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FIRECAT - Thermal Oxidizers


Flare Industries’ FIRECAT Thermal Oxidizers are enclosed flares that incinerate the process or waste stream while maintaining a precise destruction temperature. The control scheme for this type of enclosed flare precisely monitors and controls a blower, assist gas, and combustion chamber temperature. This control system consists of a PLC, UV ...

Enclosed Ground Flares Combustidizer


The Combustidizer Enclosed Ground Flare is a temperature controlled system, that allows for reduced flame visibility, minimal heat and noise, real-time emissions sampling, and smokeless combustion. Combustidizers may require supplemental assist gas streams depending on whether the process stream can sustain combustion or not. Moreover, these ...

Fully Enclosed Ground Flares


The Enclosed Ground Flare destroys a waste stream, but does not maintain a constant temperature while doing so, simplifying the control scheme, and allowing the overall system to be more economical. These systems allow for reduced flame visibility, minimal heat and noise, real-time emissions sampling, and smokeless combustion. These flares may ...

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil's Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions that are often discharged from industrial processes. The RCO achieves emission destruction through the process of thermal and catalytic oxidation, converting the pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor ...

DynOptic - DSL-340 MkIII - Double Pass Dust Monitor For Monitoring Dust Emissions Using DDP

by DynOptic Systems Ltd

The DSL-340 Dust Monitor is an optical instrument designed to measure the concentration of dust or particulate matter in exhaust gas passing through a duct, stack or flue.The DSL-340 uses the innovative Dynamic Detection Principle (DDP) which measures fluctuations in the intensity of a light beam, using a folded beam Transceiver/Reflector ...

CG Range - Calibration Gas Range

by Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

The CG Generators offer the purest source of calibration gas for your CO2 Analyzer, ensuring the cleanest possible starting point for emissions measurement, monitoring and analysis.

Testo - 327 - Oxygen Analyzer

by Control Analytics, Inc.

The Testo 327 Oxygen Analyzer offers a new dimension in measuring and maintaining combustion systems, from engine tuning to adjusting burners in industrial kilns and troubleshooting coal-fired systems.

Testo - 330-2G LL - Portable 3 Gas Combustion Analyzer

by Control Analytics, Inc.

The Testo 330-2G LL with Long-Life Sensor Technology marks a milestone in combustion analysis. In combustion analysis, proper set-up and maintenance are critical to safe and efficient operation. The Testo 330-2G LL makes it simple. No more guesswork!

Testo - 350 - Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

by Control Analytics, Inc.

The Testo Model 350 is the most innovative portable combustion analyzer on the market today. Features of the Testo 350 include a new exclusive sensor design, patented gas paths, active sample conditioning and advance data logging and reporting. These features work seamlessly to provide a lightweight and simple-to-use monitoring solution.

Continuos Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

by Control Analytics, Inc.

Control Analytics, Inc. is proud to offer highly competitive products for use in industry. Our CEMS instrumentation is utilized for applications related to continuous emissions monitoring, ambient air quality, and safety, process and clean-room monitoring.

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