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Multiclone Dust Collector

by Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC     based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA)

B&W MEGTEC, through B&W and its affiliates, is the original manufacturer of Multiclone dust collectors and replacement parts formerly offered by Western Precipitation. From the first rugged design developed in the 1930s to the more than 6,000 in operation today, our Multiclone dust collectors are designed for efficiency and durability.

Macrotek - Dust Collector/Baghouse

by Macrotek Inc.     based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Pulse Jet fabric collectors, known as baghouses, are one of the most efficient and cost effective types of dust collection methods. Dust-laden gases enter the baghouses and pass through fabric bags that act as filters.  Macrotek “online cleaning” pulse-jet technology uses a high pressure air pulse to dislodge the dust, which falls ...

Macrotek - Cyclones - Cyclonic Dust Collectors

by Macrotek Inc.     based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Macrotek's high efficiency cyclonic dust collectors are engineered to include specialty design features that provide high efficiency at low pressure drop. Centrifugal force separates suspended particles from the gas for high efficiency gas cleaning. The gas is introduced through the special involute inlet, producing a spiralling motion which ...

Model FBMW - Dust Collector

by N.R. Murphy Ltd.     based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Many options available including increased storage capacity. For light or intermittent dust load.

Model HEC - Dust Collector

by N.R. Murphy Ltd.     based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Designed in square or rectangular arrangements for unlimited capacities and all types of particulates. It uses compressed air to automatically clean the filter media for continuous operation. The Murphy Model HEC tube style dust collector is very rugged and reliable. It offers many advantages in effectively filtering large or small volumes of dust ...

Model DC20 Series - Dust Collectors

by ARS Recycling Systems     based in Lowellville, OHIO (USA)

One of the smallest footprints in the industry and provides the air movement of a much larger collector. The compact Low drag-High air flow design puts the maximum vacuum into the containment area where you need it most.

Torit PowerCore - Model CP Series - Dust Collectors

by Donaldson Torit     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

It's smart to switch to a Torit PowerCore CP Series dust collector. It uses significantly smaller and more powerful filter packs than baghouses, provides better dust collection, requires less steel, saves transportation costs, and lowers operational costs.

Belfab - Model DO-010568 - Dust Collectors

by EX-FACTORY INC     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Patented Modular Technology, can be designed for current needs and easily upgraded as required; designed for interior use.Each filter module is fitted with a unique Heavy Duty plastic Tilt-Truck w/rollers for fast disposal of wood waste & chips; easily slides out for disposal manually or by Lift Truck.Rated @ 6,000 CFM with (5) filter modules, ...

Model DC100 - Dust Collector

by Crystal Mark, Inc.     based in Glendale, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model DC100 Dust Collector is an exceptional value with a built in silencer. It evacuates spent media from within the work chamber during the micro sandblasting process and collects it into a pan. The SWAM-BLASTER, line of Micro Abrasive Blasters are accurate and precise. Independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation ...

Model 64 & 75 - Dust Collectors

by Crystal Mark, Inc.     based in Glendale, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model 64 and Model 75 Dust Collectors provide high efficiency air cleaning. With the fan on the clean air side, dust and other collected material are filtered out by the fabric filter before reaching the fan, resulting in long, reliable performance. The envelope filters provide very high collection efficiencies, trapping dust particlesof ...

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