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Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction (NSCR) Oxidation Catalyst

by MIRATECH Corporation

The MIRATECH Oxidation Catalyst is the perfect, low-cost solution if you operate a lean-burn stationary industrial engine and you need to comply with emissions control regulations for

Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction(NSCR) for NOx, CO & VOC Reduction

by EmeraChem

EmeraChem’s metal monolith honeycomb catalyst replaces traditional NSCR and CO/HC/NOx catalysts. Our 3-Way (NSCR) catalyst has been demonstrated to outperform competing technologies and catalysts in emission reduction efficiency with less pressure drop at a lower cost. EmeraChem provides rapid manufacturing schedules and quick shipments for ...

Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

by Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Epcon has designed SCR systems based on cutting edge technologies as an industry leader in research & development with our own original designs.

NSCR (Non Selective Catalytic Reduction)

by AirProtekt Limited

AirProtekt Ltd supplies either the complete NSCR package or the NSCR catalyst for control of NOx (including N2O) emissions in reduced oxygen air stream. The catalyst technologies used are all tried and tested and backed up by the highest manufacturing & quality control standards from the largest automobile catalyst manufacturer in the world.

Johnson Matthey - 3-Way (NSCR) Catalysts

by Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies

Three-way catalysts (sometimes known as non-selective catalytic reduction, or NSCR, catalysts) are designed to simultaneously convert three pollutants to harmless emissions: Carbon Monoxide (CO) → Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbons (HC) → Water (H20), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) → Nitrogen (N2).

RCS and RHS Catalyst-Silencer Housings

by MIRATECH Corporation

The MIRATECH RCS and RHS are the perfect solution if you need a high-performance housing unit for a Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction (NSCR) catalyst that integrates emission control and noise reduction for rich-burn, lean-burn or diesel industrial stationary engines in the 200 – 8,000 horsepower range.

SCR and CO Catalyst Systems

by EmeraChem

EmeraChem Power Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and carbon monoxide (CO) systems combine the latest in active reduction catalyst with an ammonia/urea reagent process to meet increasingly stringent NOx, CO and VOC (HC) emission standards. EmeraChem Power, is a leader in the application of advanced catalytic sciences and technologies for the ...


by Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies

Do You Have the Right Catalyst to Meet the EPA’s NESHAPS for Your Gas Compressor Engines

Housings & Silencer Combo

by EmeraChem

EmeraChem intruduces 'Best in Class' Catalytic Reactor Housings and Silencers We provide a true integrated solution and performance guarantee for both Oxidation and NSCR application, while featuring the industries most unique functional and rugged designs. Our expertise in IC applications has enabled us to develop a product that is field service ...

ADCAT - CO Catalyst

by EmeraChem

For the oxidation of carbon monoxide as emitted from power generating plants such as natural gas and diesel-fired turbines. EmeraChem’s ADCAT™ CO/VOC oxidation catalyst yields optimal conversion efficiencies with reduced catalyst volume for the lowest capital cost.

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