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Carbon Inventory Methods

by Springer

Carbon inventory requiring estimation of carbon dioxide emissions and removals in land-use categories for national greenhouse gas inventory and changes in stocks of carbon in projects aimed at climate change mitigation has become increasingly important in global efforts to address climate change. Hence, there is a need for a handbook that provides ...;

Atmospheric Ammonia

by Springer

Anthropogenic emissions of ammonia cause a host of environmental impacts, including loss of biodiversity, soil acidification and formation of particulate matter in the atmosphere. Under the auspices of the UNECE Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution, around 80 international experts met to review the state of scientific knowledge. ...;

Tropospheric Modelling and Emission Estimation

by Springer

The end result of policy-related experimental and theoretical scientific work on the abatement of atmospheric emissions is a hierarchy of computer models that can be used to analyse and predict the behaviour of pollutants on urban, local regional and global scales. Such models are required to simulate an extremely complex natural situation in ...;

Flame Spectrometry in Environmental Chemical Analysis

by RSC Publishing

Flame Spectrometry in Environmental Chemical Analysis is a simple, user-friendly guide to safe flame spectrometric methods for environmental samples. It explains key processes involved in achieving accurate and reliable results in atomic absorption spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometry and flame emission spectrometry, showing the ...;

Dayside and Polar Cap Aurora

by Springer

The auroral emissions in the upper atmosphere of the polar regions of the Earth are evidence of the capture of energetic particles from the Sun, streaming by the Earth as the solar wind. These auroral emissions, then, are a window to outer space, and can provide us with valuable information about electrodynamic coupling processes between the solar ...;

Remote Sensing of the European Seas

by Springer

The enclosed and marginal seas surrounding the European continent exhibit a wide spectrum of environmental traits, ranging from sub-polar to sub-tropical climates, from shallow continental shelves to deep oceanic basins, from pristine marine reserves to regions impacted by countless economic and recreational activities. Understanding the inner ...;

Grandfathering, New Source Review, and NOx- Making Sense of a Flawed System Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This article, which originally appeared in the July 21, 2000, issue of Environment Reporter, examines the current 'end-of-pipe' methods of reducing NOx emissions and suggests that a better method would be investing in new, combined cycle natural gas plants, cogeneration and efficiency gains. The second approach would not only reduce NOx emissions ...;

Protecting the Ozone Layer Vol 3, Fire Extinguishing Substances

by Earthprint Ltd

Bromine is present in the halons controlled by the Montreal Protocol. The presence of bromine in the halon molecule enhances fire fighting effectiveness. Unfortunately, bromine radicals are also strong ozone-depleting agents. For the past 30 years, halons have been widely used in fire fighting equipment, and have been released into the ...;

Global Glacier Changes: Facts and Figures

by Earthprint Ltd

Glaciers are a critical component of the earth’ system and the current accelerated melting and retreat of glaciers have severe impacts on the environment. ‘’Global Glacier Changes: facts and figures' presents the latest fluctuations of glaciers and ice caps and underlines the overall trend of glaciers’ retreat.The report, ...;

Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2009

by Springer

Emissions of CO2 have come to be regarded as the main factor in climate change in recent years, and how to control them has become a pressing issue. The problem cannot simply be labeled a technological one, however, because it is deeply involved with social and economic issues. Since 2008, the Global Center of Excellence (COE) program titled ...;

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