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Ecosystem Responses to Mercury Contamination: Indicators of Change

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

As rising levels of mercury in the environment pose an increasing threat of toxicity to humans and wildlife, several laws already call for industries to reduce mercury emissions at the source. Ecosystem Responses to Mercury Contamination: Indicators of Change outlines the infrastructure and methods needed to measure, monitor, and regulate the ...;

Plasma Spectroscopy

by ASTM International

Papers describe proven methods for enclosing plasma spectroscopic sources so that hazardous materials can be analyzed safely by optical emission spectroscopy. Most papers focus on radioactive materials, but the techniques are applicable to other toxic and hazardous materials.;

Monitoring Structural Integrity by Acoustic Emission

by ASTM International

The symposium on Monitoring Structural Integrity by Acoustic Emission was presented in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 17-18 Jan. 1974. The symposium was sponsored by Committee E07 on Nondestructuve Testing, American Society for Testing and Materials. J. C. Spanner, Westinghouse Hanford Co., presided as symposium chairman. J. W. McElroy, Philadelphia ...;

Nonpoint Source Pollution Regulation: Issues and Analysis

by Springer

The book provides an overview of recent advances in the theoretical analysis of NPS pollution and regulation from an economic perspective. Besides specific policy recommendations, a common theme in the essays is the attempt to suggest regulatory approaches starting from the recognition of the problems of incomplete information encountered ...;

Protecting the Ozone Layer Vol 3, Fire Extinguishing Substances

by Earthprint Ltd

Bromine is present in the halons controlled by the Montreal Protocol. The presence of bromine in the halon molecule enhances fire fighting effectiveness. Unfortunately, bromine radicals are also strong ozone-depleting agents. For the past 30 years, halons have been widely used in fire fighting equipment, and have been released into the ...;

Grandfathering, New Source Review, and NOx- Making Sense of a Flawed System Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This article, which originally appeared in the July 21, 2000, issue of Environment Reporter, examines the current 'end-of-pipe' methods of reducing NOx emissions and suggests that a better method would be investing in new, combined cycle natural gas plants, cogeneration and efficiency gains. The second approach would not only reduce NOx emissions ...;

Atmospheric Measurements during POPCORN - Characterisation of the Photochemistry over a Rural Area

by Springer

Present policy issues concern the reduction of ozone levels by controlling its precursors, NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC are emitted from anthropogenic and biogenic sources. Whereas our understanding of VOC emissions from anthropogenic sources has advanced significantly in recent years, there is still a lack of knowledge ...;

Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2009

by Springer

Emissions of CO2 have come to be regarded as the main factor in climate change in recent years, and how to control them has become a pressing issue. The problem cannot simply be labeled a technological one, however, because it is deeply involved with social and economic issues. Since 2008, the Global Center of Excellence (COE) program titled ...;

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Pressurized Systems

by ASTM International

A publication that addresses the acoustic emission technique as a viable complimentary nondestructive testing method. The papers presented draw a correlation between the generation of acoustic emission and defect growth; develop methods to evaluate and rank the severity of the flaw growth; and include the evaluation that acoustic emission method ...;

Nondestructive Testing

by ASTM International

Provides the latest standards on nondestructive testing (NDT) of engineering materials, structures, and assemblies to detect flaws and characterize the properties of materials. NDT methods cover: Reference Radiological Images—reference radiograph standards, which when accompanied by ASTM's standard radiograph plates, are used to illustrate the ...;

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