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Dust Meter

by Opsis AB

Dust metering instruments are supplied and integrated in the CEM system. Technologies used include transmission measurement and scattered light.

Model MIE PDR-1000 - Dust Meter

by Spectra Scientific, Inc.

Our smallest dust meter. This 5'x 3'x 2' unit runs on a 9-volt battery and can stand or clip onto a belt.It is equipped to download stored data to a PC (software available at no extra charge). It also has the capability to be integrated into a larger monitoring/alarm system.

LaserDust - Model LP XLP - Dust Monitor

by Neo Monitors AS

Our LaserDust monitor is available in three versions, namely Medium Path (MP), Long Path (LP), and Extra Long Path (XLP) to cover stack diameters from 0.5 – 10 m. LaserDust Monitors use a transmitter / receiver configuration to probe the dust concentration along the optical line-of-sight. Our true non-contact approach (no probes) is superior ...

HORIBA - Model APDA-371 - Ambient Dust Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The APDA-371 automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentration levels (in milligrams or micrograms per cubic meter), using the industry-proven principle of beta ray attenuation. Thousands of this Dust Analyzer units are currently deployed worldwide, making the unit one of the most successful air monitoring platforms in the ...

Ecotech - Real-Time Dust Monitor

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

Ecotech designs and integrates a wide range of continuous particulate monitors including light scattering based PM monitors and beta attenuation monitors. Our monitors can be incorporated into air conditioned weatherproof shelters or can be stand alone powered by solar panels. We offer a wide range of solutions for many different types of ...

PCME - Model LEAK ALERT 65-02 - Dust Filter Leak Monitors

by PCME Ltd

The LEAK ALERT 65-02 is particularly suited for use on fabric filter type dust collectors (baghouses).  It provides reliable and robust monitoring of particulate dust levels and leaks from faulty bag media.  The sensor, installed after the bagfilter, conditions, amplifies and analyses the dust signal and communicates a secure digital ...

Model EMS611 - Dust Monitor

by Environmental Monitor Service, Inc.

The EMS611 provides continuous, low maintenance, precision measurement of dust (mg/m3(N), Optical Density and Opacity. It is designed for monitoring visible smoke and particulate concentrations in the exhaust gas of industrial combustion or air filtration processes. The EMS611 dust monitor utilizes dual beam measurement and the highest quality ...

Cemtrex - Model LM3086 - Opacity/Dust Monitoring

by Cemtrex Inc.

LM 3086 EPA3 offers the new performance standard in opacity/dust monitoring. It fulfills the U.S EPA 40 CFR Appendix B, PS1 requirements.

Model LM-3188 - Laser Dust Monitor

by MIP Electronics Oy

LM 3188 is the most cost-effective dust monitor model, equipped with a semiconductor laser. It is excellent for measuring at the medium to long distances( 3 - 10 m) and medium high concetrations. ( > 25 mg/m3).

Model LM-3086 SE - Dust and Opacity Monitor

by MIP Electronics Oy

LM 3086 SE offers the new performance standard in opacity/dust monitoring which is based on the model designed for USA-market and approved by US EPA. LM 3086 SE has TÜV approval for German 13th BlmSchV and TA Luft.

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