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by EQUIREPSA     based in Madrid, SPAIN

Gas circulation with a high rate of associated steam. Deaerating Groups of turbine condensers in power plants. Pump priming. Vacuum pumping and mixing operations. Desgasifying towers. Vacuum drying and evaporation plant.

Test Ports

by L&E America     based in Kaukauna, WISCONSIN (USA)

Test ports for measuring flowrates, measuring pressures, and sampling during oxidizer compliance testing are installed on all TANN regenerative thermal oxidizers or other oxidizer design. TANN locates outlet test ports on exhaust stacks and usually fabricates inlet test ports on oxidizer inlet ductwork. This permits sampling and measurements ...

Free Standing

by L&E America     based in Kaukauna, WISCONSIN (USA)

All of our exhaust stacks are free standing stacks. The stacks are where the clean air is released from after they go through the RTO machines. Each stack can be custom made to fit your products and buildings needs.

CL.AIR - Exhaust After-Treatment System

by Clarke Energy     based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

The CL.AIR Exhaust After-Treatment System for GE’s Jenbacher gas engines is a thermal regenerative post-combustion system for engine exhaust gases. Since no catalytic reactions take place during the thermal treatment of the exhaust, as it is insensitive to impurities in the fuel gas, the CL.AIR system is particularly suitable for use with ...

Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

by Clarke Energy     based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

Although the utilisation of gas is one of the cleanest types of fuel during combustion there are some trace contaminants in the raw exhaust which would make it unsuitable for the above applications. Typically selective catalysts can be utilised in order to remove different contaminants from the raw exhaust gas.

Model EGAS 2M - Engine Exhaust Gas Analysis System

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

The only system allowing the measurement of 1 or 2 independent streams in a single analysis cabinet. Measurement of THC, NO, NO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2 and NH3. Designed to measure emissions from all combustion engines regardless of fuel type.

Exhausters With Pre-Inlet

by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH     based in Aerzen, GERMANY

For pre-inlet cooling the housing is equipped with an additional third socket on the suction side. The lube oil supply is effected by splash oil lubrication. The conveying chamber is sealed by a sealing system. Driving shaft by double radial seal rings with grease barrier. Direction of flow vertically from top to bottom. The drive can be effected ...

Model Tridex Detergent - Electrostatic Precipitator Ionizer/Cell Cleaner

by Trion Indoor Air Quality     based in Sanford, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Tridex is a heavy duty, industrial strength, concentrated alkaline liquid detergent formulation developed specifically for removal of stubborn airborne deposits that coat exposed ionizing/collecting elements of electronic air cleaners. Deposits to be removed include tars from tobacco smoke, dirt, grease, dust, and other tenacious particulate ...

CT Stacks

by Commonwealth Dynamics Inc.     based in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Combustion turbine equipment is expected to handle extreme temperatures and turbulent flow conditions which create highly variable internal pressures and vibration; cyclical loadings is a common operation of most generation facilities; and severe external loads from wind and seismic conditions.

Fumex - Model ASA Series - Exhaust Extraction with Balancing Block Extractor for Worksites with Stationary Vehicles

by Fumex AB     based in Skellefteå, SWEDEN

Exhaust extractors with balancing blocks and pivoting arms for stationary vehicles. ASA is recommended mainly for large vehicles and plant machinery, especially where there is a requirement of high temperature operation. The ASA balance block solution is available in two variants, with or without a pivoting arm.

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