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Milestones in Water Reuse - The Best Success Stories

by IWA Publishing

Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories illustrates the benefits of water reuse in integrated water resources management and its role for water cycle management, climate change adaptation and water in the cities of the future. Selected case studies are used to illustrate the different types of water reuse, i.e. agricultural irrigation, ...;

Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems

by IWA Publishing

Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage Systems provides a state-of-the-art overview of existing methodologies and relevant results related to the assessment of the climate change impacts on urban rainfall extremes as well as on urban hydrology and hydraulics. This overview focuses mainly on several difficulties and ...;

Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro and Nano-Technology

by IWA Publishing

Detection of Pathogens in Water Using Micro and Nano-Technology aims to promote the uptake of innovative micro and nano-technological approaches towards the development of an integrated, cost-effective nano-biological sensor useful for security and environmental assays.;

Water and Energy - Threats and Opportunities

by IWA Publishing

Water and Energy – Threats and Opportunities creates an awareness of the important couplings between water and energy. It shows how energy is used in all the various water cycle operations and demonstrates how water is used – and misused – in all kinds of energy production and generation.;

Water Sensitive Cities

by IWA Publishing

Today’s urban water managers are faced with an unprecedented set of issues that call for a different approach to urban water management. These include the urgent changes needed to respond to climate change, population growth, growing resource constraints, and rapidly increasing global urbanization. Not only are these issues difficult to ...;

Risk Assessment for Water Infrastructure Safety and Security

by IWA Publishing

Providing a quantitative risk assessment methodology, Risk Assessment for Water Infrastructure Safety and Security analyzes the terror threats against United States' water infrastructure. It focuses on the human safety, environmental, and economic consequences that would be triggered by terrorist attack. It includes detailed plans, engineering ...;


by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Population growth and unchallenged water use have brought us to the brink of a worldwide water crisis. Authors Maxwell and Yates present scenarios for the broad trends that will have a significant impact upon future water challenges, including population growth, expanding economies, energy, climate change, and general demographic trends. Examine ...;

Water Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities - China and the World

by IWA Publishing

A new model for water management is emerging worldwide in response to water shortages, polluted waterways, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. Cities and towns are questioning the ecological and financial sustainability of big-pipe water, stormwater, and sewer systems and are searching for “lighter footprint” more sustainable ...;

Pricing Water Resources and Water and Sanitation Services

by IWA Publishing

In both OECD and non-OECD countries the water sector is facing the challenges of increased competition for water resources, deteriorating water quality, and the effects of climate change and poor management. In this context, how can countries ensure access to adequate, sustainable and affordable water and sanitation services for all?Pricing ...;

Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agricultures

by IWA Publishing

Agriculture is the major user of water in most countries. It also faces the enormous challenge of producing almost 50% more food by 2030 and doubling production by 2050. This will likely need to be achieved with less water, mainly because of growing pressures from urbanisation, industrialisation and climate change. In this context, it will be ...;

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