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MicroClear - Model Filter MCXL - Cassette Filter

by Weise Water Systems GmbH&Co KG     based in Langgöns, GERMANY

The MicroClear MCXL cassette filter is the 'work horse' of the MicroClear technology line. Because of its exceptionally robust construction (all connections welded) it is predestined for the rough clarification plant environment. The corresponding filter frame systems are the MB2 (double-deck), and the MB3 (triple-deck), the MB4 (quadruple-deck) ...

Eco-Tec - Pulp & Paper Kraft Boiler Chloride Removal

by Eco-Tec Inc.     based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Kraft pulping process involves the use of recovery boilers to recover and reform chemicals for ‘White liquor’ from ‘Black liquor’. The performance of recovery boilers declines as they become plugged, mainly as a result of high levels of non-process elements chloride and potassium in the kraft recovery cycle. Treatment ...


by Processfilter Sweden AB     based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN

Sawdust cyclones: Cyclones with a relative large diameter in relationship to the length. These cyclones have moderate separation ability and are mainly used within wood industries. Nominal pressure drop range: 40-60mm.wg.

DUSTREAM - Model DU-ST-1 - Collector

by Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc.     based in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA (USA)

A collection and extraction device that makes testing for allergens an easy and convenient process. Our DUSTREAMcollectors allow clean and convenient dust sampling within 2 minutes. DUSTREAM collectors fit most vacuum cleaners and are preferred for submitting samples for MARIA and ELISA testing as part of our INDOOR Allergen Analysis Service.

Nonflam (W) - Wet Collectors

by Carter Environmental Engineers Limited     based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

High efficiency multi stage venturi with Autosludge disposal. Carter Environmental offer a range of Wet Collectors to cover an extensive list of applications, offering Air flow rates from 0.5m³/s up to 28m³/s and covering 3 levels of efficiency. Carters can offer a solution to most industrial abatement requirements.

Jetpack - Model A - Filtering Cartridge Dust Collectors

by Delta NEU S.A.S.     based in La Chapelle d’Armentières Cede, FRANCE

Filtering cartridge dust collectors with compressed air cleaning. Its filtering medium in non-woven polyester makes it possible to reach release rates of less than 1 mg/m3. Flow: From 1 000 to 2 000 m3/h.

Model PDC Series - Portable Dust Collector

by Airex Industries Inc     based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The Airex Industries portable dust collector can be used in applications where a fixed station is not appropriate. Two models of portable dust collector are available, offering you a variety of volumes.

Airflow - Model PCH-1 - Portable Dust Collectors

by Airflow Systems Inc     based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA)

Pressure Gauge Kit: Indicates when filters require cleaning. 10-ft. E-Z Arm High Flow Extractor Arm: Replaces standard 7-ft. E-Z Arm for additional reach and peak system performance. Custom Cartridge Media: Available for specific applications. After-Filters: 99.97% HEPA, 95% DOP and odor modules. 65-Watt Halogen Light Kit: Improves worker ...

EDC (electrostatic) - Electrostatic Fine Dust Collector

by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH     based in Dresden, GERMANY

The Waste Gas Treatment Product and Service Portfolio of DAS includes EDC, an electrostatic dust collector responsible for the treatment of particle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases up to 90 m³/h as they accrue, for example, in solar cell manufacturing. The dust collector reduces particle emissions of even the finest ...

JetStream - Small Compact Dust Collector

by Quatro Air Technologies Inc.     based in Pointe Claire, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Compact space saving design, Health-smart, contains anti-microbial bag filter, Medical Grade HEPA filter included, Ultra-quiet performance, Infinite speed control, Quick access motor compartment, Customizable for OEM applications.

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