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Xact - 620 - Ambient Metals Monitor

by Enviro Technology Services plc

Pall's Xact1 620 monitoring system is a powerful and cost-effective multi-metal monitoring and source apportionment tool. It uses reel-to-reel (RTR) filter tape sampling and nondestructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to monitor ambient air. The air is sampled through a particulate mass (PM) size-selective inlet and drawn through a filter ...

EyeCGas - Gas imaging - Fugitive Emissions Detection Camera - VOC`s Gas leak Detector

by Opgal

EyeCGas is the only Infrared Camera specially designed for the Petrochemical, Gas & Oil market requirements for gas detection and Smart LDAR compliance. EyeCGas allows the inspection of vast areas in a plant with an automated and simple user interface, visualizing the infrared image on a large color LCD. Built-In DVR (Digital Video Recording) ...

Virgo - Floating Ball Valves

by Virgo Engineers Inc.

Type:  Side entry, Split body design, Fire Safe, Full / Reduced Port with Antistatic device, Blowout proof stem, Lever operated, Gear Operated or Actuated.

Virgo - Trunnion Ball Valves

by Virgo Engineers Inc.

Type: Double Block and Bleed, Side entry, Split body design, Fire Safe, Full / Reduced Port, Antistatic device, Blowout proof stem, Lever operated, Gear Operated or Actuated.

Amerair - Reverse-Air Baghouse

by Amerair Industries, LLC

Reverse air baghouse cleaning has been a reliable and effective method of fabric filtration for large flow rate process gases for many decades. Because reverse air cleaning is the most gentle way to clean a filter bag, the bag life is extended well beyond the other methods of cleaning a filter bag for the same process application.

Soil-Sement - Soil Stabilizer

by Erosion Control Forum

Scientifically formulated to achieve maximum soil stabilization. Soil-Sement is an environmentally safe, powerful polymer emulsion that produces highly effective control of dust and erosion. Soil-Sement provides superior bonding, cohesion, versatility, cost-effectiveness, superior overall performance and environmental compliance.

Coking Isolation Valves

by ValvTechnologies

The delayed coker process is a batch process, one of the most hostile environments in the refinery – due to the abrasive / erosive, properties of the coke by-product and high temperature reactions. Valves are cycled frequently and failure can lead to a complete shutdown of a unit, resulting in large process and financial costs. Optimizing ...

Gastec Portable Fid (Methane/Ambientvoc) Detector

by Environmental Monitoring

Gastec portable fid (methane/ambientvoc) detector. This is a simple but flexible tool allowing the complete measurement of Total Organic Vapour. Applications include -landfill site workover surveys, fugitive emissions, paint spray booths, soil head space.

XLB - Lined Ball Valves

by CRANE ChemPharma & Energy

XOMOX XLB Lined Ball Valves offer economical solutions for the vast majority of chemical applications while maintaining the highest possible degree of performance in terms of in-line leakage and fugitive emissions. The lower torque of XLB lined ball valve designs permits use of smaller actuators, allowing cost reductions and creating space saving ...

Despatch - Atmosphere Control, Energy Reduction Technology(ACER)

by Despatch Industries

Despatch has introduced a new option, patent-pending Atmosphere Control, Energy Reduction Technology. ACER TechnologyTM features two separate airflow systems that function simultaneously. The first system captures emissions at the point of natural egress from the process chamber, and transports them to abatement through an installed duct and ...

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