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Johnson Matthey - 3-Way (NSCR) Catalysts

by Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies

Three-way catalysts (sometimes known as non-selective catalytic reduction, or NSCR, catalysts) are designed to simultaneously convert three pollutants to harmless emissions: Carbon Monoxide (CO) → Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbons (HC) → Water (H20), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) → Nitrogen (N2).

MIRATECH - 3-Way Catalyst NSCR

by MIRATECH Corporation

MIRATECH’s 3-Way Catalyst is the most advanced and cost-effective all-in-one Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction solution available. It is designed to provide a reliable, cost-effective total solution emissions control in rich-burn industrial engines.

ADCAT - 3-Way NSCR & CO Oxidation Catalyst

by EAS, Inc.

Ensures maximum durability & extreme module mechanical integrity. Yields lowest possible pressure drop with high surface area. Resists plugging of inner-catalyst channels & substrate nesting which can cause exhaust bypass & poor catalyst performance. Contruction technique resists gaps & sags We manufacture all shapes & size ...

TWX LPG - 3-Way Catalytic Converter

by Pyroban Group Ltd.

The major harmful emissions from LPG engines are similar to those from other internal combustion engines Carbon Monoxide (CO) Hydrocarbons (HC) Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Unlike diesel engines, there are no visible particulate emissions from LPG engines, this often leads to the incorrect assumption that it is safe to operate an unprotected LPG engine ...

Metalcor - Catalyst Elements

by DCL International Inc.

DCL manufactures a variety of thin-walled metallic catalyst elements for control of emissions from internal combustion engines and various environmental applications. DCL catalyst elements may be used on existing DCL housings or for replacement of catalyst in competitors' housings.

Catalyst Replacements & Spares

by EAS, Inc.

EAS Incorporated supplies new replacement ceramic corderite and honeycomb monolith metallic substrate VOC, CO, 3-Way NSCR, and bead type precious metal catalysts. We also offer manganese dioxide non precious metal catalysts. Our catalysts are available in a wide variety of cell densities ranging from 64-400 cpsi in ceramic corderite honeycomb ...

ADCAT - 3-Way (NSCR) Catalyst for NOx, CO and VOC Reduction on Rich-Burn Reciprocating Engines

by EmeraChem

NSCR (non-selective catalytic reduction) catalyst destroy nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and Volatile organic compounds (VOC's including formaldehyde) from the exhaust of rich-burn reciprocating engines. These engines, fueled by natural gas, wellhead gas, refinery gas and others, are used in gas compression and power generation. ...

T-Series 3 - Way Catalytic Converters

by Nett Technologies Inc

Nett T-Series 3-Way catalytic converters and catalytic mufflers have been designed to control exhaust emissions and noise from industrial forklift trucks as well as other spark ignited rich-burn (stoichiometric) engines used in the material handling, construction or other industries. 3-Way catalytic converters/mufflers practically eliminate all of ...

DeNOx and N2O Reduction

by Clariant

Ammonia and nitric oxide emissions are harmful for health and the environment. They can be formed either as by-products in chemical processes or in combustion under high-temperature conditions and must be removed from the exhaust gases.


by Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies

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