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Handbook of Environmental Odour Management

by IWA Publishing

Complaints due to odour annoyance have become a major issue for wastewater treatment plant, waste management, landfill, intensive livestock and other industrial operators as the repeated release of unpleasant odorous emissions can constitute a nuisance to a local population. Traditionally, odour management has been maintained by the use of buffer ...;

Odours in Wastewater Treatment

by IWA Publishing

Wastewater treatment works have the potential to generate unpleasant odours, which can results in annoyance and consequently have a detrimental effect on a local population.;

Global Warming and the World Trading System

by Eurospan Ltd

In 2006, a team led by the English economist Sir Nicholas Stern issued a striking report that analyzed the economic dimensions of global climate change and called for immediate collective action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This seminal report poses the critical question of how much emissions should be reduced within specific time ...;

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting 2008

by Ethical Corporation - part of the FC Business Intelligence Ltd group

Learn to communicate your climate change action effectively, and find out what greenhouse gas emissions reporting is mandatory, what is voluntary and what your best option is. This groundbreaking report will also bring you up to date with emerging regulation, trends, metrics, verification standards and targets. The report will help you ...;

Sustainable Development in the Baltic and Beyond

by Peter Lang AG - European Academic Publishers

This book documents and promotes the experiences from the 2nd Conference on Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability (SHARING), held in Jurmala, Latvia, on May 11th to 24th, 2005. Attended by over 200 delegates from across the Baltic Sea region and beyond, the event provided an important contribution towards strengthening the integration of ...;

Control of Odors & Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOP 25

by Water Environment Federation (WEF)

The principal reference of contemporary practice for managing air emissions from wastewater systems. MOP 25 combines updated materials from two former WEF Publications - Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Toxic Air Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Facilities into a comprehensive format. Public awareness of odors and air pollutants ...;

Odor and Voc Control Handbook

by Amazon.com

First complete guide to controlling odors generated by industrial sourcesGet the engineering skills and information you need to successfully solve odor emission problems at your facility. This landmark reference offers you comprehensive guidance on treating odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated by a variety of industrial sources, ...;

Technical Report Series No. 27 : Monitoring Industrial Emissions & Wastes

by Earthprint Ltd

The purpose of this manual is to improve the ability of plant managers to optimize the use of raw materials and energy during production. This will lead to the generation of smaller amounts of discharges, emissions and wastes, and is an essential element in the cleaner production approach to environmental management.Monitoring is also necessary to ...;

Grandfathering, New Source Review, and NOx- Making Sense of a Flawed System Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This article, which originally appeared in the July 21, 2000, issue of Environment Reporter, examines the current 'end-of-pipe' methods of reducing NOx emissions and suggests that a better method would be investing in new, combined cycle natural gas plants, cogeneration and efficiency gains. The second approach would not only reduce NOx emissions ...;

Brand Emissions Leaders Report 2009

by Environmental News and Data Services (ENDS)

This Brand Emissions Leaders Report provides a groundbreaking analysis of the performance of company-level brands against their competitors. Using objective carbon emissions criteria, ENDS Carbon assessed carbon performance in four key areas:Which brands have the best or worst carbon disclosure? How quickly are different brands reducing their ...;

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