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Exhaust Ducts

by Bilfinger Gerber GmbH     based in Dortmund, GERMANY

Heat-resistant steels can be used for exhaust temperatures up to around 530 °C. However, stainless steel is used for single-wall ducts in the case of higher temperatures. After assembly, the ducts are additionally insulated from the outside. If the temperatures permit only the use of stainless steel, the duct can alternatively be insulated ...

Model FRP Series - General Purpose Fume Exhausters

by The New York Blower Company     based in Willowbrook, ILLINOIS (USA)

New York Blower FRP General Purpose Fume Exhausters are fiberglass-reinforced-plastic fans designed for severe corrosive-fume and corrosive-aerosol applications.

Aarding - Single Cycle Exhaust Systems

by Aarding Thermal Acoustics b.v.     based in Nunspeet, NETHERLANDS

In todays energy market there is a growing demand for peaking power. Simple cycle operation is a fast and reliable way to provide flexible power demand at short notice. Aarding Thermal Acoustics provides a range of alternatives on simple cycle exhaust systems which will support effective cyclic operation and the changes in ...

Kane - Model Auto 4-1 & 5-1 Series - Exhaust Gas Analyser

by Kane International Ltd     based in Welwyn Garden City, UNITED KINGDOM

The Kane Auto 4-1 & 5-1 Series Exhaust Gas Analysers are truly portable and set new standards of convenience and ease of use. Measures CO, HC, O2, CO2, and Lambda (or AFR). Weighing just 1kg, the handset fits comfortably in the hand and can run for up to 4 hours on its internal re-chargeable battery. Ideal for emission diagnostics, tuning and ...

Active Particulate Filters

by Pyroban Group Ltd.     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

Active Regeneration System - Reducing PM by up to 95%. Part of the Pyroban Envirosafe Active Regeneration range, Acti-Trap™-F is an exhaust particulate filter system with Active Regeneration, allowing for automatic cleaning of the exhaust filter.

EMMECOM - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

by B & Spol. s.r.o     based in Pelhrimov, CZECH REPUBLIC

Use water-ring vacuum pumps: Liquid ring vacuum pumps EMMECOM are used for extraction of gases and vapors in chemical, food and wine industry. Furthermore, drying and evaporation used in the textile, bricks and cosmetic industries. Also it can be used for vacuum packaging, drying and impregnation.

Free Standing

by L&E America     based in Kaukauna, WISCONSIN (USA)

All of our exhaust stacks are free standing stacks. The stacks are where the clean air is released from after they go through the RTO machines. Each stack can be custom made to fit your products and buildings needs.

Engine Exhaust Silencers

by IAC Acoustics     based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Controlling noise pollution from engine exhausts is a priority for many organisations in the power generation market. It is essential that all Power Generation applications have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the relevant noise criterion. IAC Acoustics is the global market leader in noise control ...

CL.AIR - Exhaust After-Treatment System

by Clarke Energy     based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

The CL.AIR Exhaust After-Treatment System for GE’s Jenbacher gas engines is a thermal regenerative post-combustion system for engine exhaust gases. Since no catalytic reactions take place during the thermal treatment of the exhaust, as it is insensitive to impurities in the fuel gas, the CL.AIR system is particularly suitable for use with ...

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