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DustBoss - DB-60 - Dust and Odor Control System

by Dust Control Technology

The DB-60 is the right equipment for the toughest dust control jobs. The fine mist created by our units captures airborne dust particles and drives them to the ground, helping you adhere to the toughest air quality standards. The DB-60 can cover up to 21,000 square feet (1,950 square meters) with up to 40° of oscillation, giving you a ...

Gun 30 - Fog Dust Suppression Cannons


Basic features: switch board incl. „dry-run“ protection, automatic turning, pump, Þ lter. Additional accessories: 3-wheels gear or trailer, water tank (volume 1000 l), diesel generator, additional pump, powder called dust suppressant for improved, dust suppression, special concentrate for odor control.

Gun 50 - Fog Dust Suppression Cannons


Basic features: Switch board incl. „dry-run“protection, Automatic turning, Pump, þ lter. Additional accessories: 3-wheels gear or trailer, Water tank (volume 1000 l), Diesel generator, additional pump, Powder called dust suppressant for improved dust suppression, Special concentrate for odor control.

IDM - Industrial Dust Machines

by Soil Solutions

IDM Industrial Dust Machines Provide Effective Solutions for Managing and Mitigating Surface and Airborne Dust at Active Points. IDM – Industrial Dust Machines produce micro particles of water that capture dust particles in the air and guide them to the earth, an extremely efficient way to manage surface dust and airborne particles that ...

Ecomation - Dust and Odor Control System

by Ecomation Oy

Dust control system is an essential element in our scrap processing lines. It includes also odor elimination equipment which can be used for many purposes, for instance desinfection of possible microbes in all kind of scrap. The solution is based on the latest air ionization technology.

Tower Solutions - Dust Control Technology

by Dust Control Technology

At Dust Control Technology, we specialize in solutions. While we offer a range of standard units, we also provide many of our customers with custom-tailored solutions, based on the specific needs of their application. From our cutting-edge VPS™ (Variable Particle Sizing™) technology -- which equips our units with an additional ring of ...

DustBoss - DB-100 - Dust and Odor Control System

by Dust Control Technology

Engineered specifically to fight dust on large job sites, the DB-100 is the largest DustBoss ever designed. With its muscular 60 HP motor and user-definable 359˚ oscillation, the DB-100 has a throw of more than 100 meters, giving the machine a coverage area of an incredible 280,000 square feet. To put that in perspective, one machine could ...

Babbitt - FT4100 - Dust Emission Flow Transmitter

by Babbitt International, Inc.

The FT4100 is designed to sense dust emissions passing through a filter in a dust collector or bag house. This very sensitive device allows the user to continuously monitor the level of emission, and record the data.

Dustop - Dust Suppression System

by Seedburo Equipment Co.

The Dustop is an extremely efficient dust control system. It draws food grade oil from a supply tank, furnished by the user or by the factory as an option, to an internal pump, which in turn, supplies oil to the system pressure controls and then directly to the spray assemblies. A typical system will supply oil to a combined maximum of 50,000 BPH, ...

High Performance Dust Collector Equipment , Automatic Bag Filter Equipments


A high collection efficiency, small footprint, stable, reliable performance, easy maintenance of large bag filter equipment.

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