converter: About 100 different cars oval and round type universal cat, In / Outside size as 1.75'',2'',2.25'',2.5'',3'', all product met EPA,CARB,OBD 2,Euro 3,4 emission standard.

Catalytic Converters

by Invemet S.r.l

Converters are mounted close to automobile engines and convert over 95% of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides into much less harmful gases.Since the first converters were introduced in the United States in 1974, it can be assumed that up till now more than 12 billion tons of exhaust gases have been filtered and rendered ...

Corning Celcor - Thin Wall Substrates

by Corning Environmental Technologies

The thinner walls (as thin as 4 mil) of Corning Celcor® thin-wall substrates provide greater geometric surface area to help improve conversion efficiency.As engineers strive to meet tightening emission regulations, they are increasingly turning to catalytic converter substrates with thinner walls and greater geometric surface area to help ...

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