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Cyclones - Cyclonic Dust Collectors

by Macrotek Inc.

Macrotek's high efficiency cyclonic dust collectors are engineered to include specialty design features that provide high efficiency at low pressure drop. Centrifugal force separates suspended particles from the gas for high efficiency gas cleaning. The gas is introduced through the special involute inlet, producing a spiralling motion which ...

Grit Graber - Cyclone Collectors

by Thiel Air Technologies Corp.

Grit Grab'ers are high efficiency cyclone type dust collectors. They are baffled to maintain streamline airflow. As a result, pressure differential across each Grit Grab'er is only half that of ordinary cyclones, while collection of fine dust is greatly enhanced. High performance Grit Grab'ers are suggested for source capture (ducted) collection ...

Cyclone Dust Collectors

by Beckert & Hiester Inc.

Our cyclone dust collector design is in the high efficiency dust collection category, sometimes called a Chemical Industry type. Note the helical roof, the long taper on the cone and the separate dust trap. Efficiency can be predicted if particle specific gravity, operating temperature and pressure, gas constituents (if not simply air), and ...

Tornado - Model TXE Series - Cyclone Dust Collectors

by ProVent, LLC

The TORNADO TXE Series Cyclone operating principle is simple and effective method for removing process dust from an air stream.

Fourtex - Model 4-Vortex Dual - Cyclone Dust Collector

by ProVent, LLC

The FOURTEX 4-Vortex Dual Cyclone Dust Collection System is created by two in-line high efficiency, twin vortex cyclones mounted in series.

Agra - Cyclone

by Jongejans Dust Collectors

A special fan extracts the dust and the husks and blows them into the cyclone. The Cyclone is an ideal system to separate dust and skins from the air. The waste is discharged from the bottom of the cyclone, into the waste box. If a cellular wheel sluice is installed under the cyclone, the waste can also be discharged onto a conveyor. The filtered ...

GPC Cyclonic Dust Collector

by Aerodyne - A Division of Abanaki Corporation

Compact, High-Efficiency Cyclonic Dust Collector, The Aerodyne GPC Dust Collector represents an improvement over conventional high-efficiency cyclones. Cyclonic action is initiated by a sloped spiral inlet and vortex reversal is accomplished by the use of a solid ground plate. The unique design of the GPC Cyclonic Dust Collector provides a ...

Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector

by Aerodyne - A Division of Abanaki Corporation

Counter-Cyclonic Industrial Dust Collection The Aerodyne SplitStream is a counter cyclonic dust collector that has no major moving components and is capable of handling a wide range of materials, while requiring minimal maintenance. Particulate that is granular, fibrous, sticky, or hydroscopic, with process temperatures ranging from -20° F to ...

Cyclone Collectors and After Filters

by Monoxivent

Cyclone Collectors and After Filters are a staple within Monoxivent's dust collector line.

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